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My Ranch
September 14, 2016
Status: c27
The story seems promising at first, but it goes downhill fast. As of chapter 27 the MC seems entirely retarded, every chapter has a huge section dedicated to author exposition which consists almost entirely of the author's opinion. There is a huge amount of repetition, and more over it isn't repetition of the author's opinion rather than of anything related to the story. As of chapter 27 or so the author has already spent half a chapter describing how beef is cheaper in the US for half a chapter at... more>> least 2-3 times. How is the MC retarded, you might ask?

He gains a huge amount of money through PLOT.
He spends it instantly without any research.
He expresses that he is worried about money.
He spends huge amounts without haggling at inflated prices.
He expresses that he is worried about money.
He spends more money.
He does no research about anything, everything is a surprise. A big part of the story is the author repeating again and again that everyone is racist against the Chinese. Right after one such complaint, the MC catches a nearly endangered shark and plans to try and make shark fin soup out of it.

The author complains that the Chinese take anything that's free and that has resulted in the over fishing of China's rivers. This is right after the MC catches his dinner from said river like he usually does.

Other issues
His powers are pretty inconsistent, Pricing is strange, every character introduced so far is incredibly shallow. Think random meat skewer stall owner from any other series, that's pretty much every character so far. All in all this is not a good read. <<less
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History’s Strongest Senior Brother
March 12, 2017
Status: c116
This story started out pretty funny but it quickly turned into a fairly generic battle story with a very generic battle system pretty quickly. New characters are introduced all the time and forgotten fairly quickly, everything remains fairly shallow, the MC makes cunning plans, but the author hides them from the reader so the MC appears to just keep making stupid decisions until the Asspull "this was all according to my secret plan" card is used.

The biggest sins, however, are that
1. Enemies who pose very little threat just keep... more>> coming back again and again. Each time 10 or so chapters are wasted in dealing with these useless enemies.

2. The battle system is boring and overly drawn out. <<less
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Rape Warning!!- Just wanted to start out with that as it doesn't appear to be in the tags or many of the reviews, yet is one of the core components of this story.


The worlds the MC travels through all seem take the lawlessness of xianxia worlds and turn it up twenty or thirty notches - all of which is focused on rape.

    • In every arc some female character schemes to get another raped.
    • In every arc some character gets raped, and it is held as said character's sin - rather than the rapists
        • e.g. the rape victim gets ostracized by family, love interests, etc... - the rapist gets off scott free, or close to it
    • Rape & Gang rape is incredibly casual in this story. e.g 150 ch in and we have had 3+ gang rapes already.
    • The consequences of scheming against the main character are typically being raped or (for men) being turned into rapists - this is a constant
    • The consequences for raping someone are ultimately wrist slaps & occasional murder suicides by rape victims
        • e.g. The MC stops a rapist in one arc and punishes him by taking an embarrassing video and turning him gay - before releasing him. This character later rapes some of the mc's enemies.

Beyond rape, it is also worth noting that there are no real laws in any of the worlds and kidnapping, attempted murder, etc... are common place regardless of how out of tune it might be with the setting.

Aside from all that however, it is funny quite often and is essentially filled with 30-50 chapter arcs, each of which cover 6-8 volumes of some other comparable story. This does mean the story is rushed quite often and skips from the introduction of an idea to when it is entirely over instantly. (e.g. MC is given a challenge to earn money, MC starts a company in the same chapter, and has completed the goal in the next chapter after a time skip)

It is quite a good read if you can skim over the 10-15% of the novel related to rape.

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A Valiant Life
June 12, 2018
Status: c51
Much like "I'm Really a Superstar" this is just another generic face slapping power fantasy with an unpleasant/low class main character - only less funny/interesting.

Additionally just a bit of fair warning: You won't be able to enjoy this unless you can enjoy "traditional" Chinese bullsh*t as the entire second arc is based on face slapping anyone who doesn't believe in Chinese fortune telling.
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Carefree Path of Dreams
June 5, 2018
Status: c146
A disappointing lackluster entry from the author of Warlock of a Magus World. This novel is essentially a clone of WMW if you take away everything that made WMW great.

  1. The MC is ruthless yes: but he has no reason to be so. Leylin (WMW) had a plot-driven reason to be ruthless, this MC is just a sociopath for no good reason.
  2. The MC is stupid, the author gave him an overpowered system which essentially acts as plot armor allowing the author to have the the MC be supremely talented for no good reason.
  3. Plot armor galore, the author has grown lazy and it shows in the sheer amount of plot armor involved in this story. Everything keeps falling into the MC's lap
  4. Boring farming system, the key draw of this series is that it has farming elements similar to the start of "World of Cultivation". These are quickly abandoned, however, and essentially become a way for the author to funnel in justification for plot armor and power ups
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The Avalon of Five Elements
January 4, 2018
Status: c322
Poor. More Undefeated God of War than World of Cultivation.

I've read both this author's previous works and found that WoC was amazing, while UGoW was complete shit. I had hoped that this novel was of a similar quality to WoC but 300 chapters in it looks like that isn't the case.


... more>> Imprecise power levels, (MC is super OP one minute, but then almost dies in every single fight)

underdeveloped power system,

author is unsure of where he wants to go with the story,

FIGHTS FIGHTS FIGHTS (The story begins with a 40-60ch introduction followed by 250+ ch of back to back fights),

author keeps having to weaken the MC (so he stays completely average. He's too OP so he loses a cheat, He's growing too quickly so he gets a curse, etc...)

There's too much to go into depth on, but essentially the story starts out as a cultivation novel but deviates into a fighting only novel a short while in, before deviating again into a random political story. <<less
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I was worried upon reading the other review (by chekanalia), but don't think this really counts as the overly humble Japanese pushover trope. Yes the MC is a bit too humble and does treat her servants as people/equals rather than as actual servants - but the MC's actions have a degree of selfishness and self-determination to them which all to many Japanese MC's lack. To elaborate

    1. She is not a pushover, and in fact forces the servants to let her do what she wants
    1. Everything she has been doing... more>> so far is purely for her own fun - even if it could make the servants uncomfortable
        1. e.g: eating with the servants was not because of humility but because she was bored
        1. Same with housework and cleaning
The best way to describe it is the MC has the soul of a handyman.

My major concern is the ML right now, and I'd honestly prefer it if he just stayed with his mistress and haven't really seen either of them do anything wrong yet. <<less
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Path to Heaven
August 5, 2016
Status: c74
I will start with this: Quite a few people it seems are turned off by the MC's personality, but I find it makes sense in the context of the story (i.e. He isn't a five year old outsmarting adults ala close combat mage). Additionally after about 10 chapters or so the author begins to tone them down considerable.

Up to now we have had a couple of fights, a couple of crafting scenes, and a lot of comedy - most of it relying on the interactions between the MC and his... more>> enemies.

It is funny, it is engaging, and it has a decent to good fleshed out crafting system - which is something most crafting/refining/pillmaking webnovels fail at.

I would definitely say that Path to Heaven is worth a read, and would place it around I shall seal the heavens or world of cultivation. <<less
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Master’s Smile
July 13, 2018
Status: c10
I'd been extremely hopeful given all the positive reviews this series has, and the translation appears to be great (I can't read Japanese so I can only assume) - but I was ultimately disappointed by this series.

10 chapters in and the story just appears to be a trashy harem version of overlord:

The key characteristics of this are:

- Incredibly OP characters

- All of whom are girls and in love with the MC

This series is for you if you want to read about edgy girls cockblocking each other over a dense MC
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Like most everyone else is saying the story isn't great. The setting had some initial potential despite the author wasted a large chunk of it by not really fleshing anything out. The story dies, however, around the mid-twentieth chapter once the MC gets a gun - at which point the story begins to ignore everything rpg related to focus on the gun.

I won't go into too much detail as others have already done that, but a few other cons:

Homophobia - played off for laughs, but kind of jarring

Cliches - You... more>> helped me with "small task", here's the item you wanted

2D characters - Random girl harem member, shop clerk in love with MC, rabbit girl who likes MC as he owns carrots... <<less
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Hero without Blood or Tear
May 22, 2018
Status: c5
Having read 5 chapters of this I've decided to drop it for a few key reasons;

  1. Korean pacing; Like most Korean novels the sense of pacing in this novel sucks. Our MC has just started out as the weakest of the weak and hardly 4 chapters in he's become OP. The entire opening of the novel was spent setting up the fact that he's going to begin the game at a significant disadvantage - and that's just dealt with instantly so the author can start to jerk off about how amazing the MC is.
  2. Plot armor; The author makes a big deal of how intelligent the MC is, how the MC researches things and plans things out carefully - only to have the MC stupid decisions instantly and survive through sheer luck alone. [ (Spoilers) The MC gets caught by witches due to his own stupidity -> survives through luck and gets a huge boost through luck. The MC loses a Super Magic Fruit -> random bag he takes from the witches contains Super Duper Magic Fruit. ]
  3. Boring battles; This is an issue I've found many authors, especially Korean VR novel authors, who like to include army scale battles face, but the first small fights / one big battle we see as of chapter 5-6 are all incredibly boring. This point is hard to describe so just take a look at those chapters yourself.
Ultimately the translation quality is good enough that this story gets pulled up to a 2/5, but the story itself is pretty Meh.
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I really wanted to like this but it just can't compare to other novels like "I'm the evil Lord of an intergalactic empire", the MC's just a bit too Gary Stu and it becomes a story of a perfect Prince capable of succeeding in everything but selling his country.
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Tower of Karma
December 29, 2017
Status: c20
I wanted to like this. I really did. Unfortunately the story suffers from extremely poor writing and world building.

The story jumps from scene to scene with no description of the inbetween,

e.g. I'm leaving town, it will be difficult to do X. next scene I did it, X was hard. I won't do X again.

... more>> there are battles but the descriptions of the fights are almost impossible to comprehend - mostly because there is a battle system that isn't really fleshed out at all,

Temporary characters are introduced and are pretty much clones of one another,

e.g. army chief of enemy army 1 & 2, both have names, both laugh all the time, both are strong. army chief of ally army - strong, named, laughs... Enemy 1 & 2 Taunt MC, Stronger than MC, Interested in MC - No other traits


"HOHOHO, an enemy!", goes misc character 1

"HE HE HE, How interesting?", goes misc character 2

For a crapsack world all the characters are too kind. There is a class system but everyone after ch2 basically ignores it....

Basically the author had an idea for a grim dark edgy series and this is what came out after he pushed it through every cliche Japanese trope he could find. <<less
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Infinite Competitive Dungeon Society
November 15, 2017
Status: c205
This actually started out pretty great. The protagonist was unique in that he wasn't some perfect super handsome super genius Gary Stu character rather he was an ugly, mentally challenged and muscle bound. The world too seemed fairly balanced and decently difficult.

It starts falling apart after about 50 chapters. Currently (ch 200) there is no longer any suspense, every character is the same, the MC has become an overly righteous hypocritical mouthpiece spewing common shounen tropes, literally every female character but two in the story is a love interest (mother... more>> and pupils love interest). Every character sounds exactly the same. Every interaction with an old character is exactly the same as every previous interaction with them.

The author can start to set up a story but is incapable of keeping it interesting. <<less
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The Wizard World
June 26, 2018
Status: c443
Good start, but terrible pacing/leveling system once you reach chapter 200 or so. It's fairly obvious that the author hasn't really thought out how the wizard leveling system should work and is just trying to wing it - fairly unsuccessfully.
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Almost. This story is almost good but keeps falling short due to the abundance of japanese beta MC tropes. It keeps coming right up to the edge of what would be a good story but keeps falling into the pitfalls of a Japanese MC. It almost feels like a parody at times just how ill-suited the MC is to the world the author develops.

To elaborate it is a bit amateurish but the author does successfully build a world where there is no solid good or evil faction. Rather there are... more>> good and bad characters in each faction and no faction is guiltless. The characters are faced with a world where they can die easily, where their actions have consequences, where they have to think about the world beyond themselves... AND THEN the authors goes and ruins all this with a 110% stereotypical beta Japanese MC.

The MC goes and picks fights with people far stronger than him time and time again and survives through plot armor. Moreover he is praised for doing this even though it gets others killed. He never learns from this and keeps acting without thinking and putting everyone in danger.

The MC repeatedly puts his entire country in dangerous situations but is supported for no good reason by the nobles of said country.

Everyone kills when necessary, but the MC. You have a gritty-ish world where people kill when they need to. Except the goddamn MC. He robs a bunch of slave trader in what could be a diplomatic incident that could ruin his country. The slave traders mention that they will report this. They are at sea and can easily kill the traders. Logical action: Kill the traders. MC action: threaten to kill the traders and let them go. <<less
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Kingdom’s Bloodline
October 26, 2018
Status: c110
Kingdom's Bloodline is a slow well padded story with some real political and character depth. The padding is usually well integrated into the story and doesn't seem jarring or too repetitive. The story is let down, however, by the authors frequent use of one cliche which is that no character ever seems to travel with enough security to be of any use - a fact which allows the author to force in multiple useless fight arcs.

To elaborate, a few examples of this lack of story can be seen in how... more>> every single time the main character is travelling somewhere - whether this be from his house to the palace or from his country to another there is at least one assassination attempt or all out fight - yet the MC never learns from this. Having survived several assassination attempts and in the process of heading out to another incredibly dangerous country he chooses (for stupid plot reasons) to only take a small retinue of followers - all of whom soon begin to die as a result of fights.

Overall this novel is well written enough that you may be able to overlook this cliche, but do be aware that it is ever present in Kingdom's Bloodline. <<less
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Lord Xue Ying
July 7, 2018
Status: c580
Incredibly lack luster. Worst of the IET series.

The first few volumes are pretty good but the author discards everything unique/interesting about the MC and turns him into generic mary sue cultivation autist savant a couple volumes in.

Also the other reviews are right in that there is no real direction to this series, rather the MC is pushed around by lucky encounters, sudden enemies (e.g. Random guest at a feast attacks MC's wife because he is literally insane -> his fathers a big shot -> an arc of fighting), and needing... more>> to save random acquaintances (arc a = I need to save person a -> stuff -> arc d = I need to save person d).

Also the power system isn't fleshed out all too well, the MC keeps getting random ass power ups (MC finds super sun force -> mc: wow. I am so strong -> MC loses fight -> mc: I need to get stronger -> MC finds super body force -> mc: wow. I am so strong -> repeat). <<less
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Dungeon Hunter
August 23, 2017
Status: c242
A promising start, but the series ultimately fails to live up to it.

As other reviewers have mentioned the author sets up several things which could be interesting but ultimately doesn't really develop them. He introduces new characters and power ups and potential plot directions, but then just skips all the interesting bits and uses them now and then as a passing line.

The author uses a rpg-esque stats and fighting system which is heavily reliant on skills and numbers, but does not really develop it enough that it might have any... more>> real value. The author attempts to introduce politics, but once again fails to really flesh anything out.

The pacing is also a bit strange and rapidly accelerates throughout the novel. It isn't nearly as bad as some other novels such as dimensional sovereign but it is noticeable.

Lastly the greatest sin of the novel might be the fact that the battles, of which there are many - especially later in the novel - ARE ALL BORING. The reason for this is once again that the author failed to flesh out any of the systems being used. We have no real way of grasping how strong anyone is, or if health mana can be restored, etc... So we have no idea of whether anything matters. <<less
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