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To get this out of the way, I started reading this novel because of the shoujo ai tag, because I am a big yuri fan. So far in the translated sections, that's not really been addressed at all. The MC Ikuto has his soul placed into the body of his companion from the other world, Alicia, and they both go back to Japan in the same body. It seems to me from their interactions with each other that they had likely developed feelings for the other, but nothing ever came... more>> out of it, and now they're stuck in the same body (with Alicia acting jealous at times when Ikuto is getting along with other girls somewhat). It has an interesting premise, and I was looking forward to it. Was. I'm not sure about how I feel about it now though.

I was curious and checked out the later raw chapters... and found things that I did not like (personally in my own taste, others may not agree). Please note that these are major spoilers, read at your own risk.


I GT'ed it, so some of it is garbled, but I got the gist of the story. Basically, Alice (Ikuto's female name) seems to eventually get into a relationship with Hisui, her female childhood friend as Ikuto. However, SOMEthing (not sure what) seems to be going on with Alicia's spirit in Alice's body... something that will likely cause her spirit to disappear if nothing is done about it. And the only solution seems to be... for Alice (remember this is Ikuto, who is still a straight male mentally) to HAVE s*x AND GET PREGNANT so that Alicia's spirit can inhabit the body of the newborn baby. Basically giving birth to Alicia again. While still in a relationship with Hisui. And I'm not just talking about once or twice. I mean that they are tracking Alice's ovulation and menstrual cycles, and Alice is having baby-making s*x with someone multiple times a day, every day. This... does not sit well with me. At all.

Oh, one thing I forgot to mention about Alice having s*x. I didn't look at all of the raw chapters, so I don't know if Alice and Hisui have yuris*x... But the author apparently wrote 18+ chapters for Alice having s*x with the guy she is doing. Which is unfair to both Hisui and Alice, and another reason I do not like the turn of events this story took, especially if Alice/Ikuto starts getting hooked on having s*x with guys even though it seems to be only a means to an end to save Alicia.


So, yeah. I'll keep reading it for now, but... I am not sure if I want to continue following it. As far as a fair rating, it's not a bad story at all, even though it doesn't suit my tastes down the line. I'd give it a 3.5 if I could, but 4 is fine.

Edit: I thank Shiraori_ above me for their more in-depth review, since I wasn't able to get as much info from what I read of the raws. Dropping my rating to 2 stars for the nonsense plot structure and dropping the series entirely. Thanks for your work translator.

Edit 2: In reply to Citizen27 here, I feel the need to say something. Mental and emotional s*xual orientation is not such a fluid thing that body chemistry would easily be able to change it as it does in the case of Alicia. Ikuto lived nearly 18 years as a healthy, straight male, with no attraction whatsoever to other males as far as we're aware of. A person's mental and emotional state has more effect on a person's body than visa versa. Just being in a female body is NOT going to change a person's s*xual orientation, especially one as deep-seated as Ikuto's should have been considering his age. Now, if Alicia had started out as a baby, with all the associated growing pains of puberty affecting her mind and emotions... then I could believe it and wouldn't say anything about it (this was done well in Kumo desu). But it is simply too drastic and easy of a change for the time period that Ikuto has spent as Alicia, and feels like a cheap cop-out by the author to provide more drama. <<less
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Most of the others who reviewed this keep commenting on how sick this story is, and just operating on the bare facts, most of us (myself included) would agree with them. However, they fail to grasp the subtle intricacies of the situation that the MC and his cousin are in. This is a man who from the age of 16 has spent basically every moment since the accident that claimed his entire family learning and studying in order to do what various doctors and hospitals couldn't.. wake up his little... more>> cousin. He ignored and threw away any other attachments. No friends, no entertainment, nothing to relieve his continuously building stress from studying and caring for his comatose cousin. I don't think he even masturbated within that time frame, but I don't remember if that's ever mentioned. So, with all this built up stress and frustration from lack of results, when he tried alcohol for the first time it loosened his inhibitions and let the flood gates open. So he made a mistake, and once he did so, he was "awakened" from that point on and unable to go back. But lo and behold.. his mistake actually woke her up.

Now, does this justify his actions? No, not at all. Does this make him a horrible person, both for doing it at first and then continuing it? Yes and no. Because consider it this way. Could any of us hold back in his situation? Maybe, but I don't have the confidence to say a definite yes myself. Additionally, consider this. This girl has the mental age of an 8 year old in an 18 year olds' body. Even if he tried to readjust her to society and catch her up, it would be years before she could be out on her own, if EVER.

No, this is less a story about a degenerate man taking advantage of his innocent cousin... And more a story of co-dependency and a building relationship born from a mistake. Before you completely demonize the story and the MC, just remember that all they have left is each other.

Also, enjoy the s*x. <<less
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Nermie01 rated it
When TS High School Boys Are Too Adaptable
October 9, 2018
Status: c13
The people stating the "point" of gender-bender is the MC being confused and distraught about their sudden s*x change are simply leveling their own bias and opinions on the subject on this story. CLEARLY (as the title states) this story is about someone who does not seem to mind their s*x change and adapts to it very quickly, which is not an unthinkable situation (especially if someone was already very feminine before). The only thing I agree about this in the current reviews is that the others around the MC... more>> are way too accepting of the change as well, it's like the MC's male form never existed in the first place. That's a bit odd. Also that people still think he somehow got a s*x change operation despite the fact that he literally shrunk 30 cm with the s*x change... which is not something possible just with a s*x change (or at all, really). Other than these two fairly minor sticking points, it's an amusing little story about a boy who adapts to being a girl very quickly, and how it affects her life and her relations around her. Trying to come into this with the notion of "GENDER BENDER MUST HAVE s*xUAL CONFUSION AND CONFLICT RELATED TO THE CHANGE" on the brain (despite the title clearly stating that is not the case), and you're gonna be disappointed. Don't let the 1-star votes fool you. <<less
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Ok, I'm going to be honest here. When I read a novel, I always try to look at the positives rather than find fault. "This was done well" or "that scene was good" or "I like this character", etc. This... this is just bad. And I hate to say that about something, but it's true. Characterization is minimal, description is almost non-existent in every aspect (whether it be character appearances, environment or actions), dialogue is choppy and jumps around too much... and the constant 4th wall breaking is more annoying... more>> than amusing. Each chapter feels more like a written script that should be inserted into manga panels than a novel.

Hard pass, unless you are super bored. The stars are simply for the translator's work. <<less
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Nermie01 rated it
Harassing Thief Girl
July 16, 2018
Status: c19
I had started reading this because I check out basically everything yuri/shoujo ai, and the premise was interesting. The opening bits are amusing, and I don't dislike the main character. However, the blatant s*xual relationships the MC has (being in the body of an 8 year old little girl, and having s*x with young women who are around 16) leaves much to be desired. I'm not trying to talk down about lolicon themes, even though it's not my taste I have enjoyed some stories that involve them. However, there is... more>> a... reasonable age limit for that sort of thing, in my opinion. If the MC was physically 11-12, that would be ok with me. 8 years old is WAY too young. It leaves a squicky, unpleasant feeling behind knowing that this literal prepubescent child is engaging in s*xual acts (that's why 11-12 or so is 'ok' to me, because puberty generally starts kicking in around that age).

Regardless, the content as far as the story isn't bad, but nothing really to write home about. The writing style is a bit dry and awkward. It gets points for an interesting setting, but major demerits for the contents. Not really recommended. <<less
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