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Nerodith rated it
At the Northern Fort
May 17, 2017
Status: c9
I'm usually not into slice of life, but this one is an exception. The plot is nothing exceptionnal, it's just the cute story of a fluffy baby fox, but for some reason, I can't stop reading it.

It's just that addicting.
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It's an interesting story, but not really well written. It's hard to follow the plot sometimes and it lacks something (maybe POV or some descriptions, I don't know but it is too fast paced sometimes).

The romance is meh. It pretty much came out of nowhere. But as the story goes on, I guess it's fine.

The MC is likeable but... Here, we have a strong and smart female lead who does not hesitate to threaten or kill others to get what she wants. And that's the problem. I have no with... more>> problem with strong female character (in fact I love them), but Liu Yue is a bit too much. She's out of control it's hard to relate. She's almost a sociopath.

The story is not exactly realistic either. I have no problem with supernatural sotries, but then it should be introduced as one from the beginning. Here, besides the whole reincarnation thing, we have realistic world with irrealistic events. I mean man-eating ants, a 500 meters long snake... And the 13 years old girl wiping out an army, no. No matter how OP she is, in a supposedly realistic world as a human being that's not possible.

But well. That being said, it's still a nice story to read to pass time. <<less
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Nerodith rated it
The Lazy Swordmaster
November 3, 2016
Status: c18
Might be a little early to judge, but as for now, it's average (but a good average).

As for now, the story is pretty nice but little too slow paced for me. The chapters may also be a little short, but in a dozen of chapters, not a lot have happened. The MC it pretty likeable. Another lazy OP MC, but well he's cool so it's okay.

Thus being said, like I said, for now, there is too little chapters too judge.
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It's a cute story, but nothing exceptional.

The beginning was rather promising, but at some point it just turn into an average slice of life story.
The characters are pretty average too. Not exactly superficial, but no real depth either. The MC was cute at first, but as the story keep on, she just becomes your typical annoying anime kid.

Way too many useless POV, that moreover always say the same things.

... more>> The plot? There isn't any. It IS a slice of life in the end, so no complicated plot.

So I would say it's a cute story, nice to read if you're bored or to pass time but nothing else. If you're expecting an adventure story with an OP MC you will be disappointed. <<less
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Nerodith rated it
Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear
November 3, 2016
Status: c80
Nice story, easy to read with no complicated plot.

I usually don't like slice of life but surprisingly, I ended up reading until the last chapters (80 as for now). The MC is really likable. Cute, smart, straightforward but not in an arrogant way, and obviously OP (thought to be precise, it's just her equipment that is OP).

Thus being said, it's still a slice of life. I won't say it's slow paced, but it can't be compared to a real adventure novel. There is a lot of chapters that will only... more>> describe the MC buying food, cooking and so on. Yep. It IS a slice of life after all.

Additionally, I'm not a huge fan of POV in this novel. Usually, I really like reading others' point of view, but in this story, I found the POV pretty useless. They were basically telling us the same story, just changing the narrator, not adding anything new. But well, there aren't that much of them so I guess it's fine.

So in the end, nothing exceptional, but a cute story to read to pass time or if you're bored. However if you're looking for a real adventure story with a deep plot, then you might want to pass on this one. <<less
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Nerodith rated it
Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~
November 3, 2016
Status: v2c14
I LOVE it.

The beginning was pretty slow but otherwise, it's a really good novel. One of my favourite, definitely.

The MC is really likable. Smart, cunning and yet, so adorable. As both a human and a demon, while she acts like a human, her demon nature have influenced her morals as she will manipulate and kill others without any remorse. It might not be obvious at the beginning, but she's OP so she's definitely no maiden in distress.

POV are really interesting. While confusing at first (since they're aren't obvious unlike other... more>> novels), they're really interesting to read.

Usually not a big fan of misunderstands, the misunderstands in this novel make sense and are actually pretty hilarious (being mistaken as an angel while she's a demon, I mean seriously x))

The story is well written. Neither slow paces are too fast paced, so it's easy to read. It totally recommend it. <<less
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Nerodith rated it
Dragon Dragon Dragon
December 3, 2016
Status: --

I usually love female MC, reincarnation story and dragons. This one has it all, yet, for some reasons, I just can't get into it. It's extremely slow to start, and the first arcs are... well, uninteresting?

I know I shouldn't run after realism in fantasy novels, but in this one, there is a lot of things that seems off. I also have a hard time picturing a baby dragon eating with chopstick or wearing dresses, but that's not really that important.

Anyway, it's a cute story, but if you're looking for... more>> action, you might want to skip on this one. On the other hand, if you like slice of life, then this story might be for you. <<less
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