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History’s Strongest Senior Brother
February 5, 2019
Status: c1168
Great novel, has some slow parts that feel bad but I suggest you continue reading past it, it's not as repetitive as some people suggest. If you stop 100 chapters in, you won't have a proper opinion about the novel, so if you do reach 100 chapters in, continue. By the time Yan Zhaoge (the MC) reaches the world beyond worlds, the novel is quite different from how it started and it keeps you immersed in reading until you catch up with the translator.
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NetherPrime rated it
Ancient Godly Monarch
October 7, 2018
Status: c1334
I've seen the unjust reviews and thought I'd say that while there are a lot of annoying bits in the novel, it's not half as bad as the reviews make it out to be, currently at C.1334 I actually enjoy the novel and can't wait to read further on.

I'm easily agitated and hate it when certain actions happen without rhyme or reason, for examples ... more>>

The Nine Cauldron's has a girl running into a battlefield despite being weaker than anyone there and takes an arrow and dies. Why? Because she saw the person she loves? Why on earth would you do something so retarded? Then there's War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens has a girl who wants to help the person she loves but is just in the way all the time like it actually helps having to protect someone else or have someone else taken as a hostage, it's like they want to die or cause problems for their lover.

Anyway that's other novels, stop ranting over stupid sh*t characters in novels do without any justification other than stupidity.

, yet I like this novel a lot, it's enjoyable despite it's flaws, it is written better than quite a lot cultivation novels and isn't a rehash of true martial world in a different form. Yes, it's not the greatest novel you will ever read and has some stupid sh*t like a fatty shouting flame on (only once in the entire novel but it's still obnoxious) but it's still worth reading. <<less
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