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Ogami-kun rated it
Renegade Immortal
June 9, 2016
Status: c253
When I started reading I thought that it was the usual revenge story with the MC being OP thanks to his secret treasure and the secret technique left by the usual grandpa and I dropped it. Later I started again and I have to say that I misjudged it.
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Ogami-kun rated it
Ultimate Antihero
August 29, 2016
Status: v4 afterword
A novel that picture the true nature of humans, the best novel that I have ever read. Homura, the Hero that sacrificed everything to save the world is betrayed and used as a dog, yet he still try his best to protect Humanity. The story is well written, the characters have a incredible tridimensional personality.

The first two books are perfect, the problem are the last two books, the end is rushed; it reach the Climax but it gives a feeling of incompleteness and there is a large plot-hole:
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After the apparition of Michael the book changes.

Indeed the death of Himura and his "Wrait form" is interesting but the last book is like a race: the apparition of the angel is a complete severing from the other books, according to Vel the world partially entered the demon world but the demons disappear completely and there isn't even a confrontation between angels and demons and when the angels attacked there wasn't even a person that asked where were the angels during the Walpurgis Night (Homura was in a different dimension).

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Ogami-kun rated it
Lv1 Skeleton
March 5, 2018
Status: c52
The start was interesting, and I specially liked the mental breakdowns the MC has sometimes.

That said, the plot was good in the start, but it became more and more general and cliché with the passing of time.

In the last chapters the story can only be considered a summary.

... more>> The game-system is strange, and considering how the MC levels it make one wonder why there are so few high-levels.

His power is simply broken. He does not have a special skill or anything, but he is the only one in the story that can use a fireball like a bomb without explanation, the skill he received by the sage is even more broken, and he abuse it too much <<less
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