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NoobaLoob rated it
Path to Heaven
December 19, 2016
Status: c62
Alright. I got over the stupid as sh*t incident with the MC peeing all over the face of the old man/artifact spirit. It was a moronic act in which no sane person would do - but whatever, I powered through it.

Why did I drop the book 60 chapters later?

... more>>

“Holy ****, are you kidding? She’s truly willing to do that to survive?”

Wei Suo was dumbstruck by the fact that the yellow clothed young woman across from the full bearded cultivator, in order to survive at this crucial moment, was actually really stripping off her clothes one by one.

In merely a short moment, this yellow clothed young woman had taken off all of her clothes. Her white, smooth and soft boobs and a mysterious black color underneath her belly were all exposed before Wei Suo and the full beard’s eyes.

Facing this sort of woman, Wei Suo became unhurried to act.

After all, if he was to wait for the full bearded cultivator to start his battlefield operation, the success rate of him killing the full beard would be even higher

The full bearded cultivator seemed to be extremely satisfied with the yellow clothed young woman’s figure. “Your sister, remove this light cover of yours. Also, turn around for me. Lay on that large piece of stone over there and face your butt toward me.”

The yellow clothed young woman who had completely disregarded shame turned around in an extremely obedient manner. She placed her two hands on the large piece of stone that the full bearded cultivator mentioned and made a posture that caused Wei Suo’s blood to pump a lot stronger.


First off, the MC had already killed like 6 of these bad guys friends on his way to this scene (one of which was a realm higher than him, these 2 guys are just 1 level higher than him), he was completely hidden with numerous powerful artifacts which would make this a non fight - he literally has an artifact to spray needles in these peoples eyes....

Yet what does he do? he lets the girl get killed. Oh he thought she was just going to be raped? Oh that's fine I guess..

Wait, no it's not. Not only does he let the girl get raped (to his 'credit' he didn't know they were just going to kill her) he even talks about her shame? **** you author..

I am a straight adult male. I have obviously never been in a situation where I would choose to be raped or die, but I think I would be getting raped given the choice between the 2. Is that shameful? no.. and to try and act like it is, is rage inducing to me.

I just read this scene, maybe I'm a little angry, but I wish I could punch this author in his round Chinese face..

I also wanted to add, besides the scene mentioned above, this novel does not deserve 4-5 stars. The MC is an ungrateful person, quick to anger when something doesn't go his way even though he's been handed a golden spoon with the old man/artifact spirit.

He does not deserve his good luck, he did not suffer greatly or pay dearly to get what he has. Since the beginning of the novel he has been on super easy-streak going from rank 2 to rank 4 (Realms in this series only have 5 ranks each) in like 2 months. He practices a low level spirit art that his parents left him, it wasn't low level+strange it was just low level, yet magically the artifact spirit gave him some pills to make it basically not matter what level the art is.

I don't think the MC has grown at all, it's just by chapter 62 he has friends. He isn't bloodthirsty or crooked, which is why it infuriated me that the author shoe-horned in the part about the girl giving up her 'shame'. And it even gave a line that the MC get turned on slightly by the scene.. what the hell man.. <<less
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NoobaLoob rated it
Main Character Hides His Strength
February 5, 2017
Status: c35

I haven't seen any spoilers, but the reason this novel does not deserve a 5/5 is as follows.

This novel would have us believe that the strongest human -- by far -- has no allies because he isn't corrupt. It would also have us believe that in a world of complete corruption the MC (again, who is BY FAR the strongest human) could not capture a high mage in order for the mage to kill the demon king. He also could not capture a mage to teach him magic because magicians are fanatic and they would literally suicide themselves against him in order to stop the MC from learning magic.

I like the novel, but damn that doesn't make sense.

The reason why the MC is so hated is because he isn't corrupt, that isn't to say he is a nice guy, but he isn't the kind of person to lord over others (even though it's completely within his power to do so). While 99% of ALL OTHER HUMANS are either pitiful/petty/betrayers who will kill at a drop of a hat for benefits, OR are weak/pathetic/spineless cowards who are to be herded like cattle.

And that is just a completely idiotic thing to say (because history and modern society shows that men/woman ARE willing to put their life at risk for a greater purpose). It is even more idiotic thing to say that in a order world that people would rather SUICIDE themselves against the MC to stop him from learning magic (like they would suddenly only be brave/steadfast when it came to the MC wanting to learn magic).

So, whatever, now that we believe the MC can't just kidnap a bunch of mages to be taught magic, or get them to follow him in killing the demon king, the MC must hide his strength to impersonate a newly summoned person in order to get the mage 'class' and stats he needs.

This novel just does not deserve the 5/5 rating it has - 3/5 is fair I guess.

Because that guy/gal said I was misleading in my post, I wanted to clarify.

1 - As of chapter 40 we don't know the full story as to why the MC is the 'enemy of the world' - we only know that he became so because he killed a bunch of corrupt leaders, and robbed the merchants guilds infinity vault. The guy replying even admits that the MC had a legitimate reason for doing it.. So how does it make sense that the by-far strongest human has no allies or friends? Idk, could be because all the leaders are butts who toy with others, and after toying with the MC they got killed.

2 - It is possible to steal stats from Demons, this is confirmed. It is possible to raise stats without quests, this is confirmed (no quest would give him 999+ strength). He does not need a mage to get/give him stats nor a Class unless you believe the MC was gifted his Mythic Class - and regardless of his kill count, how is it believable that mages would just KILL THEMSELVES before helping him disperse the Demon Kings soul? He already killed the demon armies.

This world allows a person to have 5 classes. The MC at the start of the novel only has 2 classes, he literally picks up a so-called trash class (Alchemist) and doesn't even sweat it. He does not need a 'specific' mage class (it NEVER said that the "Magician" class wouldn't work, the MC just wanted the best class) - he only needs a class to allow him to disperse the Demon Kings soul - which leads us into point numba 3.

3 - The Demon King may have been unstoppable, that was, until the MC single handily wiped out his ENTIRE ARMY and forced the Demon King to abandon his physical body. The MC could not disperse the soul with punches but a high level mage could do so with magic. The MC never made the claim that only a 'Legendary Class' could do it, only that magic schools like necromancy couldn't because they didn't have single high-power attacks.

4 - Corruption does not mean that he wont kill/bribe, it means that he wont use his power to arbitrarily play with the lives of others. Although it hasn't been said for sure yet, ALL the major leaders of this world, especially mages, are represented as being corrupt because they don't care about anything other than themselves (I mean, look how they treated the summoned people).

The man's 2nd class was "High Grade Chef" - a guy strong enough to solo the Demon Kings army should not be cooking for himself.. Why does he then? Because he's not corrupt.. He wont kidnap a innocent person to cook for him.

Every person shown in power thus far, save for 1 old recluse, has been corrupt. They do not care about anyone or anything but benefits. The people without power have all been shown to be lap dogs and cowards. Even a fallen magician, quickly became the MC's lap dog after seeing his strength.

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NoobaLoob rated it
The Spearmaster and the Black Cat
March 29, 2017
Status: c53
- The Game Elements are done well, it isn't until much later that he gets an item that replicates an 'inventory'. It has been confirmed that there is an 'identify' skill, but the MC doesn't have it.

- A vast world filled with several types of unique magic and abilities. Various gods are well explained.. Makes me want to read more!

- Good mystery set up from the start. The story is told very naturally, the MC moves on his own devices but you feel like something is going on in... more>> the background.

- The 'black cat' is a misnomer, it's actually a super panther when it fights. The cat does not speak or control the MC with suggestions. The MC promised loose goals to it, but that's it (very loose goals with no timetables lol).

- The fighting scenes are really well done.

- MC is strong and his race is OP (literally Lucifer) but he isn't instant-OP, he needs to work for it and he can die if he's not careful.

- This is a small detail I liked, his race is 'Lucivault' and he has a tattoo of a cross of light that's covered in chains.. Idk.. Symbology or something.


- The first 24 chapters are terrible to read. The translator works super quickly but didn't get an editor until then, and it shows.. I know the editor said he's working on old chapters (to be fair, the editor is really.. Really good) but for now you will be pulling your hair out sometimes.

- There really is no rational for why him (or others) are able to transmigrate to this world. The world is set up explicitly to stop gods from entering it. Unless there is a major explanation in the future, this is simply convenience for easy plot sake. Especially when you consider the god/being that brought the MC to this world gave him the ability to choose any race+4 unique awesome powers regardless of how those powers worked with that race. (For example, he could have choose to be a water spirit with fire powers)

- Like all Japanese novels, the MC is super.. Super unrealistically friendly to women. I get that women have vaginas but this MC literally tells a female assassin (aiming for him) that he loves her after knowing her for like 4 days with VERY limited interactions.

- With few exceptions, all notable characters are women (ALL notable humans/elves are women). I guess it's possible but how likely is that? I feel like this author is going to make the MC, who is reasonable is every-other aspect, someone to only have women companions or something.. It's annoying. (Oh, and there is the trope of western looking woman fawning over a self-admitted bland japanese dude)

- He is fixated on being an adventurer for no real reason other than "it's just the thing to do". The MC is not as strong as an Elder dragon or something, but he is strong as a S-Rank adventurer (at least s-rank maybe even s-rank+, he hasn't been pushed yet except by his master). The world is in turmoil and he is already Immortal (not invincible, he just wont die from aging) - I do not see what is stopping him from making a base already.. HE ALREADY CLAIMED THAT TO BE ONE OF HIS GOALS!

- The BIGGEST con for me is the name of his race. It is CLEARLY Lucivault but the translator is keeping it Rusivault. It should be Lucivault because although the MC is a good person, his power most resembles *Lucifer*. It just makes sense for his evolved form to be Lucivault, not Rusivault.

- For the last 10 chapters or so (chapters 43-53) the plot has become incredibly annoying with the women aspect. The MC can not meet a woman and not mention her breasts and that woman can not help but to immediately spread her legs for the MC (all while acknowledging his bland Japanese face - 'bland' is not my word.. It's in the novel). The author set up an incredibly intriguing world but HALF (at least) of the dialog since the MC has made it to human lands has been about women. <<less
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NoobaLoob rated it
Cohen of the Rebellion
February 2, 2017
Status: v2c5
This is worth reading if you're caught up on your regulars. One of the biggest complaint I have for the novel is the translation. It make me brain not work so good to read it (I tried my best to give a sentence that would be in the novel, it's Engrish).

The novel itself is OK. I am personally not a fan of books giving away the ending. We know, because the history books say, that the MC will be a King. We know he will marry his 2 childhood girl... more>> friends. We know he will fight against the 'Divines' and have a bunch of negative titles and his childhood guy friends will all be friends forever and be generals and sh*t. These things are not spoilers, the story is upfront with this information. <<less
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NoobaLoob rated it
Summoned Slaughterer
January 7, 2017
Status: c72
If this were DnD, then the MC (Hifumi) would be aligned at "Chaotic Evil" - if you like baseless killing/destruction then this is the novel for you.

A little bit more depth would have me say that this is extremely lazy writing. The author changes the MC's personality to be more and more brutal. At chapter 72 the MC is a gigantic douche for no reason other then he shall be entertained..

This doesn't factor into the low rating, but there is also the usual BS about how great katanas and japanese... more>> martial arts are.. <<less
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The story isn’t bad, but I’d argue that this isn’t a ‘weak-to-strong’ novel at all. The MC has an overpowered ‘Talent’ (he can manipulate the temperature of anything he touches, this includes the AIR - he can burn hotter than a star and drop it to absolute zero. By chapter 30 he’s able to heat up a rock so much he can split atoms and create nuclear explosions) and it takes him 1 week to learn stuff that took humanities hero 5 years to learn.

Perhaps this is because I speak... more>> English, but I absolutely hate these character names. The MC’s name is ‘Serizawa Atsushi’ and that is legitimately one of the easiest names to remember/pronounce in the novel. Again, it’s not necessarily a ‘fault’ of the story itself.. But when I can’t barely read a name, there’s no way I can remember that character. Even after 46 chapters I only think of characters based on their Talents.

The reason why I gave this 4 stars is two-fold. Firstly, it’s a cookie-cutter novel.. That’s not the worst thing in the world (at least, the MC has a backbone) - and secondly I took a star off because there’s the inevitable “school battle” arc and they have to try really hard because if they lose the ‘school will be closed’.

Now, remember the hero who I mentioned before? He’s the schools principal and his Talent allowed him to CONTROL TIME (he can literally stop/accelerate time.. At whim). I find it simply laughable that any government would be so irresponsible, the guy is a hero because he took down a world-ending level Talent user.. However much it costs to run a school, it’s worth the price if it keeps him happy and occupied. <<less
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I'm going to have to go with the consensus.. This is a 3.5-4 star novel.

- MC is a good guy, he doesn't come to the new world and suddenly become a killing machine because he has the power.

- Good world building.

- MC's power is very powerful, but not as OP as Death March/etc. He has 9 ranks of spell, he can use 9 spells per rank per day - resulting in 81 total spells a day.. it's strong because he could use 9 'meteors' and summon 9 monster platoons... more>> a day, but without recharging his spells daily he can't use them again..

- A good mystery concerning the anki and their origins. I want to know more about it.

- MC is a gigantic pushover. I could COMPLETELY understand him not wanting to kill a person. I can not understand him acting beta for no reason other than he was a 'salaryman'.

- MC completely lets other people run over and use him. He can not seem to determine his own value and whether it's some knight orders or mage associations he lets them nonsensically treat him as a subordinate. He even acknowledges the fact when the knight order was afraid he'd go to another country... they were afraid because obviously this MC is like stairs.. anyone can walk on him and so they quickly gave him some non-formal title that had responsibilities but no power.

- The plot is just boring and bland and there is no 'middle ground' when it comes to enemies (basically, the enemies are monsters who can barely think or devil-worshiping cultists).. I don't need an epic fantasy to be entertained but I at least need a compelling story line, adventure, or action/political scenes. This novel has none of those. <<less
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NoobaLoob rated it
The Gate Of Good Fortune
December 26, 2017
Status: c335
This novel is criminally underrated. The real reason this novel is rated so poorly is because a large percentage of reviewers want instant satisfaction.

This MC does not have a cheat. This MC did not go to another world and suddenly forget right from wrong. This MC does not have a clan/family to support him. This MC knew nothing about cultivation (didn’t even read novels) and was dropped into a perilous situation where he could only rely on himself.

When it comes to the MC getting screwed over, all I have... more>> to say is that Ning Cheng constantly succeeds despite the odds. By chapter 335 he has more secrets on his body then even ancient ancestor level characters. These abilities/items were not obtained through lazy writing. Ning Cheng only has 2 things going for him; a photographic memory and a mysterious yellow bead that allows him to cultivate.

Neither of the MCs abilities would have ensured success. This MC has had to actually work to become strong.. And it is much more satisfying to read then these critical reviewers claim it is.

Read the novel, don’t expect Ning Cheng to be Chu Feng/etc. The MC obviously kills people but he isn’t a madman who will murder an entire family because of an evil son/daughter <<less
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NoobaLoob rated it
Bringing the Nation’s Husband Home
October 26, 2017
Status: --
I've only read up to the current chapter (18) - I feel like all their problems could be solved (or at least alleviated) if they just sat down and had a heart-to-heart. It simply does not make sense for either one of them to act the way they do.

Like, why on earth would the husband be abusive if he's cool with just no interactions with the wife for months at a time. Why would the wife internally claim to love the husband so much yet still show no caring towards... more>> him? I would get it if the husband always was an abusive a***ole but that doesn't seem to be the case.. She was talking about how she loved him since they were in school over a decade prior to the novel - what?... <<less
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NoobaLoob rated it
The Wizard World
March 17, 2017
Status: c18
It's good so far, much less reliance on the chip than WMW and the MC is definitely shown as being more humane that Leylin (at the very least, he gets sick the first time he kills someone). The story is different enough from WMW so far for it to be enjoyable, don't be turned off because it has an ai chip+magic world. Perhaps my biggest fear going forward is that cultivation will be a little too easy - even though the MC started off much weaker than a normal teenager,... more>> after like 2 months he's stronger than 2 adult males (secretly the 3rd strongest person in his territory). Lastly, I don't know why, but I feel like this will not be a nation-founding novel even though the beginning has all the signs of one (like oppressed people, sh*tty society that the MC doesn't agree with, and the power to seemingly be able to change it). I just get the feeling like something will happen, and all the characters shown thus far will be forgotten while the MC goes out adventuring.. <<less
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NoobaLoob rated it
The Human Emperor
July 4, 2019
Status: --
The fact is this novel has good and bad. For the first hundred or so chapters it’s a 5star novel, but as you read further along the bad becomes more and more apparent. Before I say anything else, let me say, without a doubt if you changed the words “Han” and “Great Tang” with “White” and “USA” no one would pick this book up and the author would be labeled racist beyond reproach.

Putting aside the racist/nationalistic side of the novel (which gets worse the further along you read) this novel... more>> also suffers from that every problem the MC faces is supposedly a huge game-changing issue.

Early on in the book there’s an incident with ‘foreign’ generals getting more power at the borders they guard - the MC must change this because it leads to the downfall of Great Tang. As soon as this incident is over there’s a series of battles at the south western border and the MC must change this because it leads to the downfall of the Great Tang. In between all this there’s Korean spies/war of princes/preventing famines/getting warhorses and better armors/etc. And you guessed it, each of these events lead to the downfall of the Great Tang if MC doesn’t handle them.

By chapter 900 the MC is facing the ‘largest threat before the calamity’ but it’s hard to care because, after everything he’s done, if the Great Tang would still ‘definitely collapse’ then maybe the country isn’t as great as the novel reassures us time and again. But of course, as explained multiple times, the Great Tang really only falls because foreigners living both inside the country and out plot for Great Tangs downfall.

I really do like certain aspects of this book, but the main 3 issues I have are;

- Blatant Racism and Nationalism (I mean, they literally call Great Tang “the world”)

- Every crisis is “do or die” and the cause is foreigners in some way

- Single Battles take way too long, the longest battles take 50+ chapters the short skirmishes take 3-4 chapters. <<less
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NoobaLoob rated it
My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending
April 4, 2017
Status: c62

I liked it overall, but the MC is solely responsible for all of the dangers he faces. He is solely responsible for everyone hating him too.

The synopsis says: "Can Kazuki evade the mountainous amount of death flags and advance through the survival route !?"

But after like chapter 10 he doesn't even try to evade anything. He joins some knight order knowing full well his mouth can't be tamed and people will dislike him for it. He toys with trained knights because he remembers their moves from the game he played, not thinking at all about how the higher-ups will react to some nobody knowing ALL the moves their knights know. He gains a massive amount of infamy for no reason other than he can't shut his mouth and validates rumors spread about him.

With the exception of the very beginning of the novel (saving the girls mom/LP farming/gaining support of his families soldiers), I can not think of a single situation that the MC turns around in his favor. His situation just goes from bad to worse while he inwardly claims to cry about his 'destruction flags'.

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NoobaLoob rated it
Epoch of Twilight
May 26, 2017
Status: c84
I like this MC, he is human. Ironically, the 3 stars (instead of 5) is the reason for that.

What do I mean? well look, we have a person who is emotionally a normal person.. he is not apathetic, he will help people if he can (like anyone would) but at the same time, he is not powerful enough to be a savior so he will push people away. He is smart too, at least twice as intelligent as a normal person.

Alright, that is the run down of the MC. He... more>> is described as a good person right? well, he indirectly allows the deaths of MILLIONS of people (well, they haven't died yet in the novel, but nothing can seemingly save them). He allows this, because his personal freedom of movement is more important than they are.

How does he 'allow' for all those deaths? well heres the thing, and it is even ACKNOWLEDGED by the MC in the novel. He has many skills thanks to his RPG-like power (he is the only person so far with the power of 'levels'), out of his many powers he has a skill called 'Synthesis' - this skill allows him to combined things to make them stronger. For example, his sword was upgraded with the shell of a monster beetle and his snake-skin armor was too. It also works on bullets, so even though he hasn't done it - it should work on things like missiles.

The 'catch' with this skill is: HE CAN SEEMINGLY USE IT INFINITELY

The ONLY limitation of this skill, so far, is his own ability to gather material and it can fail (failure has only been shown a couple times, and he's used the skill dozens of times). So, hypothetically, he could be sitting down making bullets/armor/cold weapons/boots for the military, which has been actively fighting a losing battle for the entire novel, all day (unlike in other novels, the military doesn't just dissolve into sh*t instantly, they have faults but them and the police have been fighting back the monsters/trees CONSTANTLY while providing food to the survivors).

The monsters in the MC's RPG system, are colored like White-Light Blue-Blue-Dark Blue-etc, the MC's upgraded weapons (INCLUDING BULLETS) can be upgraded to the corresponding color grade, where they then have the power to kill those monsters. For example, his sword is Dark Blue and it can 'effortlessly' cut through Light Blue monsters. In chapter 79 he upgrades the bullets to a Desert Eagle revolver and commented it could bring 4th-tier monsters down (4th tier=dark blue, they can literally destroy cities and it takes fighter jets to put them down) and he DID kill a 3rd tier bird monster with it, 1 shot to the brain..

I know it would not be a fun novel if the MC just worked in a sweat shop producing war supplies, but... look, any good person with that power in the situation would do it, and because he didn't do that, the military could not defend the main city in that province, which should result in the death of millions of survivors. The first city the MC was in had already fallen and he knew the monsters were getting stronger than modern weapons could handle (he makes the comment that another technology boom would be needed to continue the fight)... I wish the author never included that power, at least how it seemingly doesn't have limits other than possible failures (but even though it fails sometimes, he never gets tired from using it). <<less
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NoobaLoob rated it
The Rise of Otaku
July 28, 2019
Status: c54
I’ve just came across this novel today and read the 54 chapters in 1 go. I honestly can’t comprehend anyone giving this novel 1 star, I think it’s a very enjoyable 4 star. So I gave it 5 stars to balance out the haters.

The story is about a modern-day Otaku who one day see’s a different (animated) world. The world initially only has 2 characters but as the MC does various quests/tasks more characters show up.

The story is just plain fun, the quests do not give him supernatural fighting powers... more>> and he isn’t building a harem.

My favorite part of this story is how the MC interacts with the people of his village. At first everyone thinks he’s autistic because how he’s a shut in who acts weird. Instead of bullying/shaming the MC, like we see in so many CN stories, the village elders and neighbors look out for him and worry about his safety. Idk, it’s just a refreshing slice of life novel.. You should give it a try! <<less
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Ok, I overall liked this novel but here are some loose spoilers if you are thinking about reading it.

1- The MC is not a villain. For example, he raised taxes quite a lot (villainous), but it was in order to build a levee system to drain the marshy lands around his villages/town to prevent flooding/disease. Everything villainous the MC does is for a greater purpose, he calls it 'villainous' because the people around him may not see the long-term benefit.

2 - There is no sense of dread/urgency to the story.... more>> For example, the MC was the author of the book this world takes place in, he KNOWS the hero will defeat the Demon King. No question about it. So a lot of what the MC does is paving the way for the Hero.

3 - This is the only novel I ever read where the MC actively marches towards his own destruction flags. He literally WANTS to be cuckolded by the princess, he WANTS to lose his nobility, and he WANTS to lose his supporters. It makes no sense. Maybe that ending was a good result in the book he wrote, but it is a stupid idea for him whose living as the antagonist.

4 - The MC got powerful without much work. He trained for like 2 months and can go toe-to-toe with the strongest Knight in his territory. He has a high-level fire spirit he got from basically doing nothing but asking the spirits to "come to me". At his rate of improvement, I can not see how it's logical for the Hero to beat him, even if the Hero uses water magic and MC uses fire.

5 - Annoying female lead. The main female lead is a masked mercenary who charges the MC an EXTRAORDINARY amount of money for just about anything. Funny? Maybe until you realize that the money he is spending is like tax-payers dollars. It would be fine if he were ACTUALLY villainous, but as I said before, he isn't.

Anyways, the novel is good enough to read and enjoy. It's nowhere near as good as it could be though. <<less
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NoobaLoob rated it
Release that Witch
November 18, 2016
Status: c427
While this may not be the best reincarnation/rebirth novel to be ever written it is certainly in the top category of them. The worst part about this novel is the title. Unless it is a foreshadow to something much later then the MC saving witches, while critical to the story, is in no way the central theme of the book.

The MC is a modern mechanical engineer. He dies from over working and is reborn into the body of a recently assassinated wastrel 4th Prince. The Prince was sent to a... more>> tiny village called 'Border Town' during a competition the King made for his children, which was, the child with the most economic power after a period of 5 years would become the next King.

The MC (named Roland) does not have supernatural power, but with his knowledge he reforms the tiny village into the most advanced/prosperous city in the Human lands. The novel is very detailed about how he goes about this. Little is given for granted, and most of the political aspects are realistic as one of the first things Roland does is hand positions of management to his subjects instead of bringing in nobles to do the job of mundane government (mundane because he still sets the policies).

The MC does not take women, but unlike in other novels it is explained well why he doesn't. Which is a mixture of embarrassment of asking his servants to arrange a chambermaid and he doesn't want to put out the wrong image to the people/witches that follow him (and he claims he can 'handle' himself until the time comes). There is little to no chance for a harem as there are only 2 potential love interests (and there's really only 1... the 2nd is like... it 'could' happen but probably not). The MC cares for all the witches under his leadership, and is empathetic to the hellish life they lived before, but there is a clear separation between care and romantic interest.

I have read 427 chapters, there is literally only 1 major complaint I have with the book.


While the MC battles the Church, Devils, and his brothers Kingdom, he constantly speaks about how modern government works. He creates legal, police, educational systems and more as time goes on. Yet once, around chapter 420, he captures a Church Official and instead of giving the man a trail he basically sets up a witch hunt (the irony). He brings the Official in front of a mob of his citizens and basically doles out mob justice (when the people agree the Official is a bad guy Roland has him executed).

The reason why this is such a bad moment is that it sets a precedent that the normally intelligent Roland should have considered (he even bills it as a 'public trail'). So a hundred years after Roland dies, people will look back on their great founder/savior and use how he governs as a model. How could he not see the ramifications of that is beyond me.

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NoobaLoob rated it
Kingdom’s Bloodline
September 19, 2018
Status: c59
I simply give it 5 stars because the great parts are great. The writing is superb and when the MC is in danger I forgot I was reading a book; the danger felt real. At times, I found myself putting my tablet down to think “what would I do?”. In my opinion that is the best sort of reading experience.

If there were any downside to the novel it’s that the other Nobles are too competent. They can spring traps for the Royal family and retenue in the middle of the... more>> street in broad daylight. They can do this AND leave no trail back to themselves. This novel doesn’t have just 1 outstanding disloyal subject who’s a brilliant mastermind. Instead it has multiple families with multiple motivations who are apathetic/disloyal to the royal family, and each of these families are capable to various degrees.

The novel is written in the style of a western book. There are multiple POV sections where the story breaks away from the MC to tell a related story involving someone else. The person who at the center of the POV is not always evidently connected to the main progression, but you see shortly after that the POV either sets up interaction with the MC or gives some understanding of the world at large.

With only 59 chapters out, I wouldn’t dare claim to be “the best CN” - but this does have the foundations to be one of the best translated CN to date.

The MC is a royal bastard who slowly gains memories of his past life on earth. He has various abilities which indicate he will be OP, but at the current timeline is only 7. I don’t expect him to be Roland (Release that Witch) - his flashbacks (usually 1 paragraph in length) seem to indicate he was a philosophy major, and not an engineer/scientist of any sort.

For anyone wondering if this book is worth picking up, I’d say it is. Be warned though, we don’t know how the MC will rule as he’s only just now about to be corinated as crown prince (it’ll probably happen around chapter 60-62). This world has magic/esp/multiple species (including the likes of vampires, though dragons appear to be extinct) and that’s all great, but I fear it will be easy for the author to slip.

I don’t know how the future will be, as of now though, it’s pretty great. <<less
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NoobaLoob rated it
Herscherik (Reincarnated Prince Series)
August 6, 2018
Status: v1c8
The king doesn’t do what he knows is right for the country because he’s a king and not a dictator.

The King is an absolute monarch in this story, he is described as being a very powerful knight and magician. While being an autocrat may not always be for the best, when you know a minister poisoned literally the entire royal family... behead him... you don’t need a written confession, forge charges against him. All the subjects in the kingdom hate the aristocracy.. no one would storm the capital.

If our MC... more>> truly cares about the kingdom or his father, he would channel his inner Machiavelli, and explain “the prince” to his dad (who’s a good guy who loves the MC, but is a terrible king). <<less
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NoobaLoob rated it
Heroes of Marvel
August 10, 2019
Status: c54
i wanted to like this novel so much.. And it does have things I appreciate (like the MC decided to be a hero and not a villain)

but there was just so many things I just roll my eyes at and it breaks the immersion.. Like

1 - Reborn as an American but refers to himself with his Chinese name (everyone calls him his regular name but in his thoughts/monologues he calls himself his Chinese name)

2 - incredibly “convenient” system, I mean, at one point he needs to get Tony... more>> Stark’s trust, “oh what’s this? I’ll just give him this spaceship blueprint I was just randomly rewarded.”

i don’t want to type a wall, but if you can stay immersed with his 2 names and the lazy writing then I do think this could be a fun novel.. For me it was just disappointing. <<less
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