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NeurogamiPrime rated it
The Devil’s Evolution Catalog
January 14, 2018
Status: c141
I am sorry to say that this novel is unbelievably boring. The premise is good and the first 40 or so chapters are interesting and engaging as we follow a man who has lived a very disappointing first life expecting to make up for it with hard work and determination in his second, only to find that even when he tries his best he is still a "loser" and that he hasn't really changed from his previous life and has continued to just be a drain on the people around... more>> him. Plot goes on and the MC experiences yet another change in his way of life and becomes a Devil. He immediately adjusts to this new form though with one very large concern over his appearance. He quickly becomes both cruel and scheming in order to survive in this new environment. This is where the character development ends and this is at roughly chapter 25. From this point on we meet a large amount of one note side characters who come and go from the story without leaving much of an impact on the readers. Very lengthy arcs about war and army building that seem to go on just a bit too long without anything really changing for the main character except for him to grow his army. Army building can be interesting when the people in the army are interesting to learn about, but this is not the case as almost all the characters who show up seem to just be who they are on the surface at the moment of meeting them. Some of the larger battles still draw in some interest since there really is some tension in learning what happens since they show early on that these one note side characters with names are not guaranteed to live through the battles. Unfortunately these are not enough to actually keep me entertained for long. Also it seems as if the 100 chapters since the MC becoming a demon has actually caused the MC to actually regress in his character growth back into just being a worthless pervert drain on the people around him who tries his best. The novel seems to be making a serious point of showing that no matter how you try to improve yourself, you never really change, which seems like an odd message to be pushing in this sort of novel. I have to give it 2 stars. And it only gets the second star since the first 25 or so chapters were really really interesting. <<less
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NeurogamiPrime rated it
God and Devil World
September 28, 2016
Status: c326
-Interesting fight scenes (at the start)
-Not useless female lead (at the start)
-Fantastic Strong Willed Righteous MC (at the star)
-Nice world building and Stage setting for the future (until you actually get to that stage)

- The fight scenes that were interesting at the start get repeated and either the writing or the translation just gets worse because every fight is boring as hell and lacks description.
- Every female is a useless wh*** after a certain point. No exceptions, not even... more>> the actual children. Any female who shows up in this novel after a while just descends into being a whiney useless cocksleeve for the main character or someone else. Its kind of sad actually since we are never shown a female who is not either c**k hungry, spoiled rotten, or an honest to god prostitute. Those are the only three type of females in this novel.
- I think the main character actually descended into for real madness but the author forgot to actual add any inner monologue for the main character over the course of this descent so he just suddenly becomes a bipolar rage feuled dictator who will do anything and will sacrifice any number of human shaped pawns to gain more power. It's actually kind of scary how disturbed the main character becomes.
- all the world building seemed to just be part of the authors patriotism. He soon just becomes racist and talks about how everyone who is not chinese is a useless pile of meat that should be cleansed from this earth.
- The people in this world seemed like everyone just got finished watching the entirety of the mad max series and was ready and waiting for the world to end just so they can have an excuse to go completely god damn insane. How does it only take 2 weeks for an entire country to devolve into cannibalism? There is no way that these people were EVER well adjusted seeing what they started doing immediately after the government was not looking over their shoulders.
- There seems to be an over arching plot, but I think the author forgot about it. There was something about god making the world have game elements but everyone just accepts it and asks no questions ever. Its almost like this is something that happened to them before since no one really gives a sh*t to bother. I can not in good conscious recommend anyone to ever read this novel. I can only think that the other people who recommend this novel have not read past the first 50 or so chapters since past that point you will just be disgusted by every imagery, action, or event that is expressed in this novel a bit after that point. Though what do I know. I am just some a***ole on the internet, read it for yourself and make your own opinion known. <<less
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NeurogamiPrime rated it
I Never Run Out of Mana
March 26, 2018
Status: c52
There are novels where the story is a clear power trip, and the author makes up for that issue by using good writing, or good dialogue, or having the main character be interesting. This novel has middling writing, forgettable dialogue, and an extremely unlikable main character. I will give credit though. The author gave the MC a backstory of being a bullied loser, and even after getting his powers, he feels like a bullied loser who suddenly got really strong and not like an immediate super hero.
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NeurogamiPrime rated it
Apocalypse Cockroach
June 25, 2018
Status: c79
Starts out very strong. The MC is not Generic by any means. The pace of the story is slow, tense and still funny. Unfortunately around chapter 50-60 when the MC and his first companion meet more people, the MC's personality changes drastically and the story begins to fall apart at a pace visible between paragraphs. Wouldn't recommend to others. I liked it better when it had been dropped by its first group because then at least I thought it was a grade A golden masterpiece that would never see the... more>> light of day, unfortunately it turned out to be shiny garbage. <<less
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NeurogamiPrime rated it
The Death Mage Who Doesn’t Want a Fourth Time
September 29, 2017
Status: c81
This is a very good example of a novel taking a cliche premise and doing its best to build a novel idea around it. I would say as of where I am in the novel, it has both succeeded and failed.

There is one and only blemish on this novel, and it is its original setup. If it were not for this one problem that is never explained in any way to the audience how one man can be this dumb and be put in such a high and mighty position,... more>> this novel would be probably my favorite without any doubt.


The story seems like your average reincarnation story of a heroic but self hating MC, who lived a fairly tragic and sad life bordering on almost constant child abuse and neglect, dying while attempting to save others. Unfortunately when he and the rest of the group picked up by this "God" are being divvied up their shares of good luck, our MC gets snubbed because of a clerical error and gets nothing, which would be fine if that meant only not getting unnaturally lucky or cheat powers, but it also meant that anything bad could and did happen to him in his reincarnated life. He lives that Life and dies in the most tragic ways possible in that sate and when he gets back to god of middle management, Rodcorte, he is rightfully angry. But instead of apologizing, that god decides it is a better idea to double down on his mistakes while refusing to acknowledge that he is right to be angry at being literally and absolutely not figuratively tortured for the full length of his short life and finally murdered by people who hoped and expected to be his friends, and forcefully reincarnate our MC again in yet another world, but this time, he not only gets no luck or blessing, but is instead cursed by that god because reasons.


and all this happens because god doesn't know how to read. The worst part is that he truly does not see how it is his fault. When others are explained the story, he tells it truthfully without missing any points in it and expects that others would obviously side with him on the matter. As long as you can get through the set up of this novel, which I would say is the first 5 or so chapters of getting the MC to his "Starting point" of his journey, it is a great read. Somewhat long chapters, beautiful world building, many characters, both complex, and extreme one notes. And a main character who seems like the normal extra kind iseki MC, but has an interesting thought process and character progression. <<less
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NeurogamiPrime rated it
The Marvelous Dragon Balls
February 18, 2019
Status: c17
So far the story is fine. I think that it is enjoyable as long as you do not know anything about dragon ball, and also know nothing about marvel comics or movies. The characters and situations feel as if the author of the novel never read or watched any dragon ball or marvel stuff then listened to someone who also never read a comic or watched the shows or movies but saw commercials about them on tv describe the show poorly and made his characters based on that.

but though I... more>> say that, I am only 17 chapters in and maybe he will pull it back in. Also the story itself is good as long as you don't harp on any details. <<less
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There are only 5 chapters out at this point, so I can not talk about where this novel will go in the future, but so far this is just bootleg Arifuerta. It follows that story beat for beat.

-Kinda lame but kind and hardworking kid who is below average in every possible way is friends with the most popular kids in the school.

-Class gets transported to new world to fight monsters, but the people who summoned him are clearly hiding something.

-His awesome best friends get the coolest strongest powers and everyone... more>> else gets somewhere between ok and great powers while the MC gets the definitively weakest power that is also for some reason never even explained or shown to us what it actually does.

-MC does large heroic gesture and saves the lives of every single one of his classmates, for which everyone promptly betrays him and implies that his so called best awesome friends were in on it.

-MC loses his left arm and is in the absolute pit of despair.

The novel is not bad. It just seems that as far as we have been shown, it has absolutely nothing original to it. Maybe in future chapters it will do so. And if I ever come back to read this I will redo my review at that point. <<less
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NeurogamiPrime rated it
Unlimited Anime Works
January 22, 2019
Status: --
the story is good, the characters are fairly simple, with any attempt at complexity to their personalities falling a bit short. But even with that downside, its very enjoyable to read. My only real complaint is that the current release rate of the chapters is 1 ever month. This novel has more than 2600 chapters. At this rate it will take more than 229 years to finish this novel's translation. Even if they were doing once a week it would be 50 years to finish this off. I can not... more>> really recommend a novel that you will never actually get to read. Though my score of 3.5 is unrelated to the translation. If I took that into account I would have to give it a 1. <<less
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NeurogamiPrime rated it
Legend of Legends
September 28, 2018
Status: c190
This novel gets good. I have no idea what was going on with the first 30 or so chapters, but the quality of the writing increases dramatically after that point. The story stills has its issues, including an aimless MC that seems to have no real motivation to do most of what he does, but I feel like I attribute that to being a korean culture thing as most korean protagonists seem to act like paranoid zombie apocalypse preppers the moment they gain any power, supernatural o otherwise. But besides... more>> that, the novel gets more interesting. The fights are engaging, the character's personalities get fleshed out, and the real world progression feels realistic though a bit repetitive if you have read any other korean novel with supernatural and modern setting. But if I had any real downsides to mention, it would be that the author didn't try hard enough to remove the influence of league of legends on his stories premise. Honestly would have been perfectly fine as long as he didn't mention every hero having 3 skills and an ultimate. I think if he took that out and just said "you need to have 4 seperate supernatural abilities to be eligible to fight in this tournament" and changed the names of certain things a bit more, people wouldn't have even noticed. <<less
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NeurogamiPrime rated it
Imperial God Emperor
September 26, 2016
Status: c167
So. I can not say I hate this novel, but I can also not say that I like it. I got very into the novel early on because the main character was a no nonsense sort of person and the story was interesting and the pacing, while slow, was done in such a way that it was not very repetitive. Then sh*t hit the fans when I realized something ... more>>

It turns out that the main character is 1 to 1 copying the powers of characters from League of Legends, and every important character so far has turned out to be this stories original take on new origin stories for some LoL characters. The main love interest in fact is actually just annie, Tibers and all, while the main character has a cheat item that is essentially the character select, summoner spells, and item shop from league of legends and he can assume the abilities of multiple different character, though so far he has taken on the powers of Garen and Jarvin IV. He has used flash and I believe clarity, and bought a ward that he used while he was farming the jungle

But surrounding this, the story is an average xianxia. The cultivation levels are relatively novel and I don't think I had ever heard or seen "realms" that worked the way this novel' does but the way he trains them is exactly the same as any xianxia you have seen before. The romance is certainly there, but you will not care about it what so ever. I promise you this as every time there is romance it will be for a brief moment before all signs of romance disappear until you have forgotten it exists in the novel. The "Bad guys" are all very generic, not an original member in the lot of them so far as I can tell, so it seems that as long as you are ok with reading a fanfic of a videogame with xianxia elements surrounding it, you will like this. <<less
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