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Nixarxiddiqui rated it
Against the Gods
June 24, 2018
Status: c1129
This novel is a pure GEM, you can't find any other novel which is better or even on equal level as this. And to those all who gave 1* or gave harsh comments, they didn't even read the whole novel and are bullsh*tting about it. This singular mentality of them (only the novel they like is best) is what causing them to not appreciate a good written novel. Ok that was enough, now let me explain what is best in this novel which none other novel represents.

  1. Story: The gradual update of the story is just too awesome, it is well thought and well depicted. The author, since chapter one has a goal in mind, and the whole story is going in the perfect direction without looking like any gaps or missing links (like other novels where suddenly something happens and the author tried hard to explain about this and that, just to make sure the story doesn't spoil), in this novel every event is always linked or hinted in previously which makes it so awesome to read.
  2. Character Development: I don't think I even need to comment on this, I mean every other novel has good character development, but there are things which none other novel has is, the protogonist of this novel is depicted genius so no other character in the younger generation can compare to him (not like other novels, where suddenly another younger character becomes strong on same level as the hero, I mean if you are a genius then you should be the genius). Well there are a few characters who got sudden powers and became equal to protogonist (but that is also well portrayed, like they got some special veins etc etc)
  3. Harem: No doubt this is strongest point of this novel, he has ever growing harem and he is also sexually active with his harem, not like other novels where the protogonist is either Saint, Monk or Plastic who doesn't has any feelings. And to all those guys who are criticizing his s*x involvement, why the heck are u even reading this novel? It has that ecchi and adult tags, if you don't like these type of novel just stop reading and go ahead.
  4. Arcs: Wow, nothing to say about such beautifully well explained story and interesting Arcs. The arcs are a beauty of this novel, they are well explained.
  5. Fights: ūüėćūüėć The fights are just pure love. The protogonist is shown to have power to fight across the tiers (10 levels = 1 tier, mean he can beat enemies who are higher than him 1 or 2 tiers). The fights are always good, interesting and well explained. To those who say the fights are repetetive (wtf? I mean what other novel doesn't has repetetive fights? If enemy is strong the main character still has to beat him or do u want the main character to die? I have read many novels BTTH, MGA, MW, ISSTH and many other, none of the protogonist in those novel has ever lost a fight... They always clinch to the victory in the very last moment by either getting a power up or always has something prepared for despair moments)
Well thats all from me, I really recommend you guys to read this novel, it is one of the super best novels out there.
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