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Nikail rated it
Dungeon Defense
July 28, 2016
Status: v2 illustrations
I had no expectecion from this novel, just saw the dungeon in the name and decided to give it a read.... It blew my mind, the first volume was just translated and I literally cannot wait for the second.

The main protagonist its deliciously twisted, thats what makes this so good, the plans are based on typicall plot cheats that I will not spoil, but the MC my god THE MC... Maybe it just caters to me but the change from the typicall and by this pont criminally boring xianxia or... more>> wuxia protagonists and the madeningly impotent japanese protagonist, its just amazing, it shows me how stressed I was by the sheer stupidity of these reads.

The secondary charachters have a mind of their own and reasons for being that way, and the romance has some realism to it, not just an exchange of gazes followed by the release of bodily fluids.

As it has been only a volume I cant say much more, but seriously if you thrust one time in your life to a random coment in the internet give this a read, I promise you wont regret it.

Its to its merit that it has only 2 review below 5 and the lowest one is just personal preference. <<less
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I think its a pretty good novel, the fights are boring but thats just because I have read too many fights to care how the MC wins, cause they allways do one way or another.

I gave it a 4 mostly cause I love dragons and evolutions so thats 2 stars as base, the MC its not a retard so half a star (though not amazingly bright either) has a band of monkeys and a lovely lizard as a love interest (somewhat sentient) so another half star and the last one... more>> is because it has a lot of potentiall, its just starting to really go somewhere, the real story stars from now on (c89 forward). <<less
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Nikail rated it
July 5, 2016
Status: --
I found it to be a very enjoyable read (till the 400s chapters), I recomend it to mostly male audiences that like evolution mechanics or deatch march, also sorry for the orthographic mistakes not my native lenguage, for a more in depth review scroll down.

Do not apply real/social/human logic to the MC he is a fictional character, he is somewhat smart, no a lelouch but he holds its own, and respects his harem while triying to be good to them, he makes somewhat rationall choices, but his rason de entre... more>> is to "enjoy" be it fights, s*x or turism, he is more forcefull on this than satou from death march but thats not necesarily a bad thing, as its refreshing to have a MC that is more... I guees "Real" (can you say that if you were in his position you would do things differently, and he does says in the begining that he will live his second life unrestrained by his human logic acepting his especies has changed) though his plot armor is sickeningly thick, as it seem to be the case for most of the web or light novels.

There is no porn or at least unwilling s*x, and its only mentioned.

There is a controversial decision he takes respecting both elves and women from an attacking army I tried to just accept it as logical desicion but still... it just crashes against modern thinking in my society

Chapters are short but there are like 400 (mostly machine translated whit some fan editing here and there) in the wiki.

The evolution mecanic holds very well, but by the later chapters (400s) is just ridiculous, even he cant waste time caring which path his evolution goes as he is already overpowered to hell, back and then some

the MC can solo a gigantic (I do mean gigantic) dragon, even though he and his parters barely kill 6 small ones just a few seconds before.

The problem here its that there are no negative evolutions and the party gets one like every 80 chapters, whith the later ones getting HUGE power (Jumps?, Sorry not my native lenguage) Spikes.

I really like the eat other monsters to get their ability mechanic he has as it works for trancending his limitations or more like the ones from his species.

A ESP power he had in his previous life and got transfered whit him, this later one gets complemented whit a compound ability that lets him create overpewered/uber/godly skills


My problem is whit the later chapters, he is broken, almost god status, by that point it he can overpower everithing he mets and its invulnerable, so its not engaging anymore, where can he go to now?, this should not have happened so fast, as the chapter mean each a day most projects are rushed (as in complete in 3 days)

Overall a very good novel, for me at least, whit the obvious faults most seem to have, that losses some of it steam by the later chapters. <<less
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Nikail rated it
God and Devil World
May 26, 2016
Status: c300
This is a power fantasy, read it while knowing that, the MC is well done, not too overpowered but has good decision making skills, loses his personality to either be a emperor (not a leader, a emperor) or a "paragon" (after what the author thinks is the correct way to act in that situation) after the first ark.

This is masturbation, you can enjoy it or be put off by it, everything that happens creates a chance for the MC to power up or demostrate how apt he is compared... more>> to eveyone else in the world.

This is the vision of a "man" from the perspective of a man from a country whith a history of both extreme corruption and female supression, so dont expect a developed female character or good forbid a correct government institution, only the MC can control power and not the other way around, this happens in almost all asian fantasy novels.

The author is a human, what do I mean by it? the MC is always right, has plot armor and is a reflection of the author in a world created by and for the author.

Sarcasm on:
There is the MC and... well some guys or something in the background... I think there was a friend or something but havent heard of him more than 5 times in 300 chapters sooo... oh! there is some females that are only good for breding and as a trading but who cares about them right? they are happy not being eaten by zombies and eternally gratefull to the MC for f**king them, they would never think about... well anything really, right? <<less
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