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OldManGu rated it
Hokage: Ryo’s Path
June 22, 2018
Status: c151

The MC needs to use water jutsu and then freeze it to make ice. He still uses chakra for the water. Its super lame because even Haku could create ice from nothing. Mei could also spit lava out of her mouth. His ability is based off Aokiji. But its nothing like Aokiji's ice because Aokiji can create ice from nothing.

The author loves giving the MC kryptonite abilities.

The MC stores nature chakra with Tsunade's recovery skill. He can't refill it until it runs out.

The MC pissed his pants when he met 9 tails. He couldn't even speak when Kurama asked him a question. This is the same guy who killed a root member without blinking an eye. He never even cared that he killed somebody. He also knows Kurama is a good guy. He's still pissing his pants when he meets him years later. He even stutters when Kurama wants to meet him.

The MC has contact lenses to hide his Sharingan. But I feel like the Byakugan should be able to see it.

His sharingan's absorb nature chakra to get his 3rd tomoe. This is s*upid for 2 reasons. The first is that his whole body had already absorbed nature chakra. His body even turns into nature chakra in his ice mode. That would include his eyes! Even normal sage mode would affect his eyes. It's been stated that nature chakra helps people see better. The second reason is that nature chakra doesn't advance the Sharingan. The Sharingan is created from a special chemical the brain produces during intense emotions. Then the author says he couldn't understand why Sasuke awakened his 3rd tomoe fighting Naruto! He then blames it on his curse mark! Is this author a idiot! It was clearly because of his intense emotions from fighting Naruto!

The author counts Sasuke's feats against Itachi's Mangekyou. This is s*upid because Itachi was trying to lose. I dont think Sasuke's 3 tomoe could have done anything against Itachi. Just look at what he did to Kakashi. Kakashi was helpless in front of him. Granted he only had 1 eye and wasn't a Uchiha. But its known that Kakashi was better with his Sharingan than most Uchiha.

The MC gets one shotted by White Fang. The MC already has a 3 tomoe sharingan, sage mode, ice mode and elite jounin level chakra. He also knows all chidori variants and rasenshuriken. This can only mean 1 of 2 things. Number 1: The author thinks Kakashi's dad is ultra kage level. This would also mean that he thinks grandma Chiyo is ultra kage level. Thats because grandma Chiyo can fight him for a long time. That would also mean that Sasori is Madara level. Thats because Sasori is way stronger than granny. Then there is the 2nd option. The 2nd option is that the MC is super incompetent at using his skills. Im going to go out on a limb and guess its number 2. That makes me wonder who wants to read about a incompetent mc?

Pakura should not be able to melt the MC's ice. The MC's ice should be stronger than normal. He is also using nature chakra. There is no way Pakura could melt ice made with nature chakra.

The author thinks that Jiraiya became an author during the 3rd ninja war. But Jiraiya became an author during or after the 2nd ninja war. We know this because Naruto's name came from a book that he wrote while teaching Nagato.

This author knows nothing about Naruto. The 3rd hokage could never fire Danzo and the 2 elders as advisors. Danzo is in charge of the root and his power is unshakable. The 2 elders fought alongside the 2nd hokage with them and are the 3rd's most trusted advisors. They side with the 3rd over Danzo most of the time. They didn't start leaning towards Danzo until Tsunade took over. They even picked Minato to be the 4th hokage. Danzo was trying to get Orochimaro to be hokage and didn't want Minato. I think the elders even wanted Jiraiya to be the 5th hokage if I remember right. The 3rd hokage would have never fired them for saying he shouldn't give the MC a S rank skill. There is also 0% chance that he could fire Danzo! Danzo has a brainwashed underground army! You can't take away his right to speak when he has that much power.

The 3rd hokage made the root disband. This is the dumbest thing ever. Danzo would never let this happen. The 3rd would also never want it to happen. Root members are super loyal to Danzo. The root is there for a reason. The author has zero understanding of the Naruto world.

White Fang could not cut off Danzo's arm in 1 move. Danzo is a old war vet, who has gone through countless battles. He fought alongside the 2nd hokage. White Fang would also not want to cut his arm off.

The MC asks Kurama if he can be controlled by a Mangekyou Sharingan. Then Kurama tells him no. But this is wrong because the Mangekyou can control him at the loss of the eyes.

The MC has the hots for a 4 year old even though his mental age is 30-40 years old. His body is also 9 years old. The author doesn't seem to find this creepy. I hope the chinese police are watching him.

The MC breaks a sand ninja spy out of prison. Its s*upid because the 3rd hokage would have let her go if the MC told him why. Instead he feels the need to risk being a traitor.

There is no way the MC can teleport people through his ice! The MC can only do that because every cell in his body is ice! This author is so s*upid!

Anko learning snake sage mode is a complete asspull! She doesn't even have enough chakra to learn sage mode. She also learned it in only a few weeks and never went to the snake cave. But the worst part may be that she can even melt the MC's ice with a normal fire jutsu in this mode.

The MC should be able to feel his surroundings in ice mode.

How would the Leaf not know anything about the 3rd Kazikage? He was around during the 1st hokage's time! They would have seen him fight countless times!

The MC, Kushina and Minato meet Naruto from the future. Its from when he went back in time in the lost tower movie. The problem is that Kushina's Kurama should have talked to Naruto's Kurama. He should have been able to find out everything. He also should have known his chakra was in Naruto without him using it.

Th 4th raikage gives the Leaf his families ultimate skill so they stop fighting! This is the dumbest thing ever! The 4th raikage would never do it!

The author didn't seem to know that Shisui awakened the Mangekyou when he was 7 years old. He awakened it when he saw his friend die in the 3rd ninja war. Then he became a pacifist and made friends with Itachi. Itachi was 5 and Shisui was 8 at that time. The author makes Shisui become the MC's student when he is 9 years old and the MC is 12-13 years old. The MC says that Shisui is only chunin rank. This author knows nothing about naruto! The MC even said he's going to bring Shisui to fight, so he can understand the brutality of war!

The author thinks Shisui's and Itachi's crows are from a summoning contract.

The 4th mizukage did not get 3 tails until after Rin's death.

This author loves to write bs.

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OldManGu rated it
The Strongest Hokage
June 15, 2018
Status: c50
The Reverse 8 Gates is s*upid. The 8 gates limit the flow of chakra to protect the body. Thats why people get injured after opening them. The MC would have died if he opened the gate of death first. The whole idea is s*upid.

Tsunade's strength comes from her perfect and delicate chakra control. There is no way the MC could learn it. The 8 gates and his earthquake body both make his chakra super chaotic.

The author thinks that shadow clone jutsu is easy to learn. He is wrong about this.... more>> Naruto was only able to master it in a day because he had a natural talent for it. Its like how you can be a great baseball player and suck at football. Konohamaru had way more talent than Naruto and he had a hard time learning it. Naruto always used shadow clone jutsu and was able to do things with it, that nobody else could.

Its s*upid that his earthquakes hurt his body. He should be able to use them without any backlash. Every cell in his body should be a earthquake. He should be able to use them as much as he wants. It should be like Luffy stretching himself or Ace using fire. Ace got tired after using a lot of fire against blackbeard. Thats because using his fire is just like running or punching. The MC should only get tired after using his power a lot. It shouldn't be able to hurt his body. Thats unless he's doing something s*upid like Luffy's gears. Luffy's gears affect his heart and stuff. The MC isn't doing anything that should hurt him. The only thing that may hurt his body is his earthquake body training.

The author said Tsunade's taijutsu takes up a lot of chakra! Thats the dumbest thing ever. Tsunade was always spamming her taijutsu. Taijustu never takes up much chakra. The 3rd Raikage fought against 10, 000 ninjas with just his taijutsu and lasted 3 days! Then he ran out of chakra and died. There is no way Tsunade's fighting style takes up more chakra than the Raikages.

It's s*upid that the author made the MC join the anbu. Everybody knows he can make earthquake's! Why even bother wearing a mask? He also isn't even a skilled ninja. He only knows taijutsu and uses his earthquake's. His power would alert everybody. He's also Tsunade's only student. The leaf would never let him join the anbu and Tsunade would be mad if they tried. <<less
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OldManGu rated it
Extraordinary Genius
April 2, 2018
Status: c101

The MC had a wife in his past life and is looking for other women in this one. He never said his wife was a bad woman or anything. He just said that she was infertile. It makes me look down on the MC. He also said he killed himself to get his wife the life insurance. I feel like the MC is cheating on her and his love was never real. Edit: The MC is a slime ball. He just had a underage prostitute blow him in public. I have lost all respect for this MC. I respect Master Cruches more than the MC and he's a gang leader. Master Cruches is a hero of the people! Edit: This story has gone way down hill. Its just about the MC paying local gangs now. Would the government really let a local gang take 50% of peoples business? Why are they so scared of a small gang? This gang arc is s*upid and has ruined the story. The MC has become a little b••••. Edit: The author wrote a note at chapter 101. It said that everybody hated the gang arc and he won't do it anymore. I knew that arc was a bunch of BS.

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OldManGu rated it
God Of Soul System
January 28, 2018
Status: c709

This is a great story to pass time. My biggest complaint about the one piece arc is that everybody had their same power level 9 years before the start of op. There is no way Doffy would be that strong 8 years ago. Its also dumb that Magellian could 1v1 Kaido. The MC kills the 3 emperors and locks Shanks in prison. Shanks would rather die than be locked in prison. He would cut off his feet like Shiki and escape. Luffy would also go to save him. The MC fakes Ace's death. Luffy knows because of his vivi card. The MC makes Luffy stop calling himself a pirate. Its s*upid because the real Luffy would never agree. He would have said thanks for helping Ace but I'm going to be Pirate King!

Now for the Naruto arc.

Might Duy's 8 gates should not be that strong. He couldn't even beat the 7 ninja swordsman. His 8 gates had to be weaker than Might Guy.

Kimimaro should not be alive when the Kaguya clan rebels against Roja.

They call Kimimaro their secret weapon. He is 7 years old in this novel. This is 1 year after the 3rd ninja war. Minato has just become the 4th Hokage. There is no way that he could be alive. Kimimaro was only 15 when he died. Naruto was 12 when the manga started and 13 when Kimimaro attacked.

The author also thinks Haku is alive right now. He is practicing for the anbu. Haku is the same age as Kimimaro and should not be alive at this time. He at least cant be that old.

The Sage of 6 Paths is not immortal. He died a long ass time ago. That was just his chakra manifestation in the manga. I think the manga said he could see the future and sent his chakra there to help Naruto. There is no way that he could fight Roja.

Obito still attacks the Leaf. Roja destroyed the Leaf because they attacked Hancock. The 3rd Hokage had already made everybody escape before Roja came. Why would Obito try to destroy the Leaf with 9 tails when it was already destroyed a year ago?

The author underestimates how much chakra the tail beasts have. He says that the three sage creatures have way more chakra than them. Thats super dumb. They may have more than the lower tail beasts. But they could not have more than 8 tails. 9 tails should have way more chakra than them. Naruto only had half of 9 tails chakra. Half of 9 tails chakra was still way more than 8 tails. The author said a full powered 9 tails only had ultra kage level chakra. This author is super dumb.

The MC never uses Aizen's Kyoka Suigetsu. He can control everybody's 5 senses if they see his sword. The illusion can never be broken for the rest of their life and he can control them at any time. The Mangekyou Sharingan can not even see through it. Yamamoto could only tell when the sword was stabbed inside him. Why does he never use it? It would be fine if the author said the MC likes fighting and wants to train. But he never said that. He could have used it on Might Guys dad when he was using 8 gates and he would have been helpless. It was also dumb that he said Minato never looked at his sword. There is no way Minato did not see his sword. Minato is super vigilant and notices everything. There is no way he didnt look at the MC pull a sword out of thin air. He would have never suspected it would be a illusion. He even said that he saw the sword when he was dodging it.

Why does the MC not just absorb the tailed beasts? He said that he didnt want them to make him crazy. But his sword should be able to absorb them without any problems. It should be able to get rid of their wills and keep them as pure chakra.

Roja cut big moms soul in half and never cut anybody's soul again. Its s*upid because his sword stands for soul cutter. All of his attacks should be soul attacks. It should go through any defense.

The Uchiha clan was still destroyed by Itachi even though Donzo was dead.

Kisame still left the hidden mist even though he didnt have to kill the woman that he loved.

Naruto used 5 tails when fighting Gaara. The seal was to strong back then and Naruto's will was not weak. He only used 2-3 tails when fighting Sasuke. He wasnt even that mad when fighting Gaara. I dont think he used 5 tails until he fought Orochimaro and we all know how much he hated that guy. Naruto would have never convinced Gaara to change if he went 5 tails mode. Gaara would still be crazy if Naruto couldn't keep his sanity and use talk no jutsu on him. The leaf would also lock down on Naruto for going 5 tails mode. They would all be scared of him. Naruto never lost control in the leaf unless we count the pain fight. But nobody cared at that time. Everything was already destroyed and Pain hurt them more than 9 tails did when he attacked the leaf.

Obito revives the 1st Raikage. The author said the 1st Raikage was the strongest Raikage. He said that he had chakra on the level of a tailed beast. This is s*upid because even Naruto and his mom dont have that much. I think Kisame was the only person with tailed beast level chakra and that was because his sword was eating everybody's chakra. It even ate tail beast chakra. This authors power levels are bs. The manga even said that 3rd Raikage was the strongest one. The author made 1st Raikage so much stronger than the 3rd that its s*upid. The author said his attacks are as strong as a bijuu bomb.

The MC should of had the yin element when he first came to Naruto world. The MC only had fire, water and wind. Thats because of his soul reaper powers. How could he not have yin=death when he is a soul reaper?

Every one of his attacks should be a soul attack! His sword is even called a soul cutter!

Naruto, Killer Bee and Gaara got killed by the Akastuki. Minato didn't care when he heard Naruto died.

Orochimaro was still alive during the 4th ninja war and never got his arms sealed by the 3rd hokage. So he may have killed Sasuke.

The MC let Momoshiki run away. Momoshiki could come back at any time and destroy the Naruto world. The MC went to the Bleach world. The MC's friends wont stand a chance and can only wait to die.

Now for the Bleach arc

Some prisoners try to escape and the MC goes to stop them. We find out Aizen talked them into killing the MC. The author says that one is the first captain of team 7. He went to prison for trying to overthrow the soul king. This is s*upid because he was super weak. It feels forced to make him work with Aizen. The other guy was a former Kenpachi of team 11. The author said that he was always in bankai form and can absorb the reiatsu around him. The author said Aizen's Kyoka Suigetsu doesn't work on him. Thats s*upid because thats the same ability as the Quincy's and we know his sword works on them. It even worked on the Quincy King Yhwach! This author is a idiot!

Orihime was never taken by Aizen. Aizen used Orihime's power for the hogyoku in the manga.

Aizen did not create Wonderweiss in this novel. Aizen created Wonderweiss for a reason in the manga. It was because Yamamoto would have killed him. He wasn't that strong after he just fused with the hogyoku.

It felt rushed after Rukia got saved.

The last chapter was cringeworthy.

The MC is married to Boa Hanc*ck and they have never had sex. He said that he wanted them both to become immortal first. But they became immortal before he left Naruto world. He also has a mountain of maids. He should also be able to have s*x without getting them pregnant.

I also hate that the MC never went back to one piece world after he picked up Hancock. He didnt care about his uncle Garp or his student Tashigi. He also left Hancocks sisters. Hanc*ck was super close with her sisters and it would have made her sad. Him and Garp were super close. Its weird that he never went back to see him. It would have been no trouble at all.

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OldManGu rated it
Godly Student
March 30, 2018
Status: c48
This story is really hard to read. The author is a idiot. Nobody in this story knows what a lie is. They think everything a guy says is true. The MC goes up to random people and tells them crazy stuff. Would you believe a guy telling you he has immortal pills? The translation also doesn't seem very good. The whole story feels super cringeworthy. Cultivators start to show up at chapter 48.
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OldManGu rated it
House Dad’s Literary Life
August 29, 2018
Status: c500
This story is complete rubish! The MC is nothing like a killer. How would a killer have watched Frozen?! He also knows about all the other fairy tails. This is dumb because the author said that the MC had blood on his hands at the age of 4! He is always scared and has no confidence. He can never keep his calm and always acts s*upid. It would be fine if his soul fused with a loser but it didnt! His soul fused with an ex member of the elite... more>> special forces! How could a member of the elite special forces not keep their calm? But thats not the worst part. The worst part is that he's scared to show his music skills because he thinks his wife will find out that he's not the mc! Why would she think that he wasnt the mc? Would she think that he can transform into people! WTF is this MC thinking! She hasn't even met the MC that much. They had a one night stand and then the wife ran away. She gave birth to his kid and he found out a few months ago. She would just think that the MC was hiding his skills.

Edit: I forgot about the dumbest character so far. Its his wife's record companies leader. The author went on a rant about how she was a good character and his readers are just idiots. She has the dumbest plans that I have ever heard. She only gave the MC's wife bad songs so her record would fail. That way she can resign her for cheaper when her contract ends over a year from now! This is super dumb and I should not even need to explain why. Then the MC wrote her 12 all star level songs and she tries to steal them! The MC warns her and signs full rights over to her for free. Now she's up to something else and I cant take no more!

Edit: Its also impossible for there to be no sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, iTunes, Amazon and E Commerce in a world that already has stuff like smartphones. How could buisnessmen ever ignore a market with billions of people for that long?! Amazon started in 1994 and started to get big in the early 2000s. I think ebay started to get big in the late 90s.

Edit: The authors use of the water army is cringeworthy and infuriatingly s*upid. The songs that he wrote for his wife get destroyed by the water army. How could some guys talking bs on the internet ruin their songs? Have you seen the comment section on a YouTube music video? The people they could pay to talk sh•• would only be a drop in the ocean. They would also make people want to listen to the song and see how bad it was. Then they would find out its awesome and buy it.

Edit: The author makes people pay for YouTube videos in this novel. He says its because of the copyright act in that world. YouTube would get way less views if you had to pay for it. They also couldn't get there ad revenue unless they wanted to be really scummy. You can tell that the author shares the same feelings as qidian when it comes to buisness. <<less
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Godly Model Creator
November 1, 2017
Status: c46
The MC is s*upid and the author feels like a little kid. The MC has the ability to see and copy peoples skills. He never uses it though. The author always says how smart the MC is and I still dont understand how. He just steals other peoples hard work. The MC wouldnt be anything without his power up. I also hate dumb stuff the author says like "Do you know what fighting combat is" teacher says. "Isn't it fighting combat?" MC says. "No! Its when you punch and kick... more>> a guy." Teacher says. MC is then shocked at how smart the teacher is and thinks its the best class ever. The author just says random bs 24/7. <<less
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OldManGu rated it
I Dedicated the Dimension to the Country
October 23, 2019
Status: c200
I dropped this around chapter 200 for being super racist. The author has fun feeding Japanese people to monsters and stuff. The MC only cares about China and could care less if the rest of the world burns. He clearly has the ability to let other countries protect themselves. He doesn't see other races as human. He even has the pope calling him Jesus after killing a fallen angel. It's sad because the story was very fresh and entertaining. It would have been an amazing story if the author wasn't... more>> a bigot. I think this is a 1 Star novel if you cant stand racism and a 5 star if you don't mind it. That's why I gave it 3 stars.

Edit: I think MC goes to different anime worlds like one piece around chapter 700 with VR. That's why there's a fanfiction tag. I found out by reading chapter titles. <<less
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The Master of Strength
March 13, 2018
Status: c8
I thought this novel was Skill Maker when I started reading. I got the wrong link or something. I only found out it wasnt at chapter 7. I dont think its fair for me to rate this right now. Ive only seen 8 chapters and it can still get better. I would only give this novel 2 stars if I rated it. It is a extremely boring novel. The MC has spent the first 8 chapters hunting gall bladders. He spent 6 chapters hunting rabbit and fox gall bladders. Now... more>> he is hunting bear gall bladders. Im afraid the end of the story will be about him getting dragon gall bladders. I can already see him taking a quest to kill a king and needing his gall bladder as proof. <<less
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OldManGu rated it
March 9, 2018
Status: --
This is one of the worst novels that I have ever seen. I cant imagine what is going through this authors head. How could anybody think this story was a good ideal. The MC is bland and unlikable. The villians are s*upid and petty in a dumb way. Pointless power ups keep falling from the sky. The MC doesn't even need most of them. He becomes a rank 1 warrior after training for 1 day and reaches rank 2 on the 4th day.

The author relized his cultivation speed was to fast and needed to slow it down and get more word count. The MC trains for half a month and is still rank 2. He says it will take a month and a half just for him to reach the peak of rank 2. WTF IS THIS BS GOING ON! How did his speed slow down so much. Wont it take countess years just to reach rank 9 if it keeps going up like that? The MC meets a super rare monkey while training in his backyard. The monkey takes him to some treasure that helps him lvl up. The MC should have already leveled up by that time anyway and it made the treasure feel pointless. It was also surounded by countless bones and pure yin. The MC said it had been there for countless years. This treasure was a half hour jog away from his house! How did his clan never find it! They have been there for 40 years and have a ton of members! The whole thing was just to give the MC some treasure. It felt super random and cringeworthy. Stuff like this goes on forever!

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Reborn – Super Chef
April 12, 2018
Status: c42
This world has a dumb star system. A chef can be ranked with up to 9 stars. There is a dumb age restriction for each star. This ruined the novel for me. You must have at least 1 star to open a commoners restaurant. You must be at least 20 years old to become a 2 star chef and 25 years old to become a 3 star. There is no age restriction after that. The author did this to suppress the MC's fame. The MC is already good enough to... more>> be a 9 star chef. Everybody will look down on him being a 1 star chef now though. It feels cheap and tasteless. <<less
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OldManGu rated it
Supernatural Rebirth Genius Girl Diviner
April 15, 2018
Status: c28
This is one of the best modern day cultivation novels that I have ever seen. This is coming from a guy that doesn't like reading novels with female MC's. This is my favorite female MC novel. Also dont listen to aattss review. I dont even know what he's talking about. The translation is not bad and I had no problems reading it.
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OldManGu rated it
Unfathomable Doomsday
January 20, 2018
Status: c9
I dont care that the author is stealing stuff from games, movies and other stuff. I dont care about the dumb prices in the system. Like how a cheap gun cost 100 points when the T-virus only cost 1000 points. I cant get past how bad the MC is though. I dont mind that he is a corny vampire. I mind that he is a idiot. I can not express enough how bad this MC is. It should be super easy to destroy the world with his op system. The... more>> author just wastes time on pointless filler that makes the MC look bad. He lets a super easy prey escape just so he can chase him and get into trouble. <<less
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OldManGu rated it
The Skill Maker
March 13, 2018
Status: c9
This novel is straight up tr*sh! It should have a mountain of 1 star reviews. The MC is super s*upid. I dont understand his way of thinking. I can only guess that he takes after the author. The MC wants to hide his power for no good reason. Its just because the author thought it would be cool. The problem is there is 1000 reasons to reveal it and none not to. He has a SS grade skill called interface. It lets him see his and other peoples status screens.... more>> The MC doesn't even think its a good skill! Thats how dumb the MC is. He is also scared to tell the Hunter Organization, that hes a hunter now. He said they may think he's lying and arrest him! Why cant he just show them his skills! He has a op bead skill. It takes 5 minutes to put these beads together and he can do it in 1 second! He can also tell them other peoples skills with interface. I dont mind mc's hiding their skills if they have a reason. There is no reason in this novel though! His family needs money and he doesn't try to get a loan? Why cant a hunter with a SS skill get a loan? He also has his D rank Skill Maker. He can make F and E rank skills. Im guessing it will get stronger. People can level up in this novel. The level up system is super dumb. The villians feel super random and s*upid. I could not read anymore if you paid me. The worst part is the filler in every chapter. The author likes to drag out pointless stuff and repeat the MC's thoughts. I almost forgot another dumb thing. F and E rank hunters only make 500 USD a day! Who would risk their life for 500 USD! I wonder what the hospital bill will be after getting their arm cut off will be? I hope the government pays for that. The government doesn't seem like much in this novel though. The MC had A rank hunter potential and they let him drop out because of money problems! The world is being invaded by aliens and they care about a little money! Lets just give the finger to the future hope of humanity! This author is a complete idiot! <<less
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OldManGu rated it
February 15, 2018
Status: c243
This author wants me to believe that 60-70% of the world can pay 10 grand for a capsule. Everything in this story seems like bs. 80% of the stuff the MC makes are only normal or rare rated. What is the point of being a legendary blacksmith? This running joke has gone on to long and its not funny anymore. The MC only made 2 unique items in 3 months. Thats 1 month in real life. He has been a blacksmith for at least 9 months in real life and... more>> has only made 8 legendary items. How can a legendary blacksmith make normal items? He even has a legendary blacksmith hammer. Its also sad that the author doesnt care about his real life. The MC said he would visit his grandfather and never did. The author just gave up on the mc's real life after the high school reunion arc. This is just a poor mans version of LMS. They should change the name from Overgeared to Overated. <<less
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OldManGu rated it
One Piece Talent System
November 8, 2019
Status: c15
I'm not a fan of the system. I don't like points and stuff.

It's dumb that he needs a strong body to use haki. Ace and Doflamingo could use conquers haki as little kids. Aisa could use observation haki at birth. Weak amazons could also use armament haki. Why does the author think shigan and others are harder to learn than soru and kami-e?

I'm not a fan of his fruit. The fruit branch skills are s*upid. His fruit is nerfed and feels limited.

I don't understand what the physique skill is for.... more>> He already has strength and agility skills. What does physique represent. Is it endurance/stamina or something?

The author is bad at explanations and describing things.

The MC seems weak for training for 6 months. That's longer than Coby trained before the time skip and look at him.

Why can the MC only get rewards for killing pirates? Does that mean he won't get any reward for killing Akainu or destroying the world government? That's pretty hard to accept.

Robin is working for a pervert that tries to r*pe her. This is so s*upid. Everybody thinks Robin destroyed 6 battleships and is super strong. How could he dare to mess with a 79 million bounty? The worst part is that she thinks about letting him r*pe her! She says what's more important survival or dignity! Wtf is up with this author! A scumbag like this would have reported her a long time ago to get his money. The author doesn't seem to understand that Robin wasn't a baby at 16 anymore. She couldn't be bullied by some nobody.

He acts like he has great insight for recruiting Robin. He keeps praising himself in his mind. It's obvious that Robin is capable! She's a member of the future pirate kings crew! You would be an idiot if you didn't know that!

I dropped the novel at chapter 15 and just read the chapter titles. I could tell that the novel wasn't getting any better. It looks like he gets Laffite and CP9 to join his crew later. I've read countless untranslated fanfictions that are better than this. The translator should be doing one of those instead. <<less
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OldManGu rated it
Seoul Station’s Necromancer
October 12, 2017
Status: c197
I give this story 5 stars up to chapter 90. Then the author makes a s*upid bad guy and he won't die. The MC never meets his family or girlfriend anymore. The story is full of fun stuff after ch90. Chapter 90-150ish is a 3 star. Then the story just kills itself. Everything is random and bs. The author steals stuff from the matrix and other movies/novels/ games. This guy is a hardcore matrix fan. I would rate chapter 150 on up a -1 at least. I hate that his... more>> girlfriend never gets screen time. Its like what Coiling Dragon sc. <<less
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OldManGu rated it
Emperor’s Domination
June 17, 2017
Status: c420
This story started off really good and then it went way downhill. The author is dragging this story out to make more money. It has a lot of pointless talking. The author makes random filler arcs. The MC stopped getting stronger. This story will have at least 5000 chapters and it may hit 10, 000. I dont got time for that. The author gives us tons of questions and very few answers. Countless things will remain Unsolved by the end of this story.
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OldManGu rated it
Rebirth in a Perfect Era
May 23, 2018
Status: c80
I got to chapter 80 and cant take anymore! This story is super boring and repetitive. The MC is bland and tasteless. The harem is worse than a jp novel. The MC has 2 girls drooling over his D and has never even kissed one. It's the lamest thing ever. At least jp novels dont take themselves serious. The author also thinks its a bad idea to make the MC rich and famous. The pace is super slow. The author writes like a snail and loves filler. Why does the... more>> MC even want to go to college? Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of harverd and says college is pointless. The bad guys get old quick and have mental problems. <<less
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Apocalypse Meltdown
January 6, 2018
Status: c1
This is the worst zombie story ever. I agree with all the 1 star reviews. The MC takes way to long to find his mom and dad. It wouldn't take this long to drive from New York to LA. The MC finds some secret agents with guns in a gas station. One is a 12 year old loli. This is the day after the apocalypse started by the way. I wouldnt read this if you paid me.
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