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Okabe_rintarou rated it
The Amber Sword
July 6, 2017
Status: c774
I have read the first half of the novel. I think it's good. It would've been great but the author ruined it.

An otaku guy Su Fei got his soul transferred into the body of an NPC called Brendel at an earlier time frame than the game represents. He's incredibly weak compared to his original character. From then on he's Brendel who tries to save the country from it's terrible end.

Well that's how it was supposed to be. But we later understand that Su Fei or Sophie (lol) inside of Brendel... more>> is a man with a mob character mindset and the only thing in his mind is to help his idol the princess. This is made even more apparent when he forcefully kisses her. Of course it was after he was brutally attacked by the mentally unstable princess. When she said "I trusted you" he couldn't even respond you attacked me first.

This all happens when he already had the most adorable dedicated girlfriend who treats him like a treasure. So the guy inside Brendel is basically a scum. But Brendel himself is a true heroic soul.

Su Fei lacks any sort of ambition. Hid only wish is to save the princess. This slave mentality will annoy the hell out of you.

The endless praises showered on the MC by the other characters is generally undeserved. So you'll feel annoyed after sometime.

But the most annoying thing is his infatuation for the princess. Even after he realizes that the princess' younger brother - the Crown Prince is more talented and humble than the princess, he favors her. This slave mentality, and the actions provoking a feeling of betrayal towards his girlfriend makes you hate the MC and the author.

These parts resemble 3rd rate Japanese web novels. Especially the MC's mob character mentality.

Even though the plot is great and the concept is ingenious I can only rate it 3/5 because of the hateful Su Fei who is all set out on ruining Brendel's honour! <<less
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Okabe_rintarou rated it
April 15, 2017
Status: --
A novel which had a great potential which the author ruined by ack of imagination and uselessly dragging aristocrats into it. The MC is an utter waste compared to real OP characters like Satou mostly due to the stupid author who needlessly brings in an early romance. The growth potential of the MC is limited but his weapon and steed can grow... Also he has an inhuman amount of mana but lacks imagination compared to other op characters.
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Okabe_rintarou rated it
When A Mage Revolts
July 22, 2018
Status: Completed
It's an amazing novel, it deserves more stars than this..

There's no romance, which is actually a good thing because authors tend to use Romantic sub-plot and Harem to ruin the plot and extend the number of chapters rather than concentrate on the real plot... The women in these novels play absolutely no part in the story progression other than invite arrogant high class idiots who go after the MC's life to get the girl after which the MC kills them. You won't find such useless stuff in this novel..

It's different... more>> from other novels because the MC is suspicious of almost everyone as he should be in a world full of conspiracies... Most idiotic MC's tend to trust girls with skin as beautiful as polished Jade blah blah blah in almost every Chinese novel. But the MC here is a cautious one.

The pseudo-science and the system are all meant to be funny and you won't get stupid explanations that would irritate you if you know science.

The only thing to complain is that the ending was too abrupt and there were many things that went unexplained... Even Amber Sword's ending was much much better... If I have compare, the ending is similar to World of Cultivation and Undefeated God of War.. <<less
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Okabe_rintarou rated it
Wortenia Senki (WN)
June 11, 2018
Status: v5c13
Probably the best isekai novel I have ever read.

The MC is exceptionally sharp and quick witted, even though he looks like a pro wrestler, he's smart to the extend that he can pose a threat to Mo Tian Ji. XD

He's not someone who gets manipulated by beautiful women, not someone who acts rashly just because he sees some kind of injustice where he could do absolutely nothing if he wishes to stay alive and keep his people alive..

There's no super OP magical skill or cheat that you see other MCs... more>> get conveniently on transfer, but all otherworlders or summoned people have higher rate of growth compared to the natives.

The story is so well written. The author has done exceptionally well by explaining the historical and political scenario, even the political idiots in the story are well maintained and not just arrogant and idiotic for the sake of being like that.

There's actually a good amount of suspense and the pacing is great, there's also the fact that you'd get addicted to it even if you don't like political novels if you can appreciate a good story.

It's not aimed at teenagers to be honest, and it's definitely not meant for girls.. So if you are one of these and can't seem to appreciate it, please don't give a bad review, you're just not in the target group.

Actually if someone could make some digest chapters without too much explanation of the political scenario, it could very well become something that is for everyone.. But it would make it more generic and annoying..

I'll tell you one thing. This is not your average Japanese Isekai harem with a donkan protagonist, tsundere main heroine who's a pettanko loli with twintails and another bunch of women who are just there to spice things up. If you are expecting this, just don't read it. You have plenty of such sh*tty novels out there, why bother giving a bad review for a well written novel, just because it's not something you can appreciate?? I could understand rating low for ethical reasons, but any other reason would just be invalid. <<less
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Okabe_rintarou rated it
April 30, 2017
Status: c7
The potential was excessive. The presentation is appalling.

MC is a no good idiot most of the times. An embarrassment for all men on this planet. Suspects his parents (both of them) having an illegitimate child when some girl calls him oniisama!!

The main heroine. The worst of the women in the harem. Annoying (the author writes it as playful. Yup. The author is indeed a terrible pervert. A masochist with no decency.)

Anyway this woman suddenly "falls in love with the MC after a hating him till that minute". This woman... more>> is the ultimate bitch... She causes his reputation to fall steadily. If it were me I would've slapped her a million times...

The best female is probably the hime-Miko Yuri. Maybe preferential treatment for the Japanese heroine?

The most annoying thing? Probably the main heroine Erica. The next one? The mob character male classmates of the MC who get rnraged over another man's leftovers.... Serious lack of sekf respect. I think only Maria Yuri has that sekf respect among the whole bunch!!

So is there anything good in this? The mythological references are good. If you enjoy archaeology and mythology there's something to like. But It's really hard to enjoy because the author likes the bitch Erica a bit too much,..... <<less
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Okabe_rintarou rated it
Zero no Tsukaima
June 20, 2018
Status: --
This novel had a great potential the way it started.. A normal human being summoned into a world where magic determines social hierarchy when he was out shopping, and the summon is accidental.... It was funny..

But everything was ruined because the author made the story something that is only good for the trend that Japan was following at the time of release, yes, the tsundere, twin-tail, loli-petta thingie....

So much potential wasted for the sake of perverted readers!!!!

You'll see that the jokes in this story are always repetitive. They are about... more>> the MC trying to be a pervert, MC's lackluster jokes making the violent woman more violent, Jokes about her non existent breasts, jokes about how she tries to seduce him but never accepts it, jokes about how the MC gets kicked on his balls when he ogles at another woman's breasts.. Yup there's nothing more than this..

The annoying parts are more, the MC is a wimp.. He never puts the woman in her place when she's overbearing.... Seriously... She's too stupid that even after the MC and others clarifies that it is because he loves her and not because of some contract that he stays with her, she still goes for emotional breakdowns that too at critical times making the whole damn thing even more annoying that it already is...

The author passed away before he completed the novel and the ending was written by someone else, who's probably another pedophile because he ends up with the flat-chested violent loli.. Yea it's not a harem ending.... I don't want to add this to spoilers because it's not different from the anime ending anyway...

Almost every single character is annoying except for maybe Mr. Colbert.. Anyway, if you have read a typical Japanese novel with twin-tail pettanko loli heroine who's violent and Tsundere, you really don't need to read this to know what will happen.. You can just take a guess and it's gonna happen....'

Anyway, I wrote this review to vent my frustration of having my time wasted on this piece of 'art'.......

I have no idea how Japanese novels like this became popular just because of the tsundere element... I just can't stand it how shonen genre has deteriorated just because of this..... <<less
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Okabe_rintarou rated it
My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending
October 23, 2017
Status: c98
I have read all the chapters released yet. I like the story. But sometimes it feels too childish. When they talk about the height of someone or when a character gives some excuses regarding Harold. It's just too much. But since it's a shounen novel it's acceptable.

But I'd like the author to pick up speed. When you're used to Chinese authors who release 2 chapters per day you feel like the author is a sloth. XD
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Okabe_rintarou rated it
Warlock of the Magus World
April 19, 2017
Status: c40
I started reading because
1. I expected to see at least a bit of physics in explanation
2. There's no romance tag. Romance often ruins this kind of novels. I expected something similar to world of cultivation.

Well. There's no romance. But there's s*x. Well. The girls are all someone else's leftovers. There's not a single virgin yet. So why would the protagonist want romance with them. Like seriously. If he wanted techniques there are plenty of whores. So I don't see any reason for true romance.

About science. There's no science... more>> in it! The scientific explanations of this novel is worse than the dark ages! An AI chip attached to the soul. That explains everything!!! There's stupid human experimentation as well as demihumans created out of those experiments!

If the story doesn't improve. I'll just quit reading.

Oh btw. I don't see any real harem. It's like being the protagonist of a brothel. In a real harem there won't be any sluts or leftovers after all. <<less
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Accel World
December 28, 2018
Status: --
I don't like the MC.. I'll say that upfront.. In fact I find him disgusting..


  1. He has a HUGE inferiority complex which is incurable from what we see throughout series even as the story progresses.
  2. He accepts it as a fact that he doesn't deserve any better and easily gives up unless there's someone to push him on.. Basically he's just a fat pig waiting to be slaughtered unless he is protected by the plot armour.
  3. He is in love with a girl whom he admires a lot but he's just like Hyodou Issei from Highschool DXD, he tries hard to convince himself that he has no such feelings.. The worst thing is that he tries to turn a blind eye to her feelings that she expresses properly... He's the worst kind of man...
  4. He's smart enough when he tries, but never tries.. Such an existence is basically a waste of space and time... I hate how he messes up things and makes it difficult for everyone and then apologize all the time....
  5. He's physically unfit, he's fat.. He knows this.. He's a middle schooler and has plenty of time to improve upon this and not become diabetic or anything worse.. I hate people who don't take care of the health they have been blessed with even if it is a fictional character.. And I don't find him attractive..
That's about the MC.. But I think the author wants the readers to feel this way about the MC and hate him with passion.. And he has successfully won that hatred...

... more>> Now the next guy Taku.. This guy's a lot more normal... He also has PTSD, but he's more tolerable in the sense that he's more normal compared to the fatty..

  1. He's jealous of Haru because he gets a lot of attention from his gf.. But he keeps it hidden and let it rot in his mind.. This I find hateful.
  2. He's in love with a girl, gets the girl, but he's not being completely honest with her.. I hate such characters.
  3. He pretends and says that he'd be happy even if he loses the girl, as long as she's happy.. We all know this is a lie...
Now the 3rd childhood friend Chiyu.. This girl is the one to be most hated... Her naive and stupid attitude is the reason why everything went wrong between the two guys in the first place.. Apparently she's too young to be dating anyone, mentally.. Reason for my hatred??

  1. She loves both the guys, but it's definitely not strong enough to be called romantic love.. Sometimes it feels as if she loves fatty more. But it's an illusion..
  2. She accepts the confession of Taku, but she was not ready to distance herself from the other guy. If she loved him she would definitely have done so without him telling her so as to avoid him becoming uncomfortable..
  3. She shows more concern about another guy in front of her bf, not even considering his feelings... I think any woman would know better than this... She's just too immature for romance.
  4. She wants to and thinks that the three of them can keep going together like they used to just like when they were kids... This illusion is always there in her mind..
  5. She, while having a bf, openly shows disapproval when Haru gets close to another girl.. I can't like this..
So the next person is the main heroine.. Probably the most likeable character throughout the novel.. Sometimes she shows much more maturity than her age which makes us forget that she's also a kid... Anyway, she's good.. One of the better female characters in Japanese Novels.. I don't have much to say about her other than her luck is terrible considering how annoyingly stupid the fatty is when she's so honest about her feelings....

Anyway.. I think the whole story isn't too bad.. But the characters are made to be hated.. I don't like a guy with a slave mentality being the MC...

I'd still give 4 stars because the author definitely tried his best to convey his feelings. Maybe he was like the MC? Fat and bullied? xD <<less
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Okabe_rintarou rated it
Konjiki no Moji Tsukai (WN)
July 22, 2018
Status: c284
This novel is much better than any other novels based on summoned heroes (shield hero is too dark for me)..

The most attractive part is the intelligence and foresight of the MC.. He's smart and not influenced by his hormones in decision making..

There are times that he overestimates himself but he never repeats the same mistakes. His businessman style when it comes to doing favors as transactions is actually 'adorable' xD

The repeated loli-magnet gag is kinda annoying, but it's still much better than an MC who doesn't retaliate on being beaten... more>> up by a violent woman.

Basically you would like this, if you are tired of wimpy Japanese MCs with no redeeming factors other than being impulsive when it comes to jumping into dangerous situations to save a girl whom he met 2 pages back, Oh wait, that's not even a redeeming factor!! XD <<less
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Okabe_rintarou rated it
March 16, 2018
Status: c68

I'll tell you this before you read it... Don't expect anything from the romantic subplot.

The mc's gf used to be a partying whore and this relationship was strongly opposed by MC's little sister because she knows this.

The plot is flawed emotionally. The MC actually loved a good girl at first. But he barely remembers her these days even though it's his negligence that caused her death.

The story would've been great had it not been the leftover of a leech girlfriend and the d*ckheaded MC...

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Okabe_rintarou rated it
Everyone Else is a Returnee
April 20, 2017
Status: --
The funniest Korean novel I have ever read. Much much much better than Legendary Moonlight sculptor because.
1. You don't see mob characters who drool after a beautiful woman every single time she makes an appearance.
2. The damn thing is just too funny even without any misunderstandings!
3. The MC is a true genius apart from the things related to love. XD
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Okabe_rintarou rated it
Heaven’s Will Balancing System
June 3, 2018
Status: --
I'd like to encourage the author by giving it 5 stars. The concept it good. But I think this would be one of those novels that gets abandoned by the author.. Er Gen did that too.. And he gave us some great novels later. Anyway, I don't see any future for this particular novel even though I gave it full marks...
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Okabe_rintarou rated it
In a Different World with a Smartphone
September 13, 2017
Status: --
Honestly it's a great concept. If you are transported to a different world of magic... Then you must have a smartphone! The retro world will bore you to death unless you can browse our world's internet from over there. Add in a few more cheats. It's awesome.

But you don't need someone in the background to repeat "Yare yare! You'll get used to it soon" or "As expected " blah blah blah... It's so damn annoying.

The MC is a spineless wimp when it comes to his harem.

He gets kicked for no... more>> apparent reason and gets forced to dogeza even though he's much stronger than them in status and strength (in every way). He doesn't even evade. In such situations he totally lacks self respect.

When someone explains something. He's always in awe but never tries to understand it.

Him being dense is understandable. Because the girls around him are all minors! But it's weird how he can easily accept a child as a bride after talking so much about his morals?

Other than these minor details it's a really enjoyable story.

But it's hard to neglect the annoying things when the author is desperate to add annoying stuff to every paragraph! <<less
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It started off great. I meant the story. But the authors presentation got worse with every chapter. (That's one star lost from the initial 5 stars.)

"What do you think of Sculpting?"

And the MC insults it like anything. That's how it all started...

... more>> Well. Maybe the author meant it to be funny.

But he ruined the whole thing trying to be funny by introducing cults that drool over another man's girl. I better not get started. It's worse than those old mangas and anime where the whole school isolate you because you got a cute gf. I mean seriously. Guys envy the MC. Girls envy the heroine because she's attracting so many male gazes.. Are people that stupid? Of course there are people going on saying "you don't look good together (and you're too handsome/beautiful for him/ her) I am saying this for your own good" and something similar which could potentially ruin a perfectly good relationship! (There goes another star).

The next annoying thing is that the author keeps using the term 'foreign car' go describe wealth! (Not enough to lose a star).

The next star was lost because of the dumb translation. Actually the translation wasn't all that bad when it began. But the translation from one particular person was so darn stupid that it ruined the whole thing. The dumb translation had enough 'power' to ruin any masterpiece! <<less
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Okabe_rintarou rated it
My Room Has Become a Dungeon’s Rest Area
April 26, 2017
Status: --
The translator tries his/her best to turn this mediocre novel into an acceptable form. But still the presentation of the author is terrible. The author is probably a dyslexic teenager who is a hikki-NEET. That's the impression you get from reading it.

Maybe he wanted to make it look funnier. But he failed to do so. Maybe the novel is made for 15 and younger.

But yes. It is way better than dumb novels like "To deprive the deprived", "Netooku Otoko", etc.

It's actually a great concept. A man's or rather a boy's... more>> romance maybe?

  1. He could've made it so much better. I find the interactions between characters rather artificial
  2. The MC takes it in as if it was natural to have a dungeon in the house. Maybe if it was a portal to another world it would've been more acceptable.
  3. After all this he wants to get back at the real estate agent.
  4. He decided to go for dungeon expedition right after he entered the house.... No wonder he is a high school drop out!
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Okabe_rintarou rated it
Date A Live
March 12, 2019
Status: v19
An enjoyable novel if you ignore the annoying Kotori.

Everything about this story is good, except for Kotori.

Kotori is the personification of modern Japanese otaku culture... Tsundere, twin-tails (that too red twin-tails), non-blood related imouto (younger step-sister), childishly violent, stupid in a lot of stuff yet posing to be intelligent, never admitting her own mistakes and annoying as hell.

... more>> Other girls

Tohka: An incredibly stupid glutton, but loyal and cute

Origami: A female pervert whose existence itself is somewhat reliant on the MC.

Yoshino: Timid, lovable and super cute doll. This one's too young. She has a puppet called Yoshinon which is her way to express bold thoughts 😂

Yamai sisters: Naive, stupid, energetic and Chuunibyo Kaguya and Stoic, easily impressed and loving Yuzuru

Miku: Another female pervert, who loves girls and crossdressing Shido 😂

Natsumi: A mentally unstable girl with a lot of self respect issues.

Nia: A shut-in older woman who's good for nothing other than drawing manga

Mukuro: An angel like girl who speaks in archaic tongue. Lost her faith in humankind due to her parents 😂

Well. There are other girls. But speaking more would be a massive spoiler.

But I'll tell you this. None of these girls would be the main heroine. This is the biggest spoiler.

Now the other problems with the story.

An organisation with a middle-school girl as the 'captain' isn't exactly uncommon in Japanese novels. So lets not dwell on it.

The annoying choices forced upon the MC by the organisation is something I can't ignore, because I felt it was more like getting in the way because he couldn't be genuine through it.

The most attractive woman is an antagonist 😂

Anyway. I think the existence of Kotori ruins a lot. I would've only given it 2 stars (3 stars lost entirely due to Kotori), but volumes 17, 18 and 19 are so damn epic.

So you got 2 stars back. I would give another free star if it didn't have Kotori... 😤 <<less
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Okabe_rintarou rated it
Pursuit of the Truth
June 27, 2018
Status: --
The translator says he called them berserkers because they are highly civilized.
I don't understand how a tribe which bathes in the blood of enemies as part of a ceremony could be civilized.
He says they are very advanced in technology.
They don't even have houses that can protect them from cold without piling hides on all walls.
They wear clothes made out of hides too.
Far behind 1st century AD for sure?

They are most definitely barbarians. They only reason to change it would be to avoid the awkwardness... more>> of the MC who in 1st person refers to himself as a barbarian. Of course there's also the fact that the transition can become unique because both Wuxiaworld transition of ISSTH and the previous transition of this novel call them Barbarians.

The transition is subpar compared to Wuxiaworld's transitions of Er Gen's works.
Everything should be edited thoroughly because certain grammatical errors make certain clauses completely meaningless. <<less
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Okabe_rintarou rated it
Plundering the Heavens
June 13, 2018
Status: c500
I think this novel deserves much more attention.. The translation has been rather poor but a million times better than the painting of nine immortals...

About the real plot... It's funny.. Really funny... But you have to adjust your mentality, you need to be a late teenager to truly enjoy this..

The ethical and moral integrity of the MC is questionable, so this isn't for everyone...

The story is about a rascal who gets everything by stealing.... He has quite a lot of stuff that could've helped him become the 'greatest alchemist, formation... more>> master, forging master, etc etc but he refuses to study anything other than fighting techniques that could help him overpower others easily and steal from them...
He's an orphan brought up by bandits, so it's natural for him to be a like this, but still he's young enough to be reformed, but nothing of that sort happens.... sadly...

Anyway, I am giving it 5 stars, only because it's much better than many novels that are sh*t which are rated too high... and it's actually enjoyable... <<less
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Okabe_rintarou rated it
Absolute Choice
May 31, 2018
Status: c500
Probably one of the best novels like this I have read.. There are a lot of unwanted chapters which are usually common in Korean novels, but even those chapters are interesting rather than annoying unlike those.

Anyway this novel is supposed to be a comedy+parody with a true plot. The author is not bad enough to scam you with lengthening the chapters with eros but he does so by repeating text with the help of absolute choice, it's really annoying to type the same thing over and over again so he... more>> must be using cut/paste... Anyway, the story is awesome, I hope it goes on for another 2000 chapters at the very least... <<less
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