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Nemuharu rated it
Feng Yu Jiu Tian
August 24, 2018
Status: v16c6

I personally think people who rated 1 star at the top were too hung up on the beginning of the story. Too quick to judge. The beginning of the story does seem like a generic BL that contains rape where soon Stockholm syndrome may be involved. (Where I do agree that ML's actions towards prince An He was a bit too much and uncharacteristic of his sudden different treatment towards MC). This isn't that surprising since the author actually once said that she wanted to... more>> do a simple BL story where many people fell for the MC, however, the story became much much more complicated than she expected. Also, the MC at the start indeed is entirely childish. However I'd imagine being a 19-year-old who had spent much of his life in school, suddenly died, and became a high-status individual in ancient China, one would let go a little LOLL

Anyways, I really love this story. The development and all the incredible events ahh, I also love the MC so much. It's heartbreaking to watch as he matures slowly and also becomes customed to the death and horrors of the ancient world... but you know that it must be done in the end. However, the fact that he still contains his childish and friendly innocence is so lovable! I hope he doesn't lose all of his playful demeanor by the end of the story. We also get to see many of MC's incredible schemes, making use of his modern knowledge. He's so tough even after all the crap that's happened to him and continues to strive to help ML bring the world together into a peaceful era where status no longer dictated one's own destiny. The relationship between MC and ML also develops beautifully, where they continue to seek to become better for one another.

I admit that the beginning of the story was executed poorly, however, don't give up! The journey is long and IMO very interesting as well as emotional. ^ w ^ <<less
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