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NekoMK2 rated it
Chuuko demo Koi ga Shitai!
September 11, 2016
Status: v1 afterword
Hmm since no one make any review and the only one say's hateful thing since he dislike the novel (seriously guy's you not even past prologue).

If I must say it just your average high school Romcom comedy although the title like that. As far I read there not really any NTR or so it just denial otaku meet feared girl (full of rumors) and somehow the girl set trying to get close to him, so if you dislike type where the male lead kinda slow at notice girl feeling or... more>> want some Op MC who kick other right and left then scram rather put low rating without even read it first.

Put 5 for now to balance it at most maybe 4 for me <<less
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NekoMK2 rated it
Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai
May 26, 2016
Status: c61
At first normally I not even bother to make review since I often more subjective rather than objective, but for this novel I think I can.

At first this novel similar to other transported to other world minus game element and an existence so called Gods, the MC at first did not have any ground breaking skill or other cheat (just your normal average). The MC get his cheat like skill kinda idiotic like what other reviews said. As for the character except for MC everyone kinda fine for their respective... more>> role (so annoying guys really annoying and possibility a heroine quite "likable" for now) while it not perfect but still fine.

The world build kinda good in my opinion but since it still only in surface its kinda hard to judge it to be really good or bad but for now fine. All in all the only problem for this novel for now is how Idiotic MC and how the Author keep abusing cliff for every scene with repetitive idiotic monologue by MC. So for me this one Ok, not to good or not to bad.

In latter story MC personality kinda changed in better way or I must said he finally calmed down, the way author giving insight to MC real personality quite good in my opinion. The most interesting part for me compared to usual isekai troupe MC who think with his lower half only or revenge Kurihiko kinda different although at first he like that thought

Sorry for wrong grammar if there any <<less
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NekoMK2 rated it
Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!?
May 30, 2016
Status: v15
Not going to give review since the one below already give GJ review for this. One thing for sure is:
-don't avoid this novel because harem (the harem is the one element that make this story good)
-don't rant if MC act dense (he have proper reason why he act like that)
-don't be fooled by first impression (some of you at first might be dislike some of the character but they growth and they chara become more better)

I don't know why someone will rate this only... more>> 1 star (only one person thought) well every person have they own taste <<less
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