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Novel hater
Novel hater rated it
Martial World
February 18, 2019
Status: c1500
Edit 1: after reading till 1900 I'm sure that u don't want to read it. I can't lower the rating to.1 star even though I wanted too.

One word gangbang - primordial yin.... virginity... rape - every character who has beef with the MC is a rapist or have thoughts of raping n plundering primordial yin of women close to MC.

Cultivation is like A.I.D.S where ppl **** one another & they gain super natural powers minus the negative side effects of A.I.D.S. Girls be like, take my primordial yin n... more>> defeat that bastard. Only thing in this novel matters is primordial yin.

Even in the middle of fighting, MC finds the time to bang a chick as author suddenly thought about the grave mistake, he made by making a female character look stronger.

Suddenly xiao moxian- super ultra talent, ranked 4 in the whole universe, had the urge to have s*x with MC to have him make the breakthrough in between the fight by letting him plunder her virginity.

This term primordial yin... virginity n rape are the most used & the only words in author's dictionary. U will slap urself after reading this garbage. Though u'll skip most of the arcs like me to get to the main matter.

Three things in this novel will fry your brain literally....

1) height of shock

2) level of patience

3) random characters

Let me explain (beware of some minor teasers) : initially novel started out pretty well with a generic story of a weak boy neglected by everyone who stumbles upon the most powerful treasure in the universe. Even his gf end up betraying him initially with trash card hanging around his neck.

After gaining the treasure, story becomes slightly more interesting n u might end up reading 100 chapters without skipping. But soon after trash follows-

1) height of shock :From the very start, every idiot, trash, brain dead n whatnot villian knows that MC is a super rare genius who can fight above levels and has fastest cultivation pace that might leave even bullet train run for it's money. But even after knowing that, brain dead phenomenon kicks in n he/she somehow offends MC.


Villian: u are... (I'm already dying)

Villian: u

Villian: plz don't kill me.

But it doesn't end here..

All the fight scenes too have it.

V (in absolute shock) : what? He stood my super rare ultra badass killer move.

V (in super absolute shock) : nani? How can MC use that move when he's in x level cultivation.

V (in super ultra absolute shock) : omg! He stood my super rare ultra badass killer psychopath sociopath demon slaughter god su**er second move.

V (fried brain) : I never knew u were this strong, first I'll beg for mercy then I'll die together with u n at last I'll die in regret.

(I'm leaving out the audience reaction which are even bizzare as their shock run parallel to MC's breathing n goes something like this: omg! Look this person can breathe through nose. Kya!! He's god n we now are linmaniacs) MC's name is lin something.

This shock thing never disappears for even a paragraph, no matter where MC is. Even his own side suffers from it.

2) level of patience: actually u'll find the villians being the good guys. They're known for rape, slaughter etc... but every villian suffers from this same patience level sickness. They want to kill MC but waits for him to grow. They plan raping, killing, hacking, humiliating the MC's family n friends but keeps on using excuses not to do it until MC returns. No matter the time span they'll wait to execute their plans until MC's on the horizon. Even the top cultivators would wait even though they're being shown as vicious killers. Waiting.. waiting n waiting till they die of old age or MC remebers to kill them. Eg would be good I guess: divine sea powerhouses (most powerful cultivator in MC's homeworld) would wait for years while detaining mc's mortal distant relatives n not doing anything to them (some have just fingers choped off). Suddenly one afternoon MC appears n villians be like let's rape n kill as he's not coming anymore n we've waited enough (subconsciously playing the first to die character role as sixth sense tells them that mc's is hiding in the closet).

3) Random characters : there are one trillion random side character whose sole role is to become stepping stone for MC n zero contribution to the story.

From the start millions of random characters names being mentioned by the author who are there to show MC's supremacy over just about anything.

Author tries a weighing formula, he introduces characters out of his ass as some important person who will play some indispensable role but every character is a disappointment n forgotten in the next couple of paragraphs.

Starting from MC's: he's there for the sake of being there with no personality. His fav. Monologue -- u want to kill but should I stick my neck out for u to kill me? Wait, till I kill u.

MC has no friends, no lover, no rival, no rolemodel, no subordinate etc.. he has fake respect for those higher than him n contempt for those who are lower.

Author tries to make look MC as a social person but every chracter who tries to have friendship with MC, has ulterior motives... infact author himself goes to extreme pains to clarify this point.

Character A: omg! His talent is so good, if I can't make friends with him atleast I shouldn't antagonize him.

Character B: hail my ass! The best dicision I've ever made, was to have good relationship with MC.

MC's lover are just as pathetic as side characters who don't even have the names mentioned in the novel.

Author like always tries to pull something out of his ass, such as making the love interests as something unattainable in the future, ppl can only masturbate in their dreams n can never lay their hands on them.

Every love interests is introduced as aloof, high birth, super ultra rare heaven defying fap material with extremely high talent which MC can never have. No man has ever even breathe the same air as the love interests n they are only interested to soar higher in the cultivation world.

50 chapter later... their talent is trash compared to MC, they would be totally dependent on MC even to do smallest of things, they will not have any dreams, wishes, desires, will etc... apart from serving MC wholeheartedly. They'll even struggle to level up without the help of MC. They be like s*x slaves who has no purpose apart from taking care of MC's need n his parents. They'll no longer be haughty, cold or icy as s*x slaves have no emotions. Their only redeeming point was their virginity n being the wife of MC. Their status as saintess or 1000 year talent is just for marrying MC so that they doesn't appear to be some random character. They'll be like porcelain doll with high cultivation but zero experience at anything.

VILLIANs: millions will be there but they serve no purpose except setting as bar which MC has use as dildo. Even after 500 chapter u'll find the same thing going on with nothing to miss.

Frankly even if I don't tell u to skip, u'll skip like 7-8 pages every 5 min. The sooner they appear the faster they disappear.

They only have one thing in common i.e sex, rape, harem, lust..................... fill the list urself. Every character that appears either has already raped some girl or is planning on raping....

The author puts a dildo in his ass n kills the characters that has some potential as this is a story for another time. That's how he put ends to loose ends.

Only three events are important in the story: 1) the ****ing treasure

2) the MC's luck

3) transcendance to the realm of gods. (Even after transcendance same thing continues)

Soul less story.... can only be read to pass time, if u are extremely bored to death.

Max reading time is 7 hours to finish up this trash....

P.s. I forgot onething. Authors introduces other chracters as super high ultra...... type genius who just like MC can skip levels n can kill the higher cultivation dolts but infront of MC, the shock level increases so much that they kinda forget jumping levels or using super rare ultra talent that they have.

Initially in the story authortalks about talent as something which can't be ignored but in front of MC, talent be like the dead snake which can beaten up whenever a side character gains some importance...

Audience member 1: omg! MC can do this with his sh*t level 3 talent...

Audience member 2: humph... side character A with his level 7 talent is just plain trash, thus hardwork n MC's mommy luck is better than anything called talent. <<less
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Novel hater
Novel hater rated it
Emperor’s Domination
February 19, 2019
Status: c900
Another intresting turn trash novel... the three things which are seriously wrong with this novel

1) ego... egoist... egotist... anything related to these words is frankly like an ant compared to the MC's hoola laala...

Initially it was very good as he was supposed to be the million year old oldman so it got justified but author takes it to whole another level... which can't be put into the words. He's like god in between mortals or should I say, a human armed with insecticide bazookas in the world of insects.

Random character... more>> 1: I'm such an such million year old super powerful insect n I'll drink ur blood.

MC: haah, when ur grandpa was alive he was once allowed to bite my ass n drink some blood. Do you think u can do the same, even though I'm piss poor n weak as hell but somehow my plot armour will give me so many out of this world weapons that u'll die bleeding from ur luck?

No matter where MC goes n who he meets, everyone is an insect. Which kinda makes it a stupid story as killing insects isn't fun at all, that too again n again.

2) characters :

chracter of MC: which started out something like badass n later turned into a obnoxiously perveted scatterbrain. He has a fetish of collecting maids n stunning them again n again by killing new insects.


Initial MC: I'll give u only one chance to follow me as a maid....



Later MC: plz follow me, I beg u.... I'll give u infinite chances to say yes.

He was someone who lived for millions of years but somehow when he gains his body n returns back to 13 year old. His personality also changes back to 13 year whiny kid.

Author initially starts introducing some good characters who have the potential to become something rememberable but alas how can Mc's existence tolerate it. All chracter even though some of them have lived for millions of years, behave as horny teenagers going through rebellious phase.

Women in this novel have heart shaped eyes.... they are there for showing surprise, asking MC some random questions then behave like maniacs...

Woman 1: omg! How could he knew something like that? It's not even written in history........... (always ending at) but he only 13!!!!!!

Woman2: how? Just how? He's only 13. How does he know something like that.



Woman 100: omg!is this for real? He's just 15 or 16 n he knows this too....

They don't have emotions apart from wholeheartedly devoting to the MC n following him word by word. They're like marionettes.

One woman had a potential but she too became like this after MC randomly taught her something (gain immortality) in his crow form. Author has some serious problem with cross dressing. MC constantly issues threats to women cross dressers that he'll rip their clothes n spank their asses. (this is what u do when u lived for millions of years)

Villians: they're as usual pea brain hulks who are there for issuing random death threats. They've a compassionate heart for not attacking MC or his followers while he's weak or away. They will wait till he comes back or becomes stronger.

They know that MC's gonna kill them thus they should use full power from start but hell no!! They've excuses for every situation.

Villian 1: super ultra bad dude is in close door meditation

Villian 2: let grand pa break into such n such cultivation as only grandpa can kill MC.


Villian 100: so he's not around that means he would've left some super ultra one shot killer treasure to kill us... thus we would wait..

Apart from background raping, killing, kidnapping... u can't hold anything against such sweet villians.

3) the real villian in this novel is audience or crowd: the level of street chatterbox is exceeding wumao level. From the first fight, street chatterboxes include from a insect to some super ultra powerful grandpa doing running commentary.

In this novel there's something called coffin grandpa (since none canbe immortal so major powerhouses seal themselves into the coffin to save their clans from some sh*tty situations, them coming out will be like u just fired a nuke for a gun shot) but for running commentary they'll not mind anything as commentary is more important than their life.

P.s. author tries to kill the reader with infobits. He tries to introduce a objects with ancient history to get ur attention n when he becomes successful he tries to slap readers with, "knowing more can kill u".

Eg- girl 1: seeing MC reminiscing about something while looking at an ancient object, will ask a question.

MC: tries to answer with the hint of getting ur attention like including a past student's name, his own history... blah blah.. with 3-4 paragraphs into it, he suddenly slap the reader n the girl with- knowing more can harm n that's it... then that thing will become mystry for u just as much as it's for the author. Never to be introduced again.

U can live with it if it happens for one or 2 times but author keeps doing it til he make reader annoyed.

Apart from some stupid dialogues I'm still not clear what he trying to do (to some smart asses I know about that damn grotto he wants to destroy). But it's getting boring with same repetitive plot of MC travelling, then get a maid side kick who'll be so dumb to say he's just 16 n he knows this, then face slapping bad guys n moving on to do the same. <<less
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Novel hater
Novel hater
Sovereign of the Three Realms
February 25, 2019
Status: Completed
Since I've finished reading it, I had no choice but to drop my initial rating from 3 to 1. This is a classic case of slapping the reader with rushed ending (more accurately 1 page ending)

I'll start with pros as the list is shorter.

1) it can help u alot in passing time (haha tricked u). But it's also a redeeming point. 2300+ will take a month or couple of weeks when u had nothing.

2) MC is normal. Don't look at normality as something abnormal as it's rare in... more>> CN novels.

3) harem is unique as only grandpas can apply.

And that's it. Yeah that's it. Other than that, it's not gonna give u anything

Big thanks to translators for translating it very very slowly😂 but steadily.

Now let's move on to cons- I'll list 3-4, which kills the grey cells.

1) it's like u booked the ticket for night train but somehow rode the bullock cart, then the bicycle n suddenly found urself warping through space. Yes, the story is slow as hell, then gets normalised n when u find ur self comfortable with it, it suddenly ends.

The first realm alone took 1800+ chapters, for the rest u can divide urself. First 500 chapter are about MC's journey from just a human to a simple strongman. Last 50 chapter transforms an ant into superman.

2) pesky characters: every character introduced in this novel has clear inclinations. One is professional in licking MC's ass while other wants to simply become the stepping stone.

Character 1: brother jiang ! How should I say this but if u ask me to get through the sea of fire or mountain of swords. I'll go blind folded.

Character 2: brother jiang! This grace, how will I repay? If u ask me to get through the sea of fire or moutain of swords.......



Character 100: brother jiang! I know everyone has licked ur ass but I will do the same as I too have been only granted this monologue in the whole novel.

From origin realm to even clan lords of velurium capital to island lords - everyone uses this monologue.

MC's friendship is all about benefits. Every side character who was helped by MC promises to help him but never gets the option.

Every strong character is a paper tiger except MC. Velurium lord peafowl is the prime example of this or the island lords. They had strong background n surrounded by mystry but after 100 or 50 chapter they'll become bystander with no role in the story.

Women are just similar to other novels where they start out as super talented, strong, ungettable blah... blah... to marionettes, who can't even think without the Mc's help.

Villians: they're hell of a talkative ppl. They're like women gossip groups without time limit.

Villian 1- you animal!! Who do you think who are u? U lowly animal blah blaha blah...... after 3 hours sleep

Author: he meant jiang chen is an animal due to humble background, calling him lowly animal showed his fear blah blah....... after 4 hours of author explanation....

Reader: can we get to next fight plz... author I'm not dumb that u have to feed me what dumb animal means.

Higher the cultivation, lower the iQ level.

3) fake tension: author creates fake tension in middle chapters where some strong guys from myraid island arrives.

It really became interesting at that point as tension was mounting but what happens next is a b***h slap to reader. MC gets plot armor award of the year with super strong golem race oscar statues while evil grandmas casting magic spell on the IQ level of opposition leaders.

Bam... bam... whossh... MC's a one man army who literally wipes out everyone while sitting on the goan beach, smoking author's plot armour.

The antagonists are worth a single shot only. The demon race which terrified human race race n nearly wiped them out, got themselves wiped out just by MC himself. When u can one shot the main villian,
then a story can't be saved.

After 1400 the down fall started n 1600 makes it worse at 1700 u can literally quit...

4) MC is universe: he's the cleaner, driver, gardener, doctor, pillmaker, array master, martial artist, omniscient, omnipotent,..... n u can add whatever u want to this list. <<less
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Novel hater
Novel hater rated it
Otherworldly Evil Monarch
February 25, 2019
Status: c487
When u know that u've faked ur background n got caught by cops, then something like this can be written.

Pros: 1) some bad s*x scenes where MC thinks himself as johnny sins n indulges into it for a whole night n trying to butcher a vagina alive.

2) some motivational lines which seriously motivate you tp the point that u'll find urself stop wasting time n stop reading it. (This is true)

3) female animals who can tranform into human female are really ravishing n super beautiful. (this is the... more>> universal formula for creating beauties while mainting the concept of universal love)

Mie will literally steal ur heart away n u'll find fantasizing about her the same way u did with tsunade sama🤗😍

Cons: 1) sadly, no one can kill MC n u've to tolerate his nonsense untill u give up or novel finishes.

2) character: when u create a character suffering from multiple personality disorder

A) MC is a super assassin who never missed a target, never fell in love or had any serious relationship but after he transmigrates, he becomes leecher, pervert n johnny sins with camer rolling.

B) jun moxie will have her peach fruit n female will fall left, right n centre for no apparent reason. Even axe deoderants fail to pull such an effect.

C) MC will be made to look like cunning but alas he's not. Obnoxious plot armour with rabid personality n heaven defying capabilities. MC can disappear, become invisible, travel through space or hide there....... while no1 assassin. Damn just give a dog half such abilities I'm sure he can establish a dog nation but remember no matter how strong MC is, he can't just get past aphrodisiac.

D) women are there for getting fake angry reaction, crying, opening legs, demonstrating MC's sexual performanceas they literally knocked out while having s*x that too 3-4 times in a single stand, saving MC by having s*x n sacrificing their virginity......

E) villians are good as they have fun with playing zorro. We kill only non important, random characters.

3) everything is random as MC wants to stand strongest in the world. So let's meet some girls while face slapping some villians n using out of this world abilities.

P.s. humor is good..... some jokes are well executed. Mei we love u <<less
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