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NirvanaFlame rated it
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God
September 16, 2017
Status: v1c28
With only 20 chapters released it is always hard to gauge the quality of the writing, the plot and characters. While it is blatantly obvious that the story has taken parts from Sword Art Online along with the image which I think is stupid but on an overall it is pretty similar to most other VRMMORPG story's around with the usual Chinese influence. However this doesn't mean that the story itself is bad, the author has at least made an attempt to put a newer perspective on certain ideas. Those... more>> familiar with SAO's second season where Kiritio earned like 300000 gold from the untouchable game, a similar scenario is in this but rather it's the gnomes game and it's cash reward is far smaller along with a skill book for the MC for the first clear. The major Characters are actually quite well developed and you can grasp their temperments from the way the novel is written, the only thing I think is silly is the misuse of the reincarnation term. Reincarnation implies life after death, in the novel the MC doesn't die but just goes to bed drunk and wakes up young. That for me was the only real negative as it is simply a lazy and poor plot device to start the story that a lot of reincarnation stories use and even then I don't really think this is a reincarnation story. Just think of it as more the MC know the special locations where he can get a headstart than the other players. But on an overall I have really enjoyed it and all those negative ratings are from people who hate the fact that it has used some ideas from SAO.

thats all from me so peace out. <<less
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NirvanaFlame rated it
Master of the Stars
March 10, 2017
Status: v1c10
The plot is interesting, set in a sort of modern setting though the name doesn't really represent the novel all that well same as the synopsis. So far the character is a bit hard to grasp - setting and family provided but we still don't really know what the main character is like. (Presumably cold, anti-hero MC)

Also modern setting with mutants (though we don't really know anything yet about them).
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NirvanaFlame rated it
I Never Run Out of Mana
January 23, 2017
Status: c11
Loving the fact that this series has been picked up again, obviously there is only a few chapters done however it has already provided a solid world build, power system and has some decently understandable decisions. Not sure about the combat as only a little has been built onto that, also there hasnt been any instant powerups allowing for the MC to defeat his bully 'enemy' in this case, instead providing a gradual build-up of strength and world building with not too much or too little.
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