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I'm glad I stuck with this story, because it really beat my expectations. The premise is similar to other "I was kicked out of the hero's party so now I'm living my own life" stories, but what sets this story apart from them is how the characters are portrayed and how the plot moves.

The MC is actually likable, and he's not the typical beta male we see in other JP novels. He's not a submissive character, but he does have low-self esteem, which had been caused by years (?) of... more>> dismissive remarks and abuse from his teammates. Yet despite this, the MC is actually calm and at peace, knowing that all he wants is to live a quiet life doing stuff that makes him happy. He doesn't feel a need to go and "prove" himself, which is what a lot of other sh*tty beta males end up doing.

Interestingly enough, his personality actually causes him to be somewhat of an unreliable narrator when it comes to describing himself. He often states how he isn't a master at certain skills and how he's limited in what he's capable of. Yes, he isn't a master, but he's a jack-of-all-trades kind of guy, and he has the intellect to utilize what he knows. This makes him a formidable ally, but one who is often overlooked due to not having a specific talent. But that's literally what his Divine Protection is. He's a "Guide." To expect him to be something other than a support teammate is incredibly stupid. His teammates took him for granted, and they're definitely regretting that.

The heroine is pretty adorable, and I like seeing her interactions with the MC. And thank god, this story is not a harem. The romance isn't slow either. It's a quiet sort of love. They get together pretty early, and you know that they're happy together. The side characters also have personality, so it's not like the story is limited to the MC and heroine.

As of now (ch. 39) things are getting kind of dark, so this story isn't going to be 100% fluff. There's an actual plot, with important questions raised about the current world's status quo.

I'm really interested to see how the meeting between the MC and his sister, the hero, will go. No spoilers, but we get surprising insight into the sister, and I just feel really bad for her. <<less
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The Earth is Online
October 3, 2018
Status: c75
Wow, it's kind of a shame that not a lot people read this, because they're missing out on something amazing! This novel has it all... a great plot, awesome world-building, compelling characters, a super (swoon-worthy) slow-burn romance, and cool action scenes!

Was that cheap attempt at getting more fans for this novel good enough? If not, then let me convince you.

For a BL novel, this story has quite the complicated plot/world-building. At first it might seem confusing, but as the story continues, more hints about what's happening to earth is... more>> explained. I'd say the novel is slightly similar to No Game No Life, in the sense that people are forced to play "games." So the novel is dystopian, as people have to survive and fight against each other in these so-called games.

The games themselves is what makes the story really good. (And no, they're not some simple rock-paper-scissors kind of games.) The author is super creative and comes up with all sorts of creative games and even introduces pop-culture into them! Without giving too many spoilers, all I'm going to say that there's a "board" game that involves Mario, and it's absolutely frightening. All the games are complicated, but the solutions to them are ingenious and are well explained.

Since the novel is dystopian, there is a bit of gore/bloody descriptions. I wouldn't say they're over the top, but some readers might find that a big icky to read, so fair warning there.

The MC and ML are really the highlights of the novel as well. They're both the quiet, reticent type (though the ML more than the MC). They're also super intelligent, which of course is the reason why they become a really fearsome duo to compete against. While they both are very strong in their own right, I wouldn't say they're OP. Personally, I like that. Since the main characters aren't OP, they can't simply blast their way through games with brute force and have to use their minds to figure the best way out of the games. It makes the stakes a lot higher, especially when the Tower doesn't let them off easy either.

The romance... ughhhhhhhhh I have so many FEELINGS about it. I love it and hate it at the same time because it's so beautiful and amazing yet it's so slow it's painful to read about. The MC and the ML just work really well together, and many times they share ideas just by looking at each other. It does take a while for them to meet up in the novel, but when they do, it's glorious.

While the novel's overall tone is serious, there's some unexpected humor sometimes. Hilariously enough, the author is quite harsh on the MC. (I think she likes bullying him...) Without giving out spoilers, let's just say the MC doesn't have it easy. He has sh*tty luck, and well... he's put into embarrassing situations. Also, the chapters end with an author's note in the form of a "mini-theater." It's pretty much just a few sentences of the MC and ML interacting over what occurred in the chapter it follows.

Have I convinced you to read this story yet?? Seriously, go read it now, because it's awesome.

Also, the translator is super good and her update speed is mind-blowing. (So what are you waiting for???) <<less
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Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me
September 29, 2018
Status: c45
I think this is one of the better transmigration/system/villain novels, due to how the relationship between the characters are portrayed and the pace of the romance.

The MC is very likable, and his personality causes a lot of hilarious misunderstandings. He's kind of dense, and he seriously believes that his actions are pushing the ML onto the correct path, when it's the opposite...

The ML isn't a very unique character (think of the typical clingy to MC but cold to others type) but his interactions with the MC are very fluffy and... more>> cute. I did have some issues with how the ML easily trusted the MC's sudden change in personality, but the subsequent fluff made up for it, I guess. Sadly enough, in the current chapters (ch.45) he's been taking a backseat to all the MC's family issues. I hope that changes soon.

One thing I really love about this novel is how there is no rape. I REPEAT, no rape. My god. So many of the novels with these tropes end up going the rape-y route because the ML suddenly can't control his feelings towards the MC, and the author uses the rape as a way to "wake up" the dense MC. While the ML in this novel steals some kisses, it's way better than other novels where the ML completely forces the MC. And because the ML doesn't rape the MC, there is no angst leading up to their relationship! Yay for more fluff and cuteness overload.

While the novel portrays the romantic aspects well, the action scenes are kind of disappointing. Cultivation isn't really explained in detail (and I didn't even bother to memorize terms), and I'm not even sure what the MC's strength is compared to the ML's right now. Even though this is a BL romance manga, it's still in the xianxia genre, so I kind of expected a bit more action.

The side characters, though few, are quite interesting too. I really like the MC and ML's master, and I think there might be a side-pairing involving him and another character? That's cool, more love to go around~

But yup, this is a really good novel for readers who are into "I've transmigrated into a villain and I must avoid death flags with the help of a system" novels. <<less
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Still Saving The World Today (Switching Worlds)
November 12, 2018
Status: c16
While I find this story quite interesting and funny due to the shameless protagonist, one particular aspect of the story (or at least the first arc, since I have no idea what the other arcs are about) slightly bothered me. I feel like it's something that needs to be mentioned, since it could be a possible trigger for some readers.

If you don't want to be spoiled, then just keep in mind that the gong is a yandere (or at least super possessive and forceful). Why is that not in the... more>> tags?? LMAO.


I have no idea how to describe this. The MC actually likes s*x with the gong but has to pretend he doesn't because of the OOC penalty (the body he is in is straight). Is that considered rape still? Some people might see it as rape, some people might not. Either way, I felt like it should be mentioned because that kind of thing could trigger someone. Personally, it didn't turn me off enough to stop reading, but it definitely was... not okay. Especially how the gong didn't really consider the MC's feelings that much and constantly has rough s*x with the MC. Like dude, chill.


The gong is not exactly my favorite character. To me, he's kind of one-dimensional due to how domineering and yandere-ish he's protrayed as. Some people might like that kind of character though, so whatever floats their boat. Maybe he'll be more developed in other arcs.

What really kept me reading was the relationship and conversations between the MC and his system. The MC is super shameless, and I adore him. He's so shameless even the system gets affected by him, haha.

While I don't like that the gong was being forceful and rough towards the MC, I definitely had to respect the MC, who personally likes that kind of s*x. The man is a kinky boi and he ain't embarrassed about it. It's hilarious how he intentionally tries to make trouble so that the gong would "punish" him with s*x later. The MC has questionable morals, but at least he embraces his own shamelessness. How could you kink-shame someone like that? (Exactly, you can't. And the system can't either, haha!)


While this story wouldn't be the first I'd recommend to someone, it could be a good read for people who prefer yandere gongs and super shameless shous. <<less
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Main Character Hides His Strength
March 30, 2017
Status: c48
The first chapter was kind of "meh" because we're pretty much thrown into the story without any prior knowledge. The MC reaches the final boss, who he needs to take down to prevent the end of the world, but soon realizes he is unable to kill him with purely brute strength. He needs magic, something he neglected in exchange for power.

The MC pretty much leaves in search of a way to gain magic and become a magician. I found his nonchalance kind of odd (why did he come all this... more>> way to kill the last boss, only to go, "Oh okay, I need magic then I guess"?) Personally, I'd be beyond pissed and annoyed. And while it's understandable (I guess) that the MC merely focused on strength, he would have at least accounted for the chance that the boss was immune to brute force.

Despite the somewhat bland beginning, things start to really build up after that. It turns out that the MC is actually quite notorious, and something really terrible had happened to him for him to become this jaded and cold. We aren't told what, but we are given hints as the story continues to develop. So readers who prefer to have things explained at the beginning might find themselves disappointed.

The story is quite dark and grim, as its world pretty much emphasizes the rule of "survival of the fittest." Betrayal is everywhere and self-gain/profit is the goal. No one is safe from death (except the MC, haha) and the fighting scenes are quite gruesome. The MC himself is ruthless in destroying anyone that gets in his way or poses as an obstacle. It's implied that his jadedness comes from what occurred in the past with his previous "companions."

I do like the MC's personality, and as the story continues, we learn a lot about him. He isn't just some overpowered brute. He works hard, is quite the overachiever, and still takes joy in learning. Plus, he likes cooking!

One of the few niggles I have about this story is the MC's lack of caution. Yes, he doesn't blatantly reveal his strength, yet he does a really terrible job of also hiding it sometimes. For someone who is notoriously known, you'd think he'd change his name or something.

It turns out that the MC has a lot of money because he stole it from the Merchants Guild. He spends the money like water but doesn't consider/realize the consequences of that. (Imagine robbing a bank and then using the money... The serial numbers are recorded, you know?)


The story still is quite interesting, and the translation is very good, so I'll be keeping an eye on this story. <<less
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Just Blame Me For Being Blind in the Beginning
March 26, 2017
Status: side story 1
The title is really misleading. I originally had some worries about reading this, since I thought the MC was going to be a naive girl who became the target of a playboy CEO. The truth is really far from that.

I loved the MC because of her personality. She was very practical and level-headed, not letting "anti-fans" and jealous rivals get to her. She also works really hard practicing her acting skills. The love interest isn't really as shameless as depicted in the summary. He actually does properly woo her. He's... more>> only shameless after they become a couple. (Actually, that's one of the flaws of this novel.) While it was quite humorous to see how much of a horndog Song Nachaun was, it got tiring near the end. It's great that they seemed to have a really enjoyable s*x life. But a reader can only stomach so many fade to black s*x scenes. I prefer romantic and sweet moments over "s*xy" ones.

The sides characters were really well written, which comes as no surprise, seeing how they are from the author's other novels! I was shocked when I realized that. Now I'll have to go and binge on those too!

I only have the side stories left to finish, but I'm really glad to have stumbled upon this super adorable love story. It's low angst, so don't expect a lot of ridiculous drama. It perfectly depicts the developing relationship between Pei Ying and Song Nachaun. I love how Pei Ying didn't roll over like a dog and met Song Nachaun's dominance with her own's. <<less
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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
March 16, 2017
Status: c178
Definitely not like the typical Chinese transmigration story.

Yes, the protagonist awakens in the body of a girl who's beauty is "earth-shattering" and uses the knowledge of her previous life to aid her in this current world. However, what really sets this novel apart from others is how Jun Wu Xie is portrayed. Like the title says, she is very cunning and sly. She is practical in how she deals with things (and people) and comes off as stoic and emotionless. On the contrary, she is just terrible at dealing with... more>> emotions (very low EQ), but that is due to her tragic past. The MC is actually quite vicious and sadistic when dealing with those that harm her family and allies. Her schemes and plans are remarkable, and she swiftly deals with any obstacles.

I love how the MC has a caring family, which is something that is usually unseen in other transmigration novels. She is not hated or disliked, and I can see how the emotionally stunted Jun Wu Xie will grow with their affection and care.

My feelings towards the love interest is neutral (as of c178). He actually only appears once in a while, which does give most of the spotlight to the MC, but I do wish he showed up more. We need more of that romantic development! Another reviewer mentioned how creepy he was, since he is quite persistent and daring in his advances towards the MC. I somewhat agree, yet I think that readers have to consider the fact that he is not "human." This is not a spoiler, since it's implied/hinted at in the first few chapters. While his boldness makes me wince at times, he never goes too far. There's only light teasing and kissing involved. And he also serves as a protector of sorts for the MC, which I really adore. (Plus, he really throws the MC off-balance!)

I know that people accuse the villains as being one-dimensional. And I agree. Things are pretty much black-and-white in this novel, and those who are evil are dealt with by the hand of Jun Wu Xie's wrath. But I don't care much for that, since I'm just here for Jun Wu Xie. I'll take pleasure in knowing that no one who gains her hatred will be left unscathed. <<less
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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor
June 23, 2018
Status: c247
A decent revenge transmigration story with a very likable MC. I'd say the story is better than most Xuanhuan novels I've read, though Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss is still the best. Overall, if you're looking for a quick-read to binge through, it's ideal. The MC is so badass it's awesome.


  • Romance looks to be rather slow-paced, as the story is focused on the MC gaining strength and improving cultivation right now. MC didn't fall in love at first sight with the ML.
  • The MC actually has allies and kind family members, unlike the "lone wolves" of other stories whose entire family hates them.
  • The MC has a mischievous, playful, and lazy personality. She actually shows emotions to people she cares about. Also, she's really shameless when it comes to hot guys (looking at you, ML!).
  • Surprisingly hilarious moments because the MC is so shameless. She gets a lot of other people in trouble or catches them off-guard with her attitude.
  • ML is not the typical black-bellied jerk that seems to be common in Chinese novels. He actually has an agenda, which has yet to be revealed. Also, so far he's not creepy when it comes to the MC. It's honestly hilarious, seeing how the MC is always messing with him.


  • MC is really OP. Some may think of this as a good thing, but sometimes too much of a good thing is a bad thing. I love OP characters, but holy cow, this girl defines OP. So far any trouble she's faced is obliterated under her powers. Don't expect her to deal with enemies with underhand scheming or planning, because she just flat out murders them.
  • Don't expect an intricate, complex plot here. As mentioned above, the MC pretty much has the "kill first, ask questions later" attitude. I've been too used to reading about MCs who methodically plan out their enemies' destruction, so it's kind of a shock to see the MC just slaughtering people who threaten her. I get why she does that, but it still makes me cringe a little bit because the consequences of her actions become plot fodder. (And we know she'll just kill her way out of any trouble anyway.)
  • Cultivation part of the story sucks. Don't read this if you're here for the cultivation, because the MC just skips through each stage like it's water. I didn't even bother with memorizing the titles of the stages.
  • Story feels rushed at times. I know the story is of the Xuanhuan genre, but damn, things are always happening and trouble is always brewing because of some idiot (s) always pissing the MC off. At first it wasn't so annoying, but now I feel the MC is getting a bit sidetracked from her original goal. This can be reasoned with by her whimsical, "devil-may-care" attitude, but the MC actually has people she cares about now, so it's kind of weird how she's not in a rush or anything to get back to them.
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Rebirth of a Supermodel
March 5, 2018
Status: c66
Possibly one of the best BL modern transmigration stories I've read.

The MC is really lovable, and I'm not saying that because he's the MC. He's actually quite different from other BL leads, because he's not some vengeful face-slapper, nor is he a docile, dense character. He's quite the black-belly character himself, but he's also lowkey about it. As long as you don't intentionally mess with him, he won't mess with you. He does remember good deeds and helps out people who treat him fairly. And while he is OP when... more>> it comes to his profession, readers will soon realize that there's a reason for his OPness... Modeling is the only thing he's good at, haha. The gap moe is so cute!

I also like the ML, but he's somewhat the typical ML you see in BLs. Mysterious, black-belly, and totally awesome. As I'm reading more about him and his interactions with the MC, I find that I like him a lot as well. The bantering and teasing between the MC and ML is so hilarious that I've found myself grinning like an idiot in public. The romance between them is also the slow-burn type, which is my absolute favorite. No instant-love here, guys!

The research in this story is pretty good. We get a lot of details about how the modeling industry works (well, at least how it is in Huaxia) and how the MC moves his way up the modeling ladder. The descriptions about the fashion shows and clothing styles are fun to read about too.

The thing that probably sets this apart from other transmigration novels is that there isn't a lot of face-slapping so far, which is really relieving because face-slapping gets tiring after a while. Instead, this novel is more about the MC's path to become the top model, all while deftly handling those who try to get in his way.

The translation is also really good, and the translator even updates very frequently! I honestly look forward to reading this story all the time because of the smile it brings to my face. <<less
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Cultivation Chat Group
September 29, 2018
Status: c216
CCG is definitely different from other xianxia novels, and even though it's a parody, it's a parody that's done well. The high rating and positive reviews are actually accurate.

But seriously, can you believe that the protagonist is a normal guy? He has no grand scheme to take over the world or some devious revenge plan... He's really just a regular college student who accidentally stumbled upon the cultivation world and decided to join because it seemed "cool." But because he's such a normal dude compared to other xianxia protagonists, it's... more>> easy for readers to relate to him.

The chat group's members are lovable dorks who constantly upset Song Shuhang's idea of them being wise and worldly cultivators. That's not to say that they're not badass, because they are. Another thing that sets CCG apart from other xianxia novels is how Song Shuhang doesn't start off stronger than his seniors. Sure, his growth speed is insanely quick, but there's still a lot of people who are stronger than him. The side characters are great, and despite the vast number of them, they all have distinctive personalities to set them all apart.

Keep in mind that the main point of this story seems to be the humor, so action scenes are somewhat few in number. Even so, the action scenes are well done.

I don't really think there is romance (so hurrah for those looking for xianxia without romance), as Song Shuhang is actually reasonable, because he feels like he doesn't have time for a relationship. A lot of girls do like him though, so I'm hoping it doesn't end up as a harem...

The only sad thing about the novel is how it makes me wish there really was a chat group like this, haha. <<less
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Evil Emperor’s Wild Consort
May 2, 2017
Status: c167
Reminds me a lot of Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss, though the plot moves a lot faster.

The MC is similar to other Xianxia transmigration novels MCs with her cold and calculating personality. To those who are her family or deemed as close allies, she will treat them with kindness and generosity. She's like a more toned-down version of Jun Xie from Genius Doctor. But it seems like it will take several more chapters for her character to be fully developed and for her to be distinct from other typical transmigration... more>> MCs.

The plot armor is a tad too obvious in this story. The MC gains a lot of "treasures" or "skills" without really needing to spend much effort, since she stumbles upon them by chance or luck. Other transmigration novels suffer from this, but it's really evident in this story. Maybe because the plot moves so quickly.

Even so, I found myself marathon-ing through all the translated chapters. While the novel is not exactly super amazing, it's a decent read when you've caught up/finished the other really good transmigration novels. The world building is not roughly thrown together, and you can tell the author actually put some effort into it.

If you thought Genius Doctor had a slow romance, then this novel will surprise you. So far, 167 chapters in, there is barely a hint of romance. Maybe some light suggestions once in a while. I'm probably blind, because I have no clear idea of who the male love interest is. At all. "Evil Emperor" is what he's called (according to the title), and while a character who fits that description has appeared, there has been hardly any romantic scenes between him and the MC. I wonder how long this romance will take, haha...

One really good thing about this novel is that it updates really frequently and that the translations are really top-notch. Gotta thank them for working so hard!

Overall, this is a decent read for fans of Xianxia transmigration novels with cold and sly heroines. <<less
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Gentleman Free-Flowing Cloud
July 9, 2018
Status: c10
4.5 stars rounded down to 4.

Contrary to other reviewers, I actually really liked this novel, and I think it is quite memorable. The one thing I agree with though, is that the novel would have benefited from more chapters and fleshed out plot.

The MC is really unique, as she isn't bloodthirsty or revenge-seeking like other heroines in Wuxia novels. Her motto is "endure, endure, endure!" I really love her character, while also pitying the way she had to live her life, which is always being on guard and never trusting... more>> anyone besides herself. What she lacks in martial arts/power, she makes for it with wits and cunning. The wordplay between her and the ML were hilarious and fun to read about.

The ML isn't as unique as the MC, but his character was well-portrayed enough that I found myself liking him and shipping him with the MC. His personality works very well with the MC's, and I could see why she decided to trust him. What I find bothersome is how the novel is titled after him, even though I feel that the novel is more about the MC's character development, as she originally distrusts everyone and then learns to accept her "family."

There is another ML, though I feel that he drew the short-end of the stick due to the novel's short length. Don't worry though, this story does not have a love triangle.

What I really like about this novel is how everything that happens has a deeper meaning. Words really aren't wasted, hence why this novel manages to be so interesting despite its length. Some readers might feel like the novel is confusing or vague due to the way the author writes, but as long as one sticks with the novel, things will start to make sense.

I would recommend this novel to anyone who wants a short story that still manages to portray good character development and fun bantering between the MC and ML. <<less
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