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Norre rated it
Spirit Realm
April 4, 2017
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Great read. I like characterization in this novel, everybody personality keeps developing on as the story goes with their power and fame. Great side characters. There are several twists and turns. Normally MC is calm, rational, cautious but during the fight like a spilt-personality, he becomes crazy. Really badass.

Cultivation system and forging are detailed and well done. There are hardly any fillers, no trash talks, and no arrogant young masters. Most of the time plot is moving forward, there is some mystery that keeps appearing and getting solved.... more>> Mostly related to MC background or world building. It adds nice thriller feels to it.

It is not really unique, but if you're looking for the story in this genre then I would say this one is one of the superior quality works.

@SemperAmbroscusOdium - There is a misunderstanding on your review, you need to read few chapter more to understand it.


She is not in love with him because of charm spell nor their soul is connected. It got cured just a few chapters laters. It got mostly used to trick someone else.

As for the girl that joined the sect. It was because she needed to keep getting stronger to keep up with MC. He doesn't need to stronger to get her back.

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