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Quite boring. Nothing new.

The God of Darkness lost in a battle against the other gods and was sealed. After 1, 600 years he has been released by the Goddess of Light.

Worried about the influece the other gods might have on the humans during his absence, he decided to reincarnate..

although he could've just create a body instead of using the body of a newborn, I mean, he's a god, I doubt it would pose any problems to him, but for the sake of the plot he reincarnated in a normal family... more>> situated in a small village.

His goal is to check the changes the humans have been since they were created. Ok. Boring but ok.

His personality is.. Err.. Boring. He doesn't have neither the calm demeanor nor the intelligence a god should have. Especially after living for more than a thousand years. Everything about him seems to scream: " PLAIN! " Even the plot is not that good. The style is way too simple. The chapters are short. I can't find anything in this novel that make it different than the others.

In brief, this is just a normal story with a normal MC with a useless goal.

2 stars for the translations. <<less
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Nneeil rated it
The Book Eating Magician
December 31, 2017
Status: c242
Incredible. Usually I don't write reviews but I must describe how incredible this masterpiece is.

Theodore is an excellent and very hard-working student, however due to his poor talent he can't practice magic, which drives him to work even harder to make up for his defect. Nevertheless, he isn't able to overcame his lack of talent with his hard-work.

Eventually he meets Gluttony, a grimoire which allows him to eat and absorb all the books he'd read. There's a limit though. He can do it only a few times every day, and... more>> as he keeps unlocking the grimoire's seals he can eat even less.

One thing that I wish to praise is the character growth. The MC doesn't become overpowered fast, nor later. The grimoire is a tool which make his path easier, and coupled with his intelligence and hard work he get strong pretty quick, but considering all the strong people he faces I can say it's legit. In fact I don't know why some people said that he is op. HE ISN'T!!! OP MEANS THAT THE MC CAN EASILY OPPRESS EVERY OPPONENT!


There's a battle where the MC meets another grimoire of the 'Seven Sins' set: Pride. In that battle the MC did everything possible to win, he even forced his grimoire to unlock a seal (I'm not going in the details because I'm too lazy to write all the scene), still Pride beat the crap out of him and almost killed him if Veronica didn't appear.


Is he strong? Yes! But cmon.. Just look at how many strong people there are.. He is very strong as of chapter 242 but not the strongest, he can't beat opponents with a higher stage than his, now add dragons and grimoires in between and you can say that he has still a long way to go.

As I was saying before the character growth is splendid in my opinion. You can clearly notice the difference as you keep reading. He becomes more mature.

Especially since he trains a lot. He gains a lot of experience and keep growing strong as he faces stronger enemies.

The author also avoid to write useless stuff like pointless information dump, so the plot is fast paced.

The romance is not the best but is not that bad either. The girls don't fall in love too quick, nor too slow. The fact that the MC isn't a pervert is a plus. He isn't that dense, but having romantic relationship is not on his to-do list, this changes later on.

I really recommend you to give it a try. :) <<less
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Nneeil rated it
Fantasy Falls
July 21, 2018
Status: c366
I'm so disappointed. Despite some low reviews I started reading it nonetheless because I like these kinds of novels. But it must be a Chinese author's deep-rooted desire to screw things up and write this kind of anger-inducing novel, even you who are reading this review right now, could do a better job than him.

It starts quite good, although it could have been better, maybe with a more detailed description of how the apocalypse started instead of randomly spawning Titans... but whatever...

Our protagonist receives a 5-star bloodline with unlimited potential,... more>> and it shows it rather quick. Killing Titans became easy for him pretty soon. While the system that we've been introduced is quite normal, what ruins it is the feature of buying mercenaries (beautiful females from anime/games/movies/cultivation worlds. Oh.. there are males too but... hardly anybody buys them). Obviously, Lin Xi (the MC) in spite of being an introverted guy who needs love because... *wipes tear* he's lonely... won't hesitate to buy some cuz he wants a family. There's the pet feature too, but nobody cares about that, we have anime girls! And it seems to be what every single male in this novel thinks like. Lin Xi bought pets too and a Tyrant from Resident Evil if I remember correctly, but the reason he did that was because he hadn't enough points to hire a mercenary (points are gained through killing monsters & bosses or stealing them from others Evolvers).

It didn't take much for the first few beautiful girls to make their appearance, Lin Xi saves them from the cliché rapist thugs, and then tries to save a loli from a Ghoul. Failed because the loli was already dead, so the MC tries to kill him, but failed, oh.. but he did manage to absorb his bloodline, thus gaining some abilities. He defeated the dude, but he escaped. And since the MC was in the process of evolving, but given that he was severely injured, he was about to die. Luckily he was saved from some of the girls he had previously rescued from the thugs, and kinda forced to take them with him. He said that he didn't want pigs with him, so he trains them. Later on this notion becomes completely stupid and useless since Lin Xi throws at them ability seeds, bloodlines, weapons etc..

One of the girls in his team dies because she wasn't as beautiful as the other two, even tho she was the most hard-working, so the Author quickly got rid of her.

Lin Xi spends lots of points on mercenaries even though their usefulness is very, very short. In fact, in a few chapters, they become a burden, especially the girls he took with him. Soo.. yeah.. instead of using the points to strengthen himself, he uses them on useless mercenaries...

Also, the MC hides his true strength for some uncanny reason beyond our understanding, he says he didn't want others to find out what his bloodline is but... oh.. let me tell you that unless Evolvers reveals it, people can't find what their bloodline, ability or talent is... so it's kinda stupid.. especially since not long after he reveals them, so yeah... totally pointless...

Also, what annoys me the most is the fact that most of the time Lin Xi gets his hands on powerful abilities and stuff, he gives them to his annoying mercenaries or girls. The reason? Well, the author tried his best to come with a reasonable explanation and it was: MC didn't need them. Yeah... *claps* Let's just give all this stuff to meaningless side characters aka females aka harem. He keeps saying that he wants to be the strongest, but his actions are the complete opposite. He's pretty strong, yes, but it's pretty obvious that there are people who are stronger than him, especially the bosses.

During a fight against a boss of League of Legends, MC manages to defeat him and was about to die, but plot armor kicked in and he survived, moreover he even gained something out of it, though it turned out to be quite detrimental because he lost his two strongest abilities, and the author again tried to come up with a good reason of why he lost said abilities.

Oh.. forgot to say that more girls were added to his so-called harem (truthfully it isn't a harem per se, just girls for the fanservice.. he remains a virgin till the end..)

The author couldn't take it anymore and introduced the Air/Qi, and so the MC now trains in that, and through the fact it resembles Dragon Ball's Qi, coupled with his strength and his Ki Blast, people now think that he has a Sayan Bloodline...

Cultivation now seems to be more important than anime skills and magic.

And the fight against Pain, Sephirot, Aizen, Raoh, Byakuran, Gilgamesh, Enel kinda irked me... out of that fight the MC didn't gain much aside a new type of Qi that is strongest than the others (but he can't use it otherwise he will lose control), the rumble-rumble fruit (he'll give it to a useless girl), the treasure key of Gilgamesh that he gave to a magical girl he summoned with 1 million points, Byakuran's ring, and the Rinnegan.. ohh... after having absorbed the Rinnegan he didn't really get anything good out of it.. his eyes didn't transform and he didn't get all of Pain's skills...

Right now the MC can't fight because of the Asura Qi, so he'll use an incarnation to fight... typical cultivation sh*t..

Oh.. and the romance here is wasted, he seems to be in love with Reimu (the grown up and psychopathic version of Northern Princess Hoppou-chan) but her screen time is very short.. a pity.. in my opinion, they would have been great together. <<less
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