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Nyamu rated it
Hakai no Miko
March 26, 2019
Status: c59
Its a 'good' story that is kind of fresh. Unlike most, there are no harems here and the 'romance' as of chapter 59 feels 'realistic' both ways. (Fictional race's culture reasons) The humans have also been portrayed quite 'realistically' (We are a racist, arrogant and religiously influenced species, don't even try to deny it) Main character DOES get an 'ability' but it is not something that would help him in any way unlike every other OP hero stories.

Now, let us talk about the so called low rating because 'spoilers'. I... more>> don't see any spoilers tbh. Calling him the history's worst destroyer is literally part of the title "God's Son of Destruction" Who else do you think it's referring to? Saying he is extremely 'cruel', is made in the point of view of humans, which were his enemies. Saying that he 'won' as spoilers is also stupid. If he 'lost' then he wouldn't be a main character and there would be no story. Of course this story also has its faults. Like every other strategy stories there would be 'chess matches' where you play both sides and then you make one 'lose on purpose'. <<less
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Nyamu rated it
Time-travelled to Japan’s Sengoku Era
January 11, 2019
Status: c9
Would have rated 1.5 if I could.

'Biased' review since I gave up at chapter 9 and also because I read Kusuriya.

The 'Japanese' characters act more like Chinese than anything. This is especially true for the ones portrayed as idiots/assholes on purpose (every story needs one). The MC Sakura seems to be getting involved with the Takeda.

Honestly though, they could just replace Shingen with Cao Cao and Shingen's son with Cao Pi and the story wouldn't make much difference (Historical relationship is different). Reading this doesn't make this story 'feel Japanese'... more>> at all in any way (which results in a low rating).

At least Kusuriya still have that King's harem with their usual conspiracy incidents to 'feel Chinese'. <<less
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Nyamu rated it
Knights & Magic
February 26, 2019
Status: v6
Great but not perfect. The reason why I put 4* is because currently there is a 'predictable progression' with the chill part skipped. After every part, I could immediately guess what is going to happen next
By that I mean Incident->Invention->Exhibition->Incident->Repeat

There are a few low ratings saying that it is boring because Eru is OP and loved by all. A lot of stories involve OP main characters 'loved by all' so that shouldn't really be an issue. Unlike other heroes, Eru is not a hypocrite, afraid of killing, mopey, edgy... more>> and all that. Some stories have edgy vengeful heroes spare the women and kill the guys cause why not/make questionable life decisions that goes against his main objective. For Eru, all he cares about is robots and his close friends. His character remains the same throughout the story up to volume 6, the last few parts I read. As for translators, skythewood is great. Noblesse is quite good. The rest, is a little painful to read after skythewood quality. (I don't blame them.)

Fifteen Seconds is doing WN so there may be some differences. Besides that, his translation is certainly not great but its understandable/salvageable which is honestly good enough for those with 'some tolerance for lower quality work'. I probably just made it sound worse than it is. It would be great if someone could help him with editing. I can't. I'm terrible.

Then there is BakaDogeza which is the worst among the translators of this series. I have appreciation for the effort but blunt truth comes first. Sorry. <<less
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Nyamu rated it
Apotheosis of a Demon – A Monster Evolution Story
February 14, 2019
Status: c15
Oh damn this is good. 5 stars. But I sneezed and clicked 4 stars xD.

The secret experiment is pretty brutal but the MC is still able to 'keep her humanity'. Yet she doesn't find excuses...

Rather, she doesn't need one. The worst that could happen to someone else is getting their accounts deleted and every human NPC she has met so far are definitely villains
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Nyamu rated it
My Father in Law is Lu Bu
February 20, 2019
Status: --
Dear Lord. This is so bad I could cry.

The first problem is the pacing. You could literally tell when the author is just writing pointless fillers. Each conversation is filled with people trying to be cryptic and then repeating themselves over and over. If the 'conversation' happens to be an argument of some sort where they try and change each other's minds, the end result is that the conversation doesn't happen because something gets in the way.

The second problem is the logic. Let us PRETEND that Lu Bu is a... more>> space alien that could break feeble city walls made out of suspiciously flammable stone and that the armor is tied together with a string, loose enough to cut and drop them mid-combat. Two logical flaws in particular pissed me off.

Zhou Tai has his heart on the right side of his body instead of his left. Its a real thing called dextrocardia and it doesn't make you superhuman. On the contrary, it makes you 'superweak' because of weaker immune systems + other important things.

The other logic failure is about that one guy whose name I couldn't be bothered to remember. As he was dying, he ripped out his intestines and ate it together with his digested sh*t and then gets much stronger.

Fkin space aliens. <<less
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Nyamu rated it
May I Ask For One Final Thing?
May 9, 2019
Status: c3
I have read up to chapter 3, (or 4 because Mistakes and Sangria have different chapter 1 with Sangria's being more like chapter 2.) the latest translated chapter at the time I posted this review.

Its worth it just for the beatdown. No comments on what happens after, including the possible crappy romance (The MC and the possible romance partner REALLY don't suit each other imo)

4.5 stars.

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Nyamu rated it
I Decided to Cook Because the Losing Potion Was Soy Sauce
February 13, 2019
Status: c43
Based on my little understanding of whats going on, I would grade the story with 3*

On the neutral ground (as this is heavily influenced by preference), its slow and lighthearted.

The 'good' part is that this story is 'different' in that it combines potions and food seasoning which is unique in its own way. Need more actual potion stories too.

As for the 'bad' part. Everything seems to work too conveniently. Every potion seems to be a convenient ingredient that is needed. Its like having the food and the random sauce just... more>> happens to complement each other. It doesn't feel like there is any necessary experiment/practice going on such as in Cooking with Wild Game. As though everything is handed down on a silver platter.

This is the rating before including translations. With the current translation, its 1 star. While I am grateful for the effort of the translator there is no point in lies. The translation is dreadful. Hopefully he improves. <<less
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Nyamu rated it
Kuishinbo Elf
January 18, 2019
Status: --
It was great... until the peaches started talking and doing things. It was fine as an otherwise OP healing item and trademark food but giving sagely magical advice and other similar things is taking things too far.

I can deal with everything else except the accursed talking peaches.

Rated it 2* because the start-ish was great-ish even if plot is substandard. I mean, what else are you expecting from a gag series?
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