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Everyone Else is a Returnee
November 15, 2016
Status: afterword
Supremely Entertaining.

Recently, I've been wondering... why the Monkey/Girl's Back image for Kobato-Chan Daisuki? It just makes me giggle. It also makes me giggle that there are so many bad reviews for this series. xD

Grammar: 4/5 (Formerly 3.5/5 as of Chapter 143, marked improvement from previous chapters.)

... more>> Story: 4.7/5

Writing: 4.5/5

(Final Update: It was a wild and funny ride. Thank you, Author, for being so damn good, and thank you Kobatochandaisuke (TL:Chamber) for being just as awesome with your translation services. I'm going to re-read this series a few times to engrave this story into my soul. It's all done, what is there to say? It was a lot of fun, and ended in a good way.)

(Update as of Chapter 334: Standing at the edge of a Cliff, looking down into the black ocean waters crashing violently against this ground which keeps me safe, what is it that you see? More cliffs... f*ck. I hate you but love you ate the same time.)

(Update as of Chapter 328: The End is Nigh.)

(Update as of Chapter 296: Welp, it feels like there's no way it can get any more exciting that these past two chapters. Story should be coming to an end soon. Strangely, not sad about it like I usually would be. It feels like it's wrapping up nice and neat and will be packed away to be enjoyed all over again on a later date.)

(Update as of Chapter 294: *Twitching intensifies*)

(Update as of Chapter 286: *Twitching on the floor in the fetal position* Moar... Need moar...)
(Update as of Chapter 193: Translator had to turn off Donations because he was getting too many for extra chapter translations xD. I have to love translators who are responsible and do what they promised with said donations. So many chapters were spammed out because of donations, and the regular release schedule is quite good already.)

(Update as of Chapter 158: Still the same rating, a couple awkward wording instance, but nothing that detracts from the flow of the story.)

(Update as of Chapter 146: Marked improvement of grammar. Story is still as exciting as ever.)

(Update as of Chapter 143: While grammar is starting a slow downhill decent, the story is snowballing in all the right ways. As previously stated, this is supremely entertaining.)

(Update as of Chapter 138: Getting a tad bit more exciting, which means pretty damn exciting.)

(Update as of Chapter 125: Somehow they still keep the pacing perfectly, ratings and feelings still the same as my previous assessment done for Chapter 76.)

(update as of Chapter 76: Still my favorite series on NU. Still going strong.)

(Update as of Chapter 72: Some grammar issues reappearing, nothing major, and it's understandable seeing as the Translator was rushing to get more chapters in before taking a hiatus for College Exams. Work much appreciated, will keep the 4.5/5 for Grammar until after seeing the quality of translation available after the translators' return.)

(Update as of Chapter 70: Yup, still golden. Rereading this for a third time, and I'm really glad that he quality of the translation has improved by leaps-and-bounds.)

(Update as of Chapter 66: Noticed a rather smooth use of the English language for most parts of the recent chapters. The only issue would have to be with translating proverbs, which has always proven to be tricky since they are culturally contextual. Over all, I would like to applaud the translation team on the extremely great work they are providing. P.S. Noticed some people calling the story inconsistent (there are indeed some inconsistencies) and the characters bland (as with almost any written work they utilize stereotypes that are entertaining). Alas, not everyone reads the story the same way. Sometimes the story just doesn't get through the same way to everyone. I pretty much blame this just on Verbal Context differences between communities/countries/cultures. Might be wrong and this is just not those peoples' cup-o-tea, but nothing can make absolutely everyone happy, not even happiness itself.)

(Update as of Chapter 60: No change to my ratings from before. The story is growing nicely. Oh Goddess Sunbutt, please grace me with more chapters, pronto.)

Another gem on a site that contains an almost infinite amount of waste. I've only now noticed a trend where Korean Novels seem to have an almost entirely different standard of quality as opposed to the generic XianXia you will find copy-pasted under another author's name.

Grammar-wise is isn't anything spectacular but the mistakes made are not difficult to bear (improves after the switch from "N&C" to "Kobato-Chan"). The intermittent awkward wording/phrasing is easily negligible thanks to a superb story and story-telling form. The story itself is a very pleasant and comedic telling of a rather over done genre given life through a fresh set of eyes (The one who got left behind). The writing is fairly well done, I praise the author and the translation group for being as consistent as possible and using some rather comedic plays on situations.

All in all, this is very easily becoming one of my favorite series and I look forward to binge reading this. <<less
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The Lazy Swordmaster
September 6, 2016
Status: c115
Dropped the series. Grammar got pretty bad, story took a nose-dive off into some deep dark abyss, and the dialogue... it's so bad it could kill. Not sure, but it feels like the author either ran out of inspiration halfway, was swapped out halfway, or just gave up all hope halfway. The translation seriously dropped in quality, it got bad fast. Wish I could edit the stars I gave earlier because it was promising early on, but now it's just a messy bit of unimaginative writing.

Grammar: 2.5/5 (formerly 4.5 as... more>> of ch 69)
Story: 1.5/5 (formerly 3.5 as of ch2)
Writing: 1.5/5

(Update as of Chapter 71: A pretty severe drop in grammar. Unsure if they lost their editor or what-have-you, but the difference is quite noticeable.)

(Update: chapter 16: Still Golden. Still very drug-like. Still, need More.)

(Update as of Chapter 8: I feel like a crack addict waiting for that inevitable high after taking a particularly large hit. This stuff is the good stuff. This stuff will make you feel like you're in love and be planning the next hit even before you get a hold of it. I need moar. Now.)

As close to perfection as I've found among Online Novels. Honestly, aside from some slightly lack-luster word choices, it's a very compelling story. It keeps you wanting more even though it's a fairly predictable story. The way the characters are portrayed so far is very much black and white, hoping for a bit of grey and maybe some color in the later chapters. I'll definitely keep this series close until it either ends, the translators give up, or the quality takes a sudden dive off of a cliff into a gaping black hole. <<less
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One Man Army
November 20, 2016
Status: c6
Grammar: 3/5 (Formerly 2.5 as of Chapter 3, proofreader really flexing here)
Story: 2/5 (Formerly a 2.5 as of Chapter 3... borrows from way too many other works without adding much)
Writing: 1/5

(Update as of Chapter 6: Seeing some real improvement from the translation team. The addition of a Proofreader really shines through as the syntax and grammar are slowly improving. The story is actually taking a drop in score because it seems to be cherry picking story elements from other works (namely Legendary Moonlight Sculptor and... more>> SwordArt:Online) without adding a spin on the events. Again, I attribute this to the author's style of Telling you what is happening instead of fleshing the story out. Any details given always feel like something said after the fact to cover up inconsistencies.)

A real lack of quality... The grammar is fairly poor. Throughout the work you will stumble on the awkward wording/phrasing, misspelling, and confusing syntax multiple times. The story itself is fairly bland and the genre overdone. The writing, which is something I've come to praise in most Korean series, is horribly executed. The author uses almost no descriptions, just telling you that something is this way and you'll have to believe him about it. It feels like a summary of a story rather than a story in and of itself. The "Ability" of the MC is rather bland almost feeling like a rip-off of SA:O. I have no hope for this series, since the translation group can't really improve the Author's writing style, unless they alter the story almost completely.

(Shout out to OshiroHonzo: Thanks for the mention! But I just rate and say things as based on my first impression read through. I really only rate these three things when I read a story for personal preferences. Grammar because I personally get headaches (I really do get headaches) when I read something that is just blatantly awkward. The story is rated because I like knowing if the author is bringing anything original to the table with a series. Finally, the part I feel is the most important of all, the Author's writing (or the translation groups rendition of it). Writing is one of the most important elements to a story, it can be the difference between telling someone about some amazing thing and showing it to them. A good writer will give you a story that sounds reasonable, and has some credibility. A Great Writer gives you an entirely new world that sucks you in and you can't help but feel that you know this world almost as well as the one you live in.

I always feel that a Great Writer turns it's readers into scientists. The reader ends up coming up with theories that seem to follow the story world logic. If so-and-so had done this instead of that, Then this would have happened because of that. A Great Writer gives enough details, colors, emotion, and evidence with clear consistency to make you be able to jump to these thought exercises.

All that aside, your review was still good. It's your view on the novel and just as valid as my own.) <<less
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Praise the Orc!
July 17, 2017
Status: extra 6
Update as of Extra 4: Wow, that was a sharp drop in translation quality. Pretty sure it's a different translator from the original taking over the extra chapters. It makes me happy that someone is doing them, but sad that the quality isn't the same.

Update as of Extra 1: BUL'TAR!!! 8 Extra Chapters for some relief. T_T Most likely there will be no sequel now.

Update as of Story Completion. It was beautiful. From start to finish, it was an epic tale. I can only hope that the story is continued... more>> at some later date by the author. I cannot express how moving this series is. It makes your blood boil, your stomach twist, and your hair stand on end at the sheer emotion wrapped into the words. If you haven't read this series, give it a try, you might be surprised. If you've read some of it but ended up stopping, pick it up again, remember what made it so great. If you finished this story, I share your grief that such a fantastic story came to an end. This is officially my favorite translated story as of January 13, 2018, easily beating its way to first place past Everyone Else is a Returnee.

Grammar: 3.9/5

Story: 4.2/5

Writing: 3.9/5

(That Spark: 7.2/5 formerly 5/5)

(Update as of Chapter 101: Well, heart breaking implications aside, the story is finally taking that Dark Turn. It's 'Effing Dark' as far as I'm concerned. I've got that acidic bottom-of-the-barrel feeling going on worrying about the possible future this story is going to force my feels through.)

(Update as of Chapter 92: Still holds previous ratings, including that Spark.)

(Update as of Chapter 79: Getting that high from this story that can only be attained from true badassery. This isn't that forced conclusion bullsh*t that you find in most stories made by amateur authors. This is that good-good, spine-tingling, watch-the-world-burn-for-its-own-good kinda badassery.)

This story is truly an emotional drama. Honor, betrayal, revenge, and day-to-day life blend to make a story eerily alive. Existentialism, morality, and the human condition applied in a virtual environment make for a very interesting conceptual baseline in this series. The grammar is quite decent, with very few instances of awkward word/phrasing. The story is excellent in my personal opinion, only missing a deeper development of the characters and some world building. The writing is quite nice, with a decent pace, and quite a few situations to make you chuckle, burn with passion, and feel that sour gut-wrenching distaste for the human condition.

A story that is more centered on what it means to live rather than the game that is Elder Lord.

I personally recommend this for anyone looking for a Knight against the Evil World type story. <<less
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The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs
October 17, 2018
Status: v2 ss
So... the Kingdom's name when translated by Google from the raw is Hörfart. While it sounds like "Hulr-Fart" the spelling makes me think of "Whore-Fart" which would be perfect for the setting of the story xD 10/10 would read for the who*e farts.

I have never wanted a character to die a very prolonged and painful death as I have with Marie. May she burn in eternal hellfire with an itchy crotch. She's gonna f*ck everything up. f*ck it all to hell.
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Monster Musume Harem wo Tsukurou!
August 30, 2016
Status: c34
Grammar: 3.5/5 (3.5/5 from Chapters 1-12 and 20-33, 2/5 for chapters 14-19, Rebirth Online has some issues as far as editors and proof readers for chapters 14-19)
Story: 4.2/5 (3.5/5 formerly as of ch 19)
Writing: 3/5

(Update as of Chapter 20: The story got so much better, it compensates for the bad translation. Also, the editor changes a few times between and it improves slightly. Now I can tell that the editors are having a hard time with the translator, since the style doesn't change too much.)... more>>

(Update as of Chapter 33: The editing really shines after those horrendous chapters that you have to struggle through from 14-19. The story is starting to get somewhere, and classical Dungeons and Dragons approach to Dragons in general really let me enjoy this series. The writing isn't the best, nor the translations, but the story is making up for it in the long run. Conversations are pretty mono-toned, no real personality can really be picked up because the translation or writer seems to use the same wording for most of his characters. Still, I'm enjoying this series and look forward to what it has to offer.)

(Update as of Chapter 34: Grammar is becoming an issue again, but it's still readable.)

Not the worst thing I've read, but after chapter 12 the translation starts to get iffy (taken over by Rebirth Online). I have been enjoying it up until chapter 12 after which you encounter an unedited chapter. Then Rebirth Online translation group takes up the series and the quality of the translation starts making things get messy. Going to try hanging on until I've finished the current chapters, but I'm getting a headache with the sloppy syntax.

Example from the Rebirth Online Translation between chapters 14-19:

"A fireball goes up in the sky make a big explosion. With this the training is meet it’s ends."

Honestly, most of the sentences are a jumble of past and present tense, or missing a tense all together making it fairly awkward to read. Based on the quality displayed by the first translation group I can fairly judge that it's not the author's fault but the translation group's. Most likely the Translator and Editor do not have a strong grasp of the English language. Still, I don't have to pay for it so no loss to me! <<less
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This series is golden.

Grammar: 4.5/5
Story: 4.5/5
Writing: 4.5/5

Well, another series with nearly perfect scores around the board (FINALLY).

Grammar is exceptional with this series, the Translation group does an exceptional job of translating what must be a superb work based on what I have read thus far, with the occasional awkward wording/phrasing. The story is chilling and exciting, keeping you wondering how each little step forward seems to be the prelude to something dark looming on the horizon. The writing is exceptionally done, slow and methodical at times of relative... more>> peace with enough descriptions to flesh out the world that is unfolding around the MC.

A great read, and I'll be following this until it ends, the author/translator gives up, or the quality takes a dive off the cliff into the Abyss. <<less
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Nidome no Yuusha
August 17, 2016
Status: c19
Grammar: 3.5/5 (formerly 4.5/5 as of ch 15)
Story: 35/5 (formerly 3/5 as of ch 17)
Writing/Translation: 3/5 (formerly 4.2/5 as of ch 15)

(Update as of Chapter 19: Thank goodness, series is back on track with the story instead of detailing simple killing as revenge. Things are starting to look good again :D)

(Update as of Chapter 17: Severe drop in quality and story. Went from a rather nice revenge story to a simple kill em all revenge story. There were nice details before that... more>> would elicit some kind of feeling, some kind of recognition that it was a revenge well done. Now it's just kinda shallow. I'll keep reading until another drop in quality or the translators give up, either way I don't hold much hope for this series getting better.)

Well, found a diamond in the rough. The story line is typical betrayal revenge, but done in a way that feels satisfying to the soul. The MC doesn't search for petty killing as a form of revenge, but the truly, deeply, burning desire to utterly destroy any semblance of life from his targets.

The grammar in particular is pretty well done from the translation group, there is a fairly good flow with wording, and phrasing that I find astounding considering it was done by a small-ish group. There are, of course, a few spots that they stumble on as far as proper wording, but it's not enough to disturb the reading experience unless you're a Grammar Nazi.

The writing and flow of the story line, although it includes some flash backs and largely boring descriptions of the world system, are fairly consistent and allow you to really get a sense of events and the proper ability to start feeling the story. No real character development has occurred yet, but the small amount that has taken place allows you to feel for the side character that gets added in. As for the MC, I find it best to imagine that he shares your own personal history to make up for the gaping hole that is his character. Maybe this will be filled in slowly as they story progresses. Maybe it will forever remain a void of any details. Either way, it doesn't hurt the story too much since I personally prefer to imagine myself in his place. <<less
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Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith
April 26, 2017
Status: c34
I'm enjoying this series as a novel on the side when I have nothing else to read. It's copy-pasta but it's at least slightly different... well, at least it's using different names.

More copy paste Xainxia

belittled/abused female MC becomes most awesomely OP "Don't-F**k-With-Me-Or-You'll-Die-A-Million-And-One-Deaths-Becomes-I'm-OP" kinda junk. It would be better if they did a bit more than throw some super amazing person into the body of someone they claim to be the most trash person in the world. Second daughter, third daughter, ninth daughter... There's almost a title for every possible daughter... more>> in someone's family to be the biggest piece-of-trash-turned-OPness. Mayhaps, I'm just too jaded by the habits of authors to copy paste almost everything about their characters to an almost plagiaristic

point. <<less
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Grammar: 3.5/5
Story: 2/5
Writing: 1/5

From all the positive reviews I was hoping this would be a good one, unfortunately I find myself uninterested in this one.

Grammar is not an issue with this series, though there are the occasional awkward wording/phrasing, it's nothing too bad. Story-wise it's lacking a lot, a whole lot. I can't really put it into words but it's just not enough to keep you interested. I had to force myself to read this until Chapter 7 and even then it felt like I just wasted some... more>> of my life reading it. Writing... It feels like this is more of a story summary than a story. It tells you about things that happen, emotions that are occurring, and gives you some bare-bones dialogue. It doesn't give you details about the events, it doesn't express the emotions very well, and it sure as hell doesn't give any real personality in the conversations.

It does provide a bit of comedic relief, but that is far from enough to cover for it's lack of everything else.

Might want to skip this one. <<less
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Grammar: 2/5 (formerly 2.3/5)
Story: 3/5
Writing: 2.5/5 (formerly 3.2/5)

(Update as of Chapter 26: The author gave us one chapter of "Excitement" then returned to his usual trash filler. The grammar is holding its position at barely tolerable. The writing... ugh. Still, that one chapter gave me a little hope, I'll keep reading. Maybe, just maybe, the writer will pick the story up in the future. B-T-Dubs, Conversations are so basic that it's almost impossible to tell anyone apart just from dialogue, if there were no indicators... more>> you wouldn't be able to tell anyone apart. Every character pretty much speaks exactly the same with no variation except for the curio collector.)

(Update as of Chapter 21: Just about to give up on this series, I'll try out one more chapter, but thus far it's been nothing but disappointment and very short and meaningless chapters. I didn't think the translation quality would differ much, but it's slowly getting worse. Aside from that, you can feel a lack of effort from the author, skipping details by using etcetera to replace descriptions. Honestly, this series had me hoping for something at least slightly better than what is being dished out.)

Honestly, the grammar is just barely passable for my personal tastes, the story is sub-par thus far, but I'm hopeful that they can do something with this. They have an OP-Protagonist with a limiter of knowledge/power vs experience. It's set in a fairly solid first person view point, and though I dislike first person novels, at least it doesn't jump between first and third person perspective as you could find in many other novels.

I'm finding the short chapters and intermittent awkward wording or phrasing to be a slight, but tolerable blemish since it is the work of a translation group (can't judge too harshly since translations can never be 100% correct, and amateur translation groups are doing this for shits-and-giggles).

All in all, I want to know where this story goes, if it can go anywhere. I want to know if the author is going to bother with any character development, or is he just going to write a trashy novel about a guy who always gets what he wants as some kind of compensation for real life inadequacies. I'm hopeful, but also fairly pessimistic about this series... <<less
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The Other World Dining Hall (LN)
August 22, 2016
Status: c15
Grammar: 4.5/5
Story: 5/5
Writing: 4.5/5

Read this slowly, and savor each and every chapter. This is a gem. Pure and simple. Short stories about other worlders coming through a magical door to a modern Restaurant.

(Update: Finished reading the available Chapters. I regret reading it in one sitting T_T There seems to be no more updates. I can't find anything. Please if anyone knows where I can read more, even if it's in raw form, I'll take it. Dear lord, I haven't been this hooked on a series in a... more>> long time. More so than action, drama, and magic, it's this sense of learning about each species and their preferences that makes this series so damn good. It really feels like, "Oh, I'm really learning about another world".) <<less
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She Was Both Called God, as Well as Satan
October 6, 2018
Status: c20
If you were immortal, had run out of things to do, and were practically waiting to die of boredom in a very literal meaning, would you not be something like her? Would you not try to derive pleasure out of everything that takes place around you that is unusual, intense, or different from what you expect? You no longer have the drive to do, but those around you fascinate you in their desperation. You no longer have a will to do, but those around you fascinate you with their perceived... more>> ingenuity. Like watching a child grow up from birth, you see them taking the steps you had long before, noting the differences, and delighting in the learning process as they grow. You let them make their mistakes and learn or not on their own. You protect them from something which is so beyond them they can't understand it yet. Just watching and enjoying their progress all the while. <<less
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Titan Academy of Special Abilities
May 12, 2017
Status: c11
Might be a little early to give a review, but just based on what we have thus far I'll go ahead and call it a miss.

(Update as of Chapter 11: While the grammar improves over the chapters the writing style and story still hold the same flaws mentioned earlier. The writing style, in particular, is making it difficult for me to stomach this story. Gonna drop this series, definitely not my cuppa-tea. Just personally not into the angsty-teen vibe.)

Grammar: 2.5/5 (Formerly 1.5/5)

... more>> Story: 1.5/5

Writing: 1/5

(Update as of Chapter 5: Earlier review still holds its place. Hoping that what the other review stated comes true and I can find some character in the Characters, aside from more angst.)

First off, the grammar is fairly poor, no editing or proofreading having been completed. The story itself is far from new. Finally, the writing... it feels like the writing of a middle school student desperately trying to make every line of dialogue cool, and every description as epic as possible. This writing style, in turn, makes everything feel like it was written by an 'Edgy-Teen' looking to find some wish fulfillment. Mayhaps the tone of the writing is different in its original language, but the English version is quite the edge-meister.

All in all, not enjoying this thus far, but will give a proper review once there are more chapters out. <<less
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Apocalypse Cockroach
April 16, 2017
Status: c87
This series needs a "Mature" tag as there are quite a few instances of sexual activities.

Grammar: 2/5
Writing: 3/5
Story: 3~4/5

The grammar isn't the best, but it is good enough to get you into the story which is saying something (mostly that they need a good editor and proofreader, but also that there is a bit of skill behind the translation). The writing style of the author starts off fairly bland, almost report like and eventually evolves into an actual story (about 6 or so chapters in). The story itself... more>> is not extraordinary, but it is fairly well done for what it is. What allows the star rating to bypass the actual grading is the author's ability to make what the MC does feel realistic. I applaud the efforts of the author to bring us a glimpse into his apocalyptic world and can't wait for more. <<less
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Grammar: 3/5
Story: 0.5/5 (Formerly a very sadly mistaken 1/5)
Writing: 2/5 (Formerly a very mistaken 2.5/5)

(Update as of Chapter 10: Honestly getting sick of the thickness of the plot armor rehashing the word Pinnacle. Pinnacle of Appraisal, Pinnacle of Endurance, Pinnacle of Production, Pinnacle of [Insert skill needed to save MC from having to put in effort Here]. Just too much given to a character with no apparent flaws aside from his libido. No struggles, no real fights, and no actual emotion. At least there's comedy... more>> in small amounts here and there. Like pieces of candy someone put on top of a picture of ice cream to pretend they have something they don't, like an actual Story.)

In all seriousness, this is so bad it's good. Grammar-wise, it's not riddled with horrid mind-bendingly bad wording, but it's lacking a bit of finesse. There is the occasional awkward wording/phrasing, but nothing that seems to detract from this very streamlined, fast-paced story. Story, this is an over-done genre taken to an extreme that has been done a million (non-literal) times before. Writing, it's very fast paced. Each chapter can be read in less than 2 minutes, and the 8 chapters that are available can be read in less than 16 minutes if you don't stop to laugh at things. It's such an overly done story with an OP protagonist close to Godly who wants to do perverted things with consent. Standard Beta Protagonist so far only finding Tsundere, breaking common sense with his OP-ness. It's nothing new, but it's an entertaining read to kill some time while you wait for something better to update.

Verdict: This is your side babe that you visit once a month for that quickie before heading back home. <<less
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The Day I Found Her
October 21, 2018
Status: c2 part2
Same Feels as involved in the first part (https://www. Novelupdates. Com/series/the-day-i-disappeared/). The amount of hate one feels for Gilbert is phenomenal.

To destroy a person who loves you so completely like that is something else, intentional or not.

3/15/19: This feels like one of those stories you go to when your day was just a little too happy. The kinda happy that feels suspiciously ominous. Read a few chapters of this and just say, eff you world good night. Otherwise, you'd be an idiot like me, reading this because you... more>> want to feel the hurt. <<less
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Grammar: 1.5~3/5 (Starts off around a 2.5 in the early chapters, makes it up to a 3, before nosediving to a 1.5 in the later chapters)

Writing: 2/5

Story: 2/5

... more>> All in all, below average.

The grammar for this series is all over the place, but the later chapters hit rock bottom with very simplistic, almost toddler-ish English. The writing throughout the entire series is a bit below average in that it makes its point (most of the time) but still lacks flavor or even consistency. The story is a bunch of generic cliches slapped together without anything original.

I was enjoying it up until the English started to go "Baby-talk" on me, but I personally like cliche stories.

Not a recommended read if you don't want your characters devolving into Baby-talk mid-way through the series. <<less
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Magi’s Grandson
December 14, 2016
Status: c46
Grammar: 4/5 (2.5/5 from AbsurdTL, but it's understandable considering neither Japanese nor English are his/her primary language)
Story: 3/5
Writing: 4/5

This series is a comedy piece. That said, I have been smiling and laughing throughout the whole piece. The early chapters are pretty much just slice-of-life and comedy mixed with fantasy. The later parts add a bit more action and some meandering attempts at drama, but mostly stick with the comedy it does so well. The grammar is fairly well done throughout, occasional awkward wording/phrasing appears but does not... more>> cause the series to stumble (my regards to the translation team on their excellent work). The story is fairly standard, but also almost self aware in it's use of the source material as parody/comedy. The writing is excellent, lending to an almost idiotically intelligent MC (Has modern knowledge, but seems to lack in basic human empathy, quite often confused about what should be normal). I love this series and have thus far read it twice over to it's current chapter.

I'll definitely be following this series closely, and even should the quality drop I imagine I'll just reread the earlier chapters to find some joy in it. <<less
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Manuke FPS
December 8, 2016
Status: c18
Grammar: 2.5/5
Story: 2.5/5
Writing: 2.5/5

First, I would like to state my initial impression of this series: About average.

With that out of the way, Grammar is pretty hard to get around with this series. I understand that translating from one language to another is very difficult, and even professionals (With full publishing companies behind them) tend to make a mess of things. There are multiple contextual differences that just can't be bridged without a deep explanation or having been personally immersed in. Second, the story is a bit lacking in... more>> all areas, it's interesting enough to keep your attention, but not enough to make rereading it enjoyable. Lastly, the writing... I'd actually say that the writing is below average, but the author tries to color in as much of the world as he can. Unfortunately, the writer does not provide enough color. He does not let you experience the environment in any real way, only stating that he is in a cave with a curved wall on one side of the entrance, not even indicating which side. There are no real descriptors given for the environment, you're left to just use your own imagination to put the world together instead of being shown the author's world (which is exactly what writing a story should).

If the translator takes on an editor, I feel that there would be a marked improvement to the story itself, and I would not be above the translator taking some liberties to add some color to the story.

This series is best for a back burner when you've run out of everything else to read and just want some gun-wielding action in a fantasy setting. (Also, I'd ignore that "Multiple Personality" Tag... Nothing as of yet has even remotely shown a hint of personality let alone multiple personalities.) <<less
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