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NocturneKoan rated it
Nine Star Hegemon Body Art
November 15, 2018
Status: c160
I've been reading for a bit now, and I feel like some of the hate for this novel in the review section is not necessary. Cultivation novels inherently follow similar lines, taking ques from a basic structure, if not straight up each other. This novel has its unique aspects and its common aspects, but both of these have their own merits.

The way the MC cultivates is unique, and that's definitely a plus, because it's interesting to see his path which doesn't follow the standard rules even of that setting (as... more>> far as I know). The novel also has an interesting approach to the Pill Dao, not necessarily unique, but it has some twists that make it slightly different from something like say, Battle Through the Heavens. That's good enough for me, it shows the author put in some effort.

In terms of characters, I actually quite like what has been shown so far, especially of the MC. He sort of reminds me of Meng Hao from ISSTH in terms of being humorous some times, but serious other times. Some novels in my opinion go overboard on the humour aspect to the point that I personally don't find them funny anymore, and other novels are so serious they become dry. This novel maintains a good balance there.

The setting is just as interesting as any other. It seems like a standard xianxia/xuanhuan setting so far and if I didn't like that sort of setting, I wouldn't read these novels, but I'm sure it has its own twists as well. The story has also been pretty good so far, it flows well, and the action scenes are great. The translator is doing good work too, despite mixing up names here and there. Overall, I'd give this novel a 4.7 or so in terms of how much I'm enjoying it, so I rounded that up to a 5. <<less
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