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Nerdivist rated it
Emperor’s Domination
December 13, 2017
Status: c2726
This is a novel where you switch off your brain and skim, and if you attempt to actually read this properly, you may end up losing a few brain cells in the process.
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I absolutely do not recommend waiting everyday for releases, as this story moves at an agonizing snail's pace. For example, there was an entire chapter dedicated to the enemy SWINGING HIS WEAPON DOWNWARD, not even reaching the MC yet. Like, this is the most blatant money milking from word-count I have ever seen in a CN. I urge readers to bulk up on at least 50 chapters when fights start, to avoid becoming suicidal.


Enemies in this novel are outright brain-dead. In this novel, like many other xianxia, expect the decomposition of the characters' brain matter as the cultivation climbs higher. Every cultivator and their mother are easily triggered and offended at the slightest whiff of insult, that I just don't know how the entire cultivation universe hasn't imploded from overflowing stupidity. It is just something you have to accept in almost all xianxia, unfortunately.

There are many characters that the author creates, but in the end all interactions between the MC and them are extremely shallow, with them most likely being taught by MC, where he spews crap about the dao heart, and then they are forgotten forever. At the end of every arc, the MC says that they are be predestined friends and will meet again. Unfortunately for them, the only thing they are predestined to be is lost in the void of side characters. Again, this is something that most experienced xianxia readers will come to expect when reading theses types of novels.

The MC, Li Qi Ye, is set up as an uber smart dude who carefully plans out all his actions, and has been doing so for a long ass time. It's actually quite entertaining in the beginning arcs, but then his 'plans' become total ass-pulls. For example, the MC is in a bind, and then all of a sudden some random [insert deus ex machina] saves him, or the situation conveniently falls into MC's favour, and MC says "Yeah, I totally expected that to happen, I totally planned all this sh*t out", and that's the end of that, MC is just too much of a genius for us plebians to understand his grand schemes.

The MC is a massive prick, and goes out of his way to provoke people. It's hard to cheer him on because of this. On the other hand, the enemies are too moronic for me to give my sympathy to. Side characters have a high turnover rate, with new ones being introduced and old ones discarded constantly. There is basically no one I give a crap about in this entire novel.

Oh yeah, the main enemy:


Big bad boss, Old Thief Heaven, vaguely described throughout the novel, nothing concrete as of 2500+ and I don't expect the final confrontation until 5000+.



Every arc repeats itself.

  1. MC arrives to new world/realm
  2. Pretend to look weak
  3. Insult a few people here and there
  4. Everyone underestimates him
  5. Kill strong people
  6. Everyone still underestimates him
  7. Unleash powerful body slams
  8. Everyone still underestimates him
  9. Wipe out a few sects
  10. Everyone still underestimates him
  11. Occasional s*xual assault
  12. Fight strongest person in that realm
  13. Disperse about 20 chapters of cultivator's reactions throughout the fight
  14. 50 chapters later, reader contemplates blowing their brains out
  15. Strongest person has conveniently saved up 10 trump cards to continue fight for 30 more chapters
  16. MC f**ks off to a new realm

This is exaggerated, obviously, but I wouldn't say it's too far-fetched. Repeat this for pretty much every single arc, and you have Emperor's Domination. The frustrating thing about this plot is the emphasis on EVERYONE UNDERESTIMATING THE MC. Story arcs last approximately 300 chapters, and I'd say 250 of those chapters is the MC pretending to be a weak-ass bitch, just so that he can finally show his true strength in the last fight. The MC doesn't even unleash his full strength until about tens of chapters into the fight, where all spectating cultivators collectively blow their qi-infused loads in disbelief at the MC's strength. The hundreds of chapters wait, where the MC is dissed non-stop, is not worth the final unveiling of his true strength.

The cultivation is total crap, not even going to spend time writing about it.

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Nerdivist rated it
Godly Stay-Home Dad
August 9, 2018
Status: c389
I like the concept overall, but I'm deducting 2 stars for the following:

    1. Way too slow. I like my slice of life but c'mon, author, a single day spanning multiple chapters, for every single day is probably the slowest I've ever seen. 3 days was the longest time-skip I've come across so far.
    2. In about a month of in-novel time, I think I've read about 10 different rapist young masters thirsting after FMC, and it's getting bloody annoying and out of hand.
Beware: this novel also has an ungodly amount of forced drama.
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Age of Adepts
December 25, 2017
Status: c30
I haven't read enough to actually judge the story, but what I do have to say is that this novel was a massive slog to read through, and I simply couldn't keep going on. Every single time something new is introduced, there is a 3-4 paragraph explanation, which are poorly written, dedicated to "world building". Even the simplest things like a library or an arena takes one too many lines of exposition for me to continue reading.

The writing style of the author and the structure of this novel is enough... more>> for me to drop, no matter if the actual story is good or not. <<less
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