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This novel is my favorite quick transmigration novel!

The main character is really smart, being on top of everything and giving no ****s. It kinda squicked me when I found out the extent of his cannibalism. However, since the story was so good, I overlooked it in the beginning and later, it didn't bother me any more. There is also a really good reason why he does this which is explained in the end.

MC has half of the old God's powers while the ML has the rest. That's why he could only eat himself or the ML as a way to replenish energy.

I also really love ML. He would always spoil the MC a lot which is a trait I really like in novels. ML is also really obsessed with the MC calling him by different titles like older brother, uncle, father, etc. Which I find really funny. The system is also really cute and not mean or really robotic, working together with the MC to get through the missions. He slowly changes from being the worker of God to being the MC's lackey.

The stories and worlds are also really well thought out with plot twists that you aren't really expecting. This could be seen in the first world.

A school yard love story suddenly becoming a zombie apocalypse.

There is also a main story line which is hinted at as the story progresses instead of being thrown in near the end. The story also has a lot of face slapping which I love and find really satisfying. It was done really well in this novel since there was enough build up. Someone might think this story might be a little too Gary Sue and I do see that since MC is maybe too smart? But I like stories like that cause it's relaxing without me having to worry about the MC.

Bottom line, GIVE THIS STORY A TRY, especially if you like quick transmigration, face slapping, ML spoiling MC, or characters being a little OP.
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Nymnbol rated it
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May 14, 2018
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One of my favorite stories with transmigrating into many different world.

This story is very satisfying and sets up each world very well. You would feel indignant with the treatment of the original characters and a major sense of satisfaction when the MC takes revenge on the people that wronged them. The characterisation is very solid and consistent. Love the interaction between the MC and ML and their relationship. The ML also has easily identifiable traits that he carries through the different worlds so you KNOW that it's the same person... more>> whereas some other stories that I have read where the ML are supposedly one person but you really don't see it.

The plot also doesn't fall behind and there are many different ways that the smart MC plans his revenge. There are many worlds and relatively short for each world so the pacing is nicely done. I usually don't find myself getting bored.

All in all, it is a wonderful read, one of my favorites and would definitely recommend it to others, especially if you like these types of stories where the MC goes to different worlds and take revenge like QWTFD and such. <<less
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