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Nocturne rated it
Skyfire Avenue
June 12, 2017
Status: Completed
Salutations my Loves,
I am so disappointed with this one, so very disappointed....! *sigh*

I have to admit, I was rather hesitant to reading this novel because of its genre-tags "Sci-fi+/Xianxia" (and the author). But I gave it a try, partially because of the overall good reviews. Well, I was right - this novel is pretty bad, sadly....

The Beginning

... more>> Side Note: The first 10 or so chapters are basically useless and do absolutely nothing for the overall story progression! His knowledge of wine is repeated several times throughout the course of the novel, so just skip those chapters!

We are thrown right into 'action'. There is no weak-to strong (at least in the beginning) plot progression or the usual 'revenge', unfair treatment, bad sect, yada yada troops. We learn in little bits about the world, the protagonist, the other main/side-characters, the powers that exist in the world and Lan Jue's background (which gets somewhat revealed in the middle of the story)

I have to say, I really enjoyed it. It was a novelty! But things went downhill fast...

The Problems

There are so many problems. Where to start?
The story moves unbearably slow, like really slow. I am not talking about an attack that needs several chapters of elaborating or a fight that fills an entire arc (well, rejoice! We also have these in later chapters), I am talking about utterly and completely useless chapters. Something I really don't understand in books in general are fillers! I at least, god forbid, believe that an author has an overall idea, knowing at least to some extent, in which direction the story should develop. Here - Filling the story with useless chapters, that do nothing for the story, is just stupid. TJSS presumably thought doing so would create a more vibrant and immersive three-dimensional world, which regrettably failed phenomenally.
But that's not even my biggest complaint, my biggest complaint is the logic, or the lack of.

You have to stick to your rules. If a world was build with certain rules in place, you can't just break them to accumulate tension, just to introduce new rules.
TJSS had absolutely no idea in which direction the story should progress, leading to not just worthless chapters but also several inconsistencies.

In the earlier chapters, we are told that the overall life expectancy is something like 150 years in the New Era, the present, the period in which the story is taking place. Later on we're told that Paragons can live longer than that. Additionally another 200 hundred years added to your life once reaching Paragon status (I suppose, not very well explained). Now the question I'm asking myself - humanity left Earth in 2235 of the "Old Era", hundred years have passed since then meaning we're in year 2335 something. (I am already being generous here otherwise the whole book would make no sense) In the 300-sth chapters we're introduced to a woman who for some ridiculous reasons is a Paragon in disguise. The problem now, she was alive during the 1900s, making her 400 years old. My question now, how is that possible? It's said several times throughout the book - I am not even kidding, it's done like 30 times in-between chapters 300 - 600, that time is unforgiving and one cannot cheat death. So, how was she able to enhance her life expectancy to such staggering heights?

Same with the Clairvoyant, the oracle - as I'd like to call him. The whole book is basically build on his prophecy. Yet again the question, he has lived during 2235 - helping humanity with space migration. Shouldn't the same rules also apply to him, I mean the woman can for some odd reason live for 400 years, why can't he as well? And if he had lived for even longer than that, which the story hinted at - how is that possible? You see, this makes no sense.


Another objection I have is that nothing is really explained. Taking into consideration that humanity as a whole has migrated, how come that everyone speaks the same language? Madarin of course, because logic. Even taking into consideration that the "New Era" has a different time reckoning, this would still make no sense. It took 800 years to go from Anglo-Norman (one of the many spoken dialects in 12th Century Britain) to the English we now know, just to name an example. What I want to say is that it takes enormous amounts of time for languages to develop and change. Since TJSS wrote a story that had incorporated the history of Earth, unique events even, I would have expected more. Honestly, less bullsh*t about wine and the 'noble' life in Europe and more useful exposition!

But the biggest immersion breaking, how the F is it possible that paragons have existed before the New Era!? It's clearly stated that because of the universe's radiation, being on new planets and stuff, things have changed, creating these unique powers. It was mentioned that Earth was destroyed by humans. My question now, why even move from earth if you can shoot water from your palm, burn waste without hazardous greenhouse gases yada yada?! They could have made Earth a worthwhile place to live with those powers, right? Thus no need to migrate to new star systems! Still this 'somehow' leads to one really stupid and half-assed conflict (the great finale). In retrospect, this book is just utterly stupid. To me it feels like TJSS thought that his readers are too stupid to care! Coupled with his meager writing skills, it was prone to failure...


Another problem. So, Lan Jue's father (but not really since he's his master, adopted boy and stuff) is the most powerful paragon out there! That fact doesn't change, he ascends to heaven's ruler or immortal emperor, or some bullsh*t like that. (Which makes him the most powerful being ever) I don't know... If I was some kind of Oracle, I wouldn't dote all my hopes on some 27-ish something dude, who is fairly weak in comparison to other cultivators, heck, the entire universe, but maybe - on the most powerful being on humanity's side! Am I unreasonable here?!


And I am not even talking about the poorly done Mechas. They became useless somewhere in-between and important again?! WTF. Also, it's first claimed that your 'Disciple' has nothing to do with how well you can or cannot operate your Mecha, later this is contradicted by people with weaker/stronger 'Discples' being more/less competent with their mechas respectively?! Why, even bother setting up certain examples/rules if not sticking to them???


This Clairvoyant, is one strange fellow. Has lived for several hundred years, kills one innocent girl in the process to let her be replaced by her sister, who else? Right? Why not just tell the protagonist from the very beginning? What was the use, by not telling him that everything happens in accordance with his master plan? There was literally none? Why not outright tell him? Apart from that, what was the reason for "her guidence"? Guiding the MC where? The female heroine was in a coma for about 200 or so chapters? Great guidance on her end!


But the biggest let down was the finale, the reveal of all those sh*tty mysteries and unanswered questions... I'm still feeling played...!

The Characters

Well, the only thing that was done decently about this debacle. The side-characters are mildly entertaining. Sadly the two boys, who Lan Jue took in as 'disciples' are way more interesting than the protagonist himself. There is no character development to speak of. Lan Jue was already an established character when the story started. Sure, he had a life crisis going on but still, almost everything else about him was already set in stone. Leading to one simple question, how and when did his character develop? He's 27 years old, three years before the start of the book "the calamity" took place? Before that he was being trained by his master and doing some mercenary work in-between, plus a girlfriend (I guess) and going to college before that. So when did his character develop, to someone so well versed and outspoken?

Apart from him raping someone, WTF - there is absolutely no excuse for that. Who in their right mind rapes someone that is poisoned, wtf?! Even if she's your wife?? This 'conflict' was so stupid! See, these kind of ludicrous 'events' lead to a story that was already build on extremely shaky grounds! What's that for bullsh*t reasoning going on his end????

The Main heroine is so unbearably unreasonable, even later when everything is revealed.

Who poisons herself before attending her own (staged) wedding knowingly? WTF is wrong with her. Additionally, her 'Disciple' was the biggest bullsh*t I've read in a long time! What kind of awesome cheat ability is this please? If she can bring the almost dead back to life why didn't she use it on someone more powerful, like - I don't know - the Clairvoyant?


Ah, I almost forgot! Everyone is beautiful! There are no ugly people, ever! Especially the girls are heaven defying beauties. And I ensure you, you won't forget how beautiful the main heroine is. It's mentioned again and again and again.

Another nice extra and the only good redeeming feature about this book were its funny moments! Sadly, they couldn't carry a garbage story!
Antagonists are at least more fleshed out. Well, you have to keep in mind that there were probably only 4 'real' antagonist (which is highly debatable already) throughout the story. So, kudos author.

The Romance

Makes no sense.

What's up with Chinese authors believing that women would magically fall in love with their rapist?! WTF is that bullsh*t? Please tell me that this is not some household believe going around! Spoiler, read at your own risk. If I firmly believe that my sister was killed by the person I need to watch over, I would definitely not blush when he looks my way or touches me and sure as hell not fall in love with him in effing six months? Yet again, extremely poor writing!



Such disappointment. Not just violating rules that were set up but also breaking immersion on several occasions. Introducing aspects to later only drop them. Why even bother. TJSS should have left those verbose useless chapters/explanations out that do nothing for the story continuation. I honestly expected more from someone who has written, what? 5 books (when this was being published) ?
Do yourself a favour and don't read it! Or torture yourself and read it, IMO.

Peace <3 <<less
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Nocturne rated it
Are You Addicted?
July 26, 2017
Status: v2c12

Greetings you beautiful People,

I was rather interested in reading this novel since it deals with a, let's say, 'delicate topic'. That coupled with modern-day China, I am in.
I was even more surprised to find out that it had even gotten its own Drama adaption. So, It must be good, right? Right? I mean - why would they make a Drama out of it if it wasn't good, right? RIGHT? Well, sadly nowadays everything gets adapted for better or worse.
Anyways, let's get to the main course, the review of the novel, shall we...

The synopsis was rather lacking honestly. I had no idea what to expect. Especially the first few chapters were especially confusing. I had absolutely no idea who was who. I have to admit, it took me to about chapter 20 or so to figure out who the two protagonists truly were. Not the best sign to continue on reading, to be honest. Anyways I continued on, 20 chapters are after all nothing less than 1/10 of the novel.

So, what is the story about? - you might ask...
Well, it's basically about two boys BLY and GU and the hardships they face throughout their student life and later on their relationship. (That's not really a spoiler - the story is pretty clear on that part)
But that was pretty much it. The story doesn't go beyond that.
I really expected more. I don't want to go overly political here, but China - China isn't the best place in regards to the Geneva Conventions. So I thought that the topic, the hardships/fear of finding out to love differently, would be a story worth telling, worth illustrating....

I had held onto my expectations, firmly believing that now, finally something would happen, something - anything that would save this poorly written mess. But it never happened. That was when I realised that the story was not just going nowhere but I was also wasting my time.

The story doesn't offer anything besides its smut moments and absolutely ludicrous 'dramatic' misunderstandings. I've seldom read a couple whose quarrels are not just stupid but also painful to read. What the heck does the "romance" tag do there, it should be replaced with "two extremely horny teenagers". Their relationship never goes beyond their carnal desire which is fine, but then stay that way. Whoever encouraged the author to also go full 'typical romance troops', should never advice anyone EVER! Where does all that desire even come from... They are after all both straight, somewhat - I guess?
Since the entire story played in China, I expected more of a harsh, prosaic view on the topic.
The fear of not being accepted, the fear of others finding out - the problems, hardships they could face: Maybe even seeking out other people who love the same way, who had to face these challenges, heck, even some strange methods to turn them back 'normal'. This would have been a story worth reading, a story that mirrored reality and not some Fujoshi's dream of two boys 'seemingly' in love.
That and not some abusive/excessive bodily fluid exchange between two immature imbeciles. Especially a certain scene was extremely off-putting for me. There was absolutely no legitimate reason to why it was done.


Rape! Once again we have the usual Stockholm-Syndrome twisted and turned to fit the story. And create some drama and some suspense. It was not just handled badly but GH had no reason to do so. His reasoning is absolutely flawed and makes no sense. Especially when it's later mentioned that he is such a good person compared to his older brother who is the epitome of evil, or so he claims...


I hated all of them.

GH he is extremely selfish and has no sense of empathy or any other human emotion besides his desire to satisfy his own lust. We don't even know how he looks like, all we know is that he has one huge package! Characterization at it's finest.


He would have been better off to die in the car accident. BLY would have actually been able to effing live his life and not be controlled by some unreasonable egomaniac knob


BLY. I found it quite hilarious to read the author to claim him being some clever/intelligent boy when he clearly isn't. Not only do their quarrels outline the fact that his personality is as exiting as watching water evaporate but also does his behaviour not go beyond his own selfishness and stubbornness. How he was able to live to that point is beyond me.
GY. Well, he was only introduced to give some more drama flavour. It's not like the story already had enough of that... *sarcasm*


For him to go as far as trying to kill BLY to save his brother is bullsh*t and makes no sense. He almost let his brother die and it didn't look like he cared much about his brother's situation whatsoever. It was only because of BLY that he did something about his younger brother's situation. So, tell me - why does he want to kill his brother's boyfriend???


The parents. Not much screen time to speak of. We have the bad parent - "You don't understand me, you are evil - I am right", and of course | in contrast | the good parent - "I love you, regardless of what you do." You know, to save some extra exposition. After all to characterise isn't the author's strong suit.
Everyone was more interesting than those to idiots. Heck, even the female teacher who had like six sentences had more depth than the two randy teens.

The Logic
There was none to speak of. If my son was engaging in 'immoral' behaviour, I would cut his allowance and freeze all his accounts. I wouldn't feed him with more money so he can do whatever he pleases and whatnot.
I am pretty sure that the Chinese government works a little different than that. I strongly believe that a person mentioned as important as GH's father would guard his son 24/7 - only to be safe. I mean, you could get some serious ransom for a VIP's son.
I am not too sure myself but I firmly believe that some general couldn't throw his weight around here and there and put pressure on everyone when the real power lies within the party or the Secretary General respectively.


GH's mother's death was something that made no sense whatsoever. I still don't understand why she seemingly committed suicide and how that saved her husband. This was one major plot hole.


Furthermore I found it rather strange that BLY was able to solve this whole incident in a week what others (powerful people) couldn't do with a lot more resources and manpower. (poor writing)
I found the reasons for BLY hating his mother extremely petty and stupid. How can he expect others to accept him if he doesn't even tolerate his own mother living in happiness? This last aspect actually sums the book up pretty well. They don't accept or tolerate anyone besides themselves. Only their reasoning is correct, only their love is allowed. Nothing else.


It's really not that good. I haven't watched the Drama yet, so I can't say anything about it. But my guess is that it's better than this gibberish of words.

Apart from the smut scenes the story doesn't offer anything else. There is no romance to speak of. Both protagonists are unlikable. I was rather disappointed to say the least, the author should have done her research better and elaborated on more important topics, such as acceptance, struggles, problems etc. Topics the LGBTTIQ community has to face everyday. This could have been so much more, sadly - it wasn't.

Love :) <3

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Nocturne rated it
Mei Gongqing
September 8, 2017
Status: c90
Greetings my Loves,

this had such a great start but somewhere (fairly early) it lost its charm and turned into, what I like to call, bad writing. Dropped.

Nevertheless big xi

... more>> xie to the translator who has done a beautiful job. The story really flows pleasantly!

I've recently found myself enjoying all these Chinese Palace dramas (Princess of China, The Princess Wei Yang, The Legend of Lu Zhen etc). So, I thought I might as well give this one a try. It might turn out interesting, refreshing even.

I have to say that the beginning and the entire premise were really nicely done. There were no info-dumps. I'd even go as far as saying that this book has one of the best handled expositions in its genre. Palace Drama and reincarnation/soul transmigration.

This was or to say is the only saving grace of the novel, beside that there is nothing much.

Let's get straight to the problems and why this story wasn't good, to me at least that is.

The Story

It started good. Problems thrown at the heroine and she has to showcase her wits and cunning to solve them. Giving the reader a more vibrant and clear view of not just her character but also the way she is going (most likely) to handle all the problems that will come at her in the near future.

Then it turned downhill fairly fast once the first male love interest appeared.

All that is mentioned about him is his heaven-defying beauty - no problem there. But it's mentioned way too often. Girl, we get it - he's hot. Is there a need to repeat it over and over and over and over again? No. No, there isn't. What I hated even more was the way she was addressing/calling herself when talking to the first ML. Praising him and condescending herself. I found that extremely off-putting to me. Don't understand me wrong, I know that Chinese nobility liked to beat around the bush, talking in riddles, using certain phrases to explain certain things yada yada. But she was way too bold, more so if she had lived one life already. She should surly know better that 'face' is everything, especially to the Nobles.

But what I hated even more was the way she interacted with the third love interest.

Author, did you even read your effing first chapter?! She killed herself because of him? How come that she is to fall again for him? Am I really reading the same story? Is she stupid or something? This makes no sense!!

Why even kill yourself if you love him so dearly? What I find even more ridiculous if the fact that she isn't driven by revenge or anything like that or other human emotions - hate, angst, sadness when facing him. Keep in mind that we're talking about Ancient China here - Face is everything, dignity means everything. Shame, bringing dishonour to yourself and/or your family is a legitimate reason to end your life, to 'atone' to your sins, disgrace you've brought over your ancestors.

Am I still reading the same book, is she really the same heroine that was outlined so beautifully?!

Things went downhill from there. Inconsistencies, questionable decisions and the beauty of the First love interest that gets greater and greater with each passing chapter.

The Worse

    • Chang Rong claims that she went into war with her Ex. So one might imagine that she should have a sense of maturity when facing bloodshed, killing and blood - or at least not faint and cry like a sissy when an arrow was shot at her? She claimed herself, that she not just went to war several times with the General but he also taught her about war strategies. What kind of war and which strategies is she referring to, honestly?
    • I honestly can't even begin to comprehend what the boys see in her, how they fell in love with her. It's not like her personality is anything special?! Or they interacted with her for a reasonable amount of time to show any kind of emotions
    • I simply can't get over the fact that it looks like she will once again fall for her Ex. This killed the story for me. Regardless of it being the final outcome or not.
    • The way she acts and carries herself around, I'm not very surprised that she had lost her face in her previous life...
    • Her stupidity knows no boundaries. She has for god's sake reincarnated, don't make the same questionable decisions...
All in all, I didn't enjoy it very much. The beginning was superb, the way she outsmarted the people who wanted to take advantage of her (thanks to her first life's memories), her don't eff with me attitude but sadly it turned into some kind of third grade romance BS that I cannot bear to continue on reading.

Prosperity and happiness <3 <<less
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Nocturne rated it
I Shall Seal the Heavens
May 25, 2017
Status: c1200
Hello my Loves,

I honestly can't understand how this is being praised as one of the best Xianxia out there. This book, or more to say - the story is pure BS.

But first things first. The translators are doing a great job in both quality and quantity, but still - the story isn't good because of that, sadly.

... more>> Okay, where to start this train wreck?

The Beginning |B-[Interesting Premise]

Through some 'lucky' coincidence, our protagonist, Meng Hao, is thrown into the world of cultivators and such. After some magic here and some lucky encounter there, he obtains a cheat item - nothing less, a super stupid one at that as well.


Which automatically puts him above everyone else, something that begs the question - how come that absolutely no one knows of this cheat item and its ludicrous OPness? Yes, for it to be lost - I can live with that, but to simple fall into the hands of some backwater village bumpkin - come on. Furthermore, how come that his Doa Protector, who has lived for more than 1kk years, its actual owner, doesn't know or doesn't care about this object. I mean - are you serious?


This once again shows extremely lazy writing - and boy, I ensure you - that's not the first and by far not the last major plot hole...

The Romance |F [Bad romance overall]

What the heck was that? I've seldom read something so shallow and plainly ridiculous in my life. IET is bad with writing romance but Er Gen he's on another level. His Dao of Romance is just laughingly bad.

Somehow all the girls he ever met just fall in love with him, but he of course, since being our usual perfect protagonist, he stays faithful to his main love interest. Nothing bad here, but where the heck do these emotions come from? They hardly ever interacted? But Er Gen somehow explains that with, yeah right


"She wasn't very intelligent, it was just simple love! Her coldness was just an act, she tried to hide her stupidity by putting up this front!"


Oh, come on! This makes no sense. Don't understand me wrong, I know - this book wasn't written for offering some tear-jerking lovey-dovey moments but either do it right or at least better, or - what I would have rather preferred, leave it out.

The Setting |E- [Overall Bad, but interesting at the start]

I find it rather amusing when people claim this book to be a masterpiece by pointing out all the faults in other series, such as shallow one-dimensional characters, too much luck, cruel protagonist yada yada.

He walks around and slaughters various cultivators, for no good reason whatsoever. That in fact makes him no different from the various antagonists he's facing.

And it becomes more and more ridiculous reading on, when these super 'mysterious' secrets are revealed about his parents and stuff.

Some aspects are just stupid, for instance, the whole "Chosen One" - 'you receive my legacy and part of my power, because YOLO, we are connected by karma'-storyline, so in short, about 2/3 of the book make no sense.

But the biggest problem I have with this book are the fights and the explanations of the Dao. I've read my fair share on Xianxia and Wuxia novels but in this self-proclaimed masterpiece, nothing is really explained. It's just pills here, pills here, upgrade - now, somehow, gaining enlightenment, never used the technique but after eating pills, heaven shaking talent/power/intelligence is even more apparent. But most importantly, to get the story somewhere, Meng Hao is present when people are about to offend him, this is just too ridiculous if you think about it.

It's just, I really have to question myself. How has cultivation existed for so long? Shouldn't I fear that my neighbour whom I've bullied three yours ago might be some disguised super genius Chosen Dao Child of a Super Sect who tries to comprehend the Dao. Wouldn't people, or to say, cultivators be more, I don't know, sensible and less stupid? Walking around, offending left and right? Am I wrong here?

The Character |E [No growth to speak of, Dao of Shallowness]

Zero Character development. Meng Hao has no goal to speak off. It's just that somehow everyone wants to bully him - with no valid reasons? Right, how very convenient to letting the story progress that way...

Also, what bothers me even more than him not growing into a more mature/sensible adult, is the fact that Er Gen for some odd reason thought that bringing Meng Hao's friend's up every now and then would give them a more tangible personality. Yeah, that didn't work out... Don't make them shallow to begin with to later create some depth by bringing them up every now and then.


It really isn't that good. Severely overrated story that brings nothing new to the table. As a first Xianxia you might want to check it out. But as a veteran, I wouldn't recommend it, it's just not good and rather boring at times. Here and there some funny moments but overall, no good read - IMO.

Greets! <3 <<less
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Nocturne rated it
True Martial World
June 7, 2017
Status: c1000
Salutations my Loves,

Sooo, I thought I might as well write a review for this story!

In the beginning I was a rather hesitant to read the story because of its meager predecessor, "Martial World". "Martial World" was an utter mess, I will probably write a review for that one as well, anyways - I digress.

... more>> The Beginning C- (Usual transmigration, nothing special here)

Yi Yun, a modern day-to-day student, I believe, is transported to another world. But yet again, it actually makes absolutely no difference what his origins are. His past life, his life on Earth, does nothing for the overall story progression. Why implement it, you might ask, I honestly don't know.
Anyways, Yi Yun, our protagonist gets his cheat item, a small necklace or card or shard. Which of course gives him super profound profoundness.

It might only be me but somewhere in the middle of the story, the author wasn't too sure how far the necklace's powers should reach so he just made it more powerful, you know - for 'story progression'.

So our protagonist is thrust into the cruel world of cultivators, way too arrogant Young Master, beauties and Martial Arts and stuff! And this is where his journey to greatness begins.

The Setting D+ (All over the place)

I don't know where to start, what to say here, honestly. There are way too many inconsistencies here and there.
Well, let me try to explain what I mean.

The first hundred or so chapters are mostly about the village he had transmigrated to, creating the overall mood and showing the cruel world of cultivators and the injustice he and his elder sister, Jiang Xiaoru, were/are facing. Nothing bad here until his first antagonist is introduced, one truly stupid fellow.

How difficult can it possible be to kill one stupid child? Yi Yun has nothing to protect himself!?! What is with all those stupid antagonists waiting for the hero to reach a point in power when he or she simple tramples over the antagonist?

After that or in-between of the main story-line, the first hundred chapters, a side-plot is introduced, the Heaven-Shaking-Beauty-Arc, as I lovingly call it. This is where things become a little too convenient.

Yi Yun gets to knowing this girl and her master, a well-renowned Desolate Heaven Technique expert. For some super weird reason the guy gives him his notebook, to understand the technique - why? I don't know.


After that it's mostly cultivating, a lucky encounter here and there and a little hunting session plus the extra lucky encounter. You know - not to forget the lucky encounter, did I already mention the lucky encounters? And to round out, a finger twist of plot armour.

Fear not! We also have the occasional way too confident, and I mean it, Senior Sect Brother vs. (underestimated) Protagonist action going on. These chapters are the really important ones !!! Several chapters to either explain why he is so powerful, of course several levels above his peers, or what makes him different from [insert insignificant antagonist] to only be beaten, so that even his grandmother wouldn't recognise him, in one or two moves.

The author wasn't too sure where to go with all those plot lines, so why not just in incorporating them into one big one, right? I mean, if it doesn't work out. Just drop one of the characters.

The Characters C- (Ordinary, nothing special, with a lot of WTF moments)

Well, Yi Yun. He's a strange character. I don't want to say that he has no goal to speak of but he has no goal to speak of. First it's the usual, "new world, forced into a certain problem, only way to solve it - retaliate". So in short, survival. He isn't some slaughter god but he doesn't shy away from giving judgment either, what I like.
After that it's mostly slice of Dao before turning into

finding his lost Doa Companion

. Which BTW is super poorly made. To me it seems like he doesn't care if he can reach his current goal.

Yi Yun's sister, Jiang Xiaoru, WTF was this utter super ridiculous plot twist and pure BS writing.

For some truly ludicrous reason, his sister is the princess/Queen of the Desolate Race. Right? How very convenient. This came from absolutely nowhere. Furthermore, her background, the reason her mother abandoned her or lost her (but not really) is utter garbage. This was one major plot hole. If Jiang Xiaoru were really dead, what then? From what the author explained Jiang Xiaoru death would be disastrous to the entirety of the Desolate Race. Good she is well and everything, otherwise this would have required a little more exposition on the author's side. Lucky him!


The next problem is his Sect's senior sister

Princess Purple Spirit

. That was again one of those moments that made me wonder, what was the author thinking when creating the characters? Yeah, you guessed it - absolutely nothing! She is again a heaven-shaking beauty, as you know: The prettier the girl, the stronger her power! And it turns out she is super pretty, I don't mean love interest pretty but harem-member pretty. So you know it is 'legit'.
My problem is just.

Her background. The reason she fled to the minor world Yi Yun is from makes no sense, at least to me. So yes, a war was/is going on, which is the reason she fled to a minor world. The problem, I now have, is just: There was no real war going on in the Twelve Empyrean Heaven. Sure the overall mood is a little tense but everything seems pretty fine to me. If a war had happened, the way it was first explained, the mood/overall awareness should be way darker/higher. The Luo Clan hasn't won yet, still everyone is d*cking around for no good reason. Shouldn't people be more alert, trying everything to gain power, to successfully fight against the imminent danger?


If I was waging war, I wouldn't wait for the other party to recuperate to only oppose me! I'd send them to oblivion as long as they are weakened. Here, they don't - why? Yet again, I have no answer! It's just lazy writing

The antagonists. Nothing special here, the usual troops. Too stupid to put into words. All those Young Masters have super strong [insert insignificant but really super ultra strong Sects] backing them but they still fail to kill one person, I mean - come on.

The Romance B- (Pretty solid)

Strangely enough, I really liked the way it was done, well, as long as it lasted. The romance was subtle, it wasn't shoved down my throat, which was a nice change.

She had enough screen time for me to understand her feelings, her personality and why she liked Yi Yun. Yi Yun's emotions were conveyed decently for me to feel 'something'. One shouldn't expect Titanicesque-vibes coming from a story that is clearly written for its adventure and action aspects. Nevertheless, it was done quite good. Until the incident.


What the heck happened to her? She went missing somewhere in-between! My guess is that she is still alive, since the Fox Sect chic didn't have to much screen time. But who knows, she might be turned into a harem member. My problem is just that Yi Yun doesn't care. His Dao Companion, the need to find her, was only mentioned pitiful three times since her disappearance, that's over 100 chapters now.



Despite all its flaws, I am really enjoying it. The translators are doing a great job, they are up-to date with the initial releases and the story gets updated daily. Which is a huge plus. Sure, nothing new here. Some passages that need to be endured or power-read through but overall, a solid read.

The story offers some funny moments, an overall interesting premise and an adequate execution of what it offers. And it's so much better than Martial World. Plus, no stupid harem - for now at least...

Love <3 <<less
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Nocturne rated it
Warlock of the Magus World
April 14, 2018
Status: Completed
Greetings my Loves,

So, this story – I don't know where to put it. I don't really 'hate' it but it wasn't that great either. Since it had been on my "Complete-It-List" for almost a year. I thought – just complete it already. Anyhow, my review.

The Beginning
Nothing special here. The usual transmigration 'backstory' we've all read. His past life is basically none existent. All we know that he was some kind of 'scientist' back on old earth somewhere in the future, I guess. Anything beyond that isn't important of... more>> course because weak exposition skills.
Nonetheless, what I liked was that we were thrown right into action, it was fast paced enough for my personal taste. The worldbuilding in the beginning was slightly above average, I'd say.

The Problems

The first problem I have with this novel obviously is his super op cheat item. At the beginning it was okay. I mean, I can live with some plot armour and ridiculous OP-BS. But the author shouldn't stretch it. And he did it again, again and again.

How it is possible for the item to even grow stronger is absolutely beyond me. It's not like its sentient or anything like that.

He is a scientist with an AI-CHIP inside his brain. The author could have explored the advent of Technologic Singularity. You know, AI becoming so powerful that it would change/lead to continuous progress and eventually changing an entire civilisation for the better or worse. This would have given the novel some extra spice and it would have also showed that the author informed himself about the subject he was iterating.

This also brings me to my second problem - the science gets lost!
The first 300 chapters were good! Leylin was portrayed as a genuine scientist. We're introduced to the world's science and alchemy. We are given examples of his experiments how he made progress with his research, explaining his ingredients his research steps yada yada. But sadly, more and more things are dumped on the cheat item without any explanation whatsoever. The premise of the novel is first and foremost, Leylin being a former scientist and second, Magi being known for their research and how they made prowess by experiments and observation. The author sadly couldn't connect Leylin becoming stronger without abandoning the original premise, him being a scientist. I don't need several paragraphs of mumbo jumbo but here and there a rule or an example why this worked and that didn't would have been much appreciated, after all Leylin is a scientist.

I especially hated the last 300 or so chapters - The World of Gods arc.
The entire arc plain and simply makes absolutely no sense.

This is complete bullsh*t. You can't halt progress, especially not in a world in which foreign powers are competing with one another. Gods need the people's believes to retain their strength. People would eventually make progress. Knowledge would eventually flood to all social groups. Since this would benefit everyone. Heck, gods themselves would be heavily promoting the 'distribution' of knowledge and wisdom since the benefit of intelligent believers is much higher than believers who just follow out of no good reason whatsoever. By creating a safe environment for their believers, gods could inhibit plagues and illnesses. Gods who rely on illnesses and plagues, the fear these calamities induce, would eventually weaken and fall. Prior devote believers of 'evil gods' would migrate to other gods, gods that offered safer environments.



Then his ascension! The author kept pulling gods who were never mentioned before out of his ass. Suddenly this god was a true-god who conveniently holds the same domain as him. I mean, these gods have lived for millions of years. How come that they don't have any trump cards up their sleeve? How come that Leylin is the only person intelligent enough to compete against them. Beings that lived for eons whereas he hadn't even lived for 400 years?!


I personally don't understand the need to procreate. I mean, he's selfish – children don't give him any benefit. He wants to peruse eternal life. They will most likely die before him – it's not like he will get anything out of it honestly.

The finale was so lacklustre. I mean I didn't expect the revelation of everything but to me it still felt pretty meh. Characters
There is absolutely no character growth. Which baffles me. Our MC hails from earth, a 'civilized' environment that is governed by law and order. Not by system that relies on the strongest cultivator or strongest sect. So, one could now imagine that a scientist, someone who was bound to his desk might be somewhat startled, afraid, unsure what to do and effing hesitant to kill someone. But he just isn't, he adapts to his new environment way too quickly. I don't understand why even bother including that he transmigrated from earth?

He's quite cruel at times. Okay, well. I mean, okay. I don't really care honestly. I would have much rather preferred an explanation for his descend into cruelty and evil. But again, exposition or describing character traits such as appearance and behaviour isn't the author's strong suit.

But the saving grace of this novel are the close-up views during war situations. Here I must give the author some credit! This was done quite skilful.
See, it becomes very difficult to emphasize with a sheer omnipotent being like Leylin. He MC, he not die.
Giving us some closeups, focusing on certain people who might be unimportant in the bigger sense of the war, give a sense of urgency and show a different angle of the conflict. Sure, shooting a meteorite into the crowd letting fire rings descend – killing everyone, is mindboggling and interesting, but that's about it. Giving us Barton, a knight who has suffered all his life and sees a chance in this war, for himself and his woman, to have a better life and thus fighting with his life on the line creates tension and emotion, a sense urgency. Or in that case pity since we know that he will perish by Leylin hands. (Batron doesn't exist, no spoiler)

This again is more of a personal taste, but the world feels static. It's like nothing happens until the protagonists makes a move or the author, well – vomiting out what to happen next. In the earlier chapters, the author bothered to include other aspects or to say, the cast, was interesting and contributed to the story. Later, not so much which sadly didn't benefit the story. The reason for the other characters becoming unnecessary was of course his ridiculous progression speed.

Oh well. Something what occasionally happens is the author writing himself into a corner. Leylin conveniently gets saved by either his cheat item or some plot armour. I can't remember one memorable antagonist. They were all bland, sometimes we were gifted with a backstory but apart from that there weren't any memorable ones.

And I'm not even going to talk about the hefty 'inspirations' the author took of another work that was published on Qidian a year earlier.
A protagonist can only be as intelligent as his master. It's evident in the later chapters, I'd say around the 8-hundreds, the author had absolutely no idea where he was going with the story. Some things just don't add up. Characters being introduced, never mentioned again, inheritances found without any explanation whatsoever, rules being broken etc. Numbers are nice and everything but without any context they are worthless. Giving us his stats is nice but not knowing what they mean in comparison to other powerful Magi is stupid.

What does a strength of 52 mean? Are the other Magi more powerful than him? Something I liked in the earlier chapters, we were given actual stats of other Magi. Is a vitality of 44 high or is it low in comparison to other Magi? This was something that actually help grasp the MC's power somewhat. I still don't know how he is more powerful than other Magi after a breakthrough without any evidence, anything to compare it to. It breaks the immersion and makes it difficult to follow through. Edict
It's an okay read. Nothing special. The first 300 chapters are pretty engaging after that it stagnates somewhat picks up around the 5-hundreds to the 7-hundreds before being bad. The last 300 chapters were pure garbage. I'd say, give it a try but don't hesitate to skip certain chapters or you will be angered to death and spurt three mouthfuls of blood. 2 stars because the beginning and the story was engaging enough up the 500s, but it gradually deteriorated after that. Nevertheless, the translations are superb, and it's finished, so pick it up and decide yourself!

Love and longevity <3 <<less
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