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OneNightRain rated it
Advent of the Archmage
July 20, 2017
Status: c769
Finished the entire thing a month ago and I decided to leave my review for future readers.

The story begins with the MC being transported to a VRMMO game world in another person's body along with said person's memories and a game system bestowed by a God to facilitate MC power ups and plot progression. Pretty cliche start but what captured my interest was the amount of work author put in for the battles (albeit only the first few arc). It is a first for me to read a mage casting... more>> spells in the right places using their brain (as a mage is supposed to be intellectual) instead of spamming damage spells like usual.

That said, the rest of the story felt bland because the MC himself has no purpose he sets for himself other than following the mission God gave him to defeat a certain enemy. While every arc already has its general progression and conclusion placed in front of the readers since it's written in the typical game quest form with rewards. An example of what I mean would be something like "Find the ring to stop the marriage from happening (reward 10 points) " thus we know he will find the ring no matter what the twist and the marriage will definitely not happen, causing whatever is written to reach the end of the quest mostly a text wall.

Another problem would be inconsistencies in the story. There is a lot of them which includes plot, characters, skills, etc. An example would be the amount of needed skill points to learn magics in the beginning and middle part of the story. The rest I cant remember in detail since it's been a month or so.

A problem I have with the author is that he took my greatest joy in reading this because after the first few arcs, MC conveniently learns how to use a sword and in the later chapters, MC majors in being a swordsman while magic is mostly there to assist in his swordsmanship (so much for the title being Descent of the God of Magic). Oh, the ending is also very rushed.

3/5 stars <<less
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OneNightRain rated it
Epoch of Twilight
May 19, 2017
Status: c387
The story is not what I expected from an apocalypse with game elements novel (in a bad way).

We get an MC that is very human. He has defining good and bad points in both his personality and morality. However most of the important side characters in the story have equal depth and development like the MC, thus he has no unique points that seperate him from the masses other than the perks his game system brings and the system itself. This causes me as a reader to neither hate nor... more>> like the MC or even care about him.

The writing of the story is detailed and fresh for a while. The details for increasing word count is in the right places so reading them isn't excrutiating. But around 150 chapters into the story the writing turns into something close to a diary. The writing goes in detail about every single day with half of a chapter you would get a text wall about the food and how they cook or how it tastes, the other half you get a text wall with interaction between characters that has no story progression in mind and the things they do in camp. At this point, the story still has me hooked as parts of the character's adventure and survival still intrigue me.

When the story reached 300 chapters in the author started taking breaks often. I guess he/she has hit a wall in the story but this is where things really go downhill. The whole story from here feels like a diary with a discovery channel of the author's imagination as a plugin. A single animal or plant can be explored in depth for a whole chapter other things like the environment or basic necessities in survival are not spared from being written in excessive detail. In short every time the characters go out into the wild we get a diary of survival+discovery channel plugin that isn't interesting.

The only respite from this is the fact that the MC has progress with his strength but reading it as the biggest form of progression in the story gets old soon enough as it is always described in the same old fashion. At chapter 387 there are hints for a new plot progression but by this time I have given up on this novel.

3/5 stars, it was a nice read but flopped midway. <<less
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OneNightRain rated it
Death Notice
February 25, 2017
Status: c535
The novel starts wih introducing our MC who has a split personality of a lunatic serial killer. I was expecting a type of crazy like Joker from Batman, but here we have a complete lunatic who doesn't think about anything unless his life is in danger making his whole genius background pointless.

He is obsessed with making "art" out of people he kills, however I always find the description lacking and makes his "art" something I can't imagine and thus makes this uniqueness of his split personality feels like a random... more>> add in.

Now the story tells how the MC is delivered through space time to another world where islands float around in space. When he arrives with other inmates, we have a long description about the world they are currently in. After the long intro, MC ends up in a city of elves as his homebase where we get another long description about said city.

At this point you would be thinking that he travels around in this fantastic floating island space world full of magic and wonders also meeting the many races which exist. But it turns out this is all just groundwork since the novel is about completing missions like in "Terror Infinity" or "Infinite Armament".

This main theme of the story comes out 20 chapters in after long descriptions which end up unused almost the entire story. The first mission has betrayed expectations with almost no fantasy as he is sent to a medieval world where he has to solve a mystery.

After his first mission, the MC moves homebase again, where we get another long description about the place. The positive side about this is that he doesn't move again as far as I have read.

So what brought me to stop reading this far in? It is the fact that almost every mission has a leap in logic when the MC deduces and is conveniently always correct. The MC has absolutely no goals other than looking for new emotional sensations by adventuring in the mission worlds. But these reasons aren't completely unbearable.

The biggest reason is that I am 500+ chapters in of a novel that ends at 800 chapters or so and the power level of the MC is still in the mid tiers, thus I predict irrational massive power ups and until now the author has not touched the MC's past at all which will probably be touched near end and solved at sprinting speed.

Overall 3/5 <<less
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OneNightRain rated it
Apocalypse Summoner
January 29, 2017
Status: c469
469 chapters in and I decided to drop this novel and write this review. ... more>>

The writing in the novel is a mass of text which is a chore to read. It keeps going on and on about either the MC's goddess like appearence each time other side characters or even some random joe sees him (note that the MC is male but everyone takes him as a woman hence the gender bender) or the women's (harem's) appearence about jade like skin or plumpiness everytime MC makes contact with them.
The writer actually wrote 3 or 4 chapters droning on about a single night where the MC has his first backdoor experience. He also wrote another 3 chapters about a demon in dilemma with the MC's pants pulled down and his private parts exposed in its full glory.

A redeeming part is that the writer goes into detail for a fight. However its still excessively detailed that even small mobs take 2 paragraphs. Thus I assume writer is just increasing his word count without any actual content.

I had expectations for this concerning the fact that MC didnt keep his reincarnating much of a secret unlike other novels. But to my disappointment 300 chapters in and his past life experience has mostly lost its value.
The summoning pulls stuff from anime or game worlds which feels more like a lack of creativity from the writer rather than good writing and the gender bender is done horribly compared to something like ranma 1/2

Final score 2/5

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OneNightRain rated it
Dimensional Sovereign
February 17, 2017
Status: c139
The novel begins with a poor MC who dreams of becoming rich. He is then thrown into the world of hwanmong as one of the sovereigns. Here he must fight for territory a.k.a buildings from monsters and other sovereigns to build barracks, mines, etc in the rooms he has occupied and build his own subordinates to achieve his dream.

Meanwhile he must also use his management abilities in earth to earn money because a management war also happens between the sovereigns in earth where he is faced with many opponents who... more>> lived their life with a golden spoon.

Sounds interesting right? It's too bad the novel threw this entire framework through the window after reaching a certain chapter where the hwanmong of earth is invaded.

At this part the MC somehow becomes a born warrior instantly. He slays anything that stands in his way easily. He gets massive powerups every 5 chapters. We then have a perfect example of the classic "Meet God, kill God. Meet Buddha, kill Buddha".

So then what happened to the management part? It turns out that MC becomes the most powerful being in earth after the invasion and now he doesn't need to buy buildings, build facilities or make an army.

After becoming the strongest in earth, he sets off to other worlds of hwanmong where we repeat again with the massive powerups and anyone that doesn't agree with him will face the threat of being killed by him. He becomes very impulsive and never thinks about consequences since everything somehow works out as he wants it to by his powerful luck stat.

Reading this far in the story, I personally hope an ending where everything turns out to be a dream and MC is still the poor person who has a lame leg and cries at how cruel a dream it was and then he starts having a hallucination with his stat window open and luck stat showing 0. He then falls into depression and hangs himself.

3/5 for a good start. <<less
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OneNightRain rated it
Martial Hero Rebirth
August 21, 2017
Status: c437
My impression of this is a novel that should have ended but is forced to continue.

MC is reincarnated to a game he has been playing for years. His character at the beginning is cold, ruthless, and pragmatic. As the story goes on, he becomes attached to his sect and thinks of it as his home. Here he develops as a person who cares about other people while maintaining his ruthlesness against his enemies.

The plot starts with MC joining a sect and a goal to make his sect the acknowledged first... more>> and strongest sect. A good plot with nice pacing is executed until his goal is reached.

The problem is the author makes no progress as a writer. We have the MC for almost the entire story going around challenging people for duels to get combat experience. The game-elements disappear as the story goes on, retaining only the convenient upgrade system. The villains wear kid gloves and don't know how to plot. The romance is terrible, although only 2 girls are his romantic partners and not a messed up harem.

As the MC reaches the peak of his conquest and story should have ended, the world is suddenly expanded and cultivation levels increase with the entire wuxia theme somehow changing into xuanhuan theme. <<less
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