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WARNING: This is more of a long rant than a review.

To be honest, I was thinking about rating this with 4 stars (because the Translators were pretty good) but I dropped it down to 2 stars because I just can't read any more than I already have.

The main problem that I have with this story is the MC (Main Character), Tiararose. There are a few other factors but the main character is always the make-it-or-break-it.

At the start, she had potential to be a well-rounded character with room for some character... more>> growth. Very quickly, I began to realize that there is little to no substance to her.

Tiararose, was interesting at the start. I thought she had a strong sense of justice and an unyielding spirit. This personality of hers made me cheer for her when she stould up to the Otome game's heroine, Akari. Her close relationship with her parents made me smile. I also thought her interactions with ML (Male Lead), Aquasteed, was very adorable as well.

Then, well... let's just say things took a turn, and not a very good turn either.


Unfortunately, I only thought she was awesome until she and Aquasteed arrived in Aquasteed's country, Marineforest. There, she meets the sequel otome game's FL (Female Lead), Aishira, and everything just went downhill from there.

She literally does nothing but cry and get jealous this whole arc. Her constant cases of "insecurity" makes reading the story incredibly frustrating.

And, yes, I put quotations around "insecurity" because that is what Author-sensei wants you to think she feels. Rather than being insecure, however, I see Tiararose as someone who has no common sense whatsoever. She's distrustful and spoiled, and she doesn't reflect on her actions (or inactions). In a way, she's very self-centered.

I understand jealousy, but not to the extent that Tiararose had dragged it on for. There's a fine line between being jealous that Aishira wants to get closer romantically to Aquasteed, and just not trusting that Aquasteed will choose her, Tiararose. She also doesn't trust Aquasteed enough to confide her worries. She merely bottles it up like she's supposed to be the "bigger person" for not making a huge fuss over it and then cries about it when she's alone, creating countless and pointless misunderstandings and frustration just to push the plot along.

True, she's technically in a game and her fears of Aishira stealing Aquasteed from her (because Aishira is the FL and Aquasteed is the Capture Target) is not unfounded, but she needs a better excuse than to continue blaming the game setting for her "insecurity".

If the world she was in truly followed the game logic, Tiararose wouldn't have been there to witness Aishira's attempts to "capture" Aquasteed in the first place.

Her very existence means that the whole premise of the game should serve as a reference, not a guarantee. However, she does not get that. She relies too heavily on the fact that she's in a game world to understand that things have changed because she's the one that changed it. She doesn't realize it and she still hasn't even at chapter 52. It's truly frustrating and I cannot stress this enough.

Moreover, she was so harsh to Akari for not following etiquette and dancing with Hartnight more than proper, but (where I'm at in the story) she sneaks out of the castle with a man who is not Aquasteed, her husband, to go to a place that is isolated from civilization with them two being alone and together. Oh, and did I forget to mention that she's currently the Crown Princess?

Now, if that ain't hypocrisy at its finest then I have no idea what is.

And other than receiving the blessings from faries (that somehow did not exist nor have a variant of in her country despite the two countries being geographical neighbors), she has no redeeming qualities. Even having a domestic skill like baking really doesn't nearly do a good job filling the plot hole that is Tiararose.


TL;DR Spoiler: Basically, Tiararose has no substantial character growth after she broke off her engagement with Prince Hartnight. She "grows" because the plot dictates her to.

Character growth is dependent on how the character reflects on their actions, and Tiararose doesn't reflect until, like, the 10th repeat of the same instance. There is no testing-the-waters feel with her character growth. To me, her change seemed rather abrupt, like the plot was leaving her behind and Author-sensei couldn't be bothered to let Tiararose catch up on her own.

At this point in time, she merely feels like a narrator. If it weren't for the characters that interacted with her, braking the immersion, it feels like she literally has nothing to do with the story. She made herself a side character, and not even a side character that I like.

I may be judging this story too early, seeing as I am only on chapter 52, but it's hard to continue reading a so-so plot when you truly dislike the main character if the story. <<less
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Niveous rated it
LITTLE GOBLIN: Master, Don’t Come Here!
October 10, 2018
Status: c106
After months of passively reading different stories from this site, I finally made an account to drop a review... and it's not quite because I absolutely loved the story. As far as QT novels go, this story is quite standard. It may also be quite enjoyable if this story was someone's first exposure to QT novels. I hesitate calling it a "quick transmigration" novel mainly because the arcs aren't that quick at all. Maybe it's someone's cup of tea, but not mine.

However, the translation quality needs a (lot) bit more... more>> work. I understand that the translating team is letting us read this for free and are doing their utmost to consistently give us content, but it feels like I'm reading MTL. I apologize, but it's true. There's also the issue with formatting in the first handful of chapters. The sporadic bolding for some paragraphs threw me off (thankfully it ended after chapter 29) and the italics for dialogue seems completely unnecessary. In my honest opinion, italics for dialogue should only be used for inner thought/monologue or text/messages/phone conversations.

The story is fine, but the summary doesn't quite fit the actual content of the story itself. I'm from North America, so "goblins" have an entirely different appearance than what was portrayed in the story.


Little goblins are literally little... and they're green. Very little and very green. Reading the synopsis, my western thought process was hesitantly intrigued by the thought of a goblin/human pairing. I'm aware that this is my misunderstanding and that I'm completely at fault for it, but having a handsome human falling in love with a little green monster was what drew me in initially.

I was disappointed that she wasn't a western goblin at all, but just a human with enhanced senses.


As for the ML... well, I'm conflicted. There's part of me that wants to give him a chance, but the other part is reluctant.


I have no idea if his soul transmigrates with her, or if she just pair up with an entirely new ML every time. Also, she didn't fall in love with him in the first world at all! Maybe she did subconsciously, but the summary implied that she knew it before she moved to another world. The summary is completely misleading, and I don't appreciate it.

I also dislike the attitude of the ML in the second world. To be frank, I despised him. There's a fine line between dotingly overbearing and obsessively possessive, and 2nd ML jumped that line by miles. I'm currently on the 3rd arc, but I'm not sure if I'm going to continue.


All in all, I wouldn't recommend this story to veteran QT readers, but I would tentatively suggest this novel to casual first-timers. <<less
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