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NatsuK rated it
To Be A Virtuous Wife
February 10, 2019
Status: c1
I thought I should check this since I've seen great reviews and recommendations from other people in the comment/review section in other novels (for ex. In Rebirth of the Malicious Empress) but after reading 2 paragraphs of the first chapter, I gave up. The translator/s did a bad job translating this novel. It's like it wasn't translated at all.

1. There were so many nontranslated words that they have to add a LONG footnote at the end of the chapter and they repeat in every paragraph that I had to scroll... more>> up and down just to connect them to the context of what I was reading.

2. The translation on the footnote were so vague and unnecessary LONG. They were trying too hard to the point that they missed the point of what they're supposed to be doing. It felt like they translated this novel just to show off how good they are in Chinese language. That was so annoying.

3. The translations at the footnote are completely different from what was on their "glossary." Talk about consistency. I've read other novels which didn't complicate the translations like for ex. In one novel that I read, they'd translate it to Old Mama instead of writing Pozi every single time. I feel like Google would have done a better job. That word wasn't even important at all. They could have just added a trivia at the footnote ONCE to explain how it's said in that language. JUST ONCE. They don't have to shove it under our nose in every single paragraph. I'm highly disappointed and I lost interest in reading this which is such a shame since the summary seems interesting.

Am I sorry to leave such a harsh review? Not even one bit. I can go to hell (or wherever) for all I care. <<less
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NatsuK rated it
The Rebirth of an Ill-Fated Consort
March 1, 2019
Status: c44
I have high expectations out of this novel since it's written by the same author of TRMEML and so far I am not disappointed.

Obviously there are similarities between Ruan'er and Jiao Jiao. Both have slower pace romance and are very strong that they can carry themselves without the need to be a damsel in distress but this one is even more brutal. First chapter had me go "woah dark!" and while I pride myself for having the stomach to read or watch gruesome stuff, I still reeled myself when I've... more>> read the details of what Ruan'er went through. I'm very excited to know what schemes and revenge she has in store for her Jiang family and the rest.

I'd give this 10 stars. The other 5 goes to the translators and editors who did a marvelous job. They really and truly know what they're doing. They've managed to translate the novel with great attention to detail. Not only their English is impeccable but they also know how to arrange their translation without making the sentences look awkward. The translation look professional in my opinion plus they go the extra mile by adding pictures to add more reading experience. I hope by the time they finish this story, they move on to another one which I will surely read. <<less
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NatsuK rated it
The Princess Wei Yang
February 10, 2019
Status: c109
I think that the story is interesting. I got hooked in this the same way I got hooked in to The Rebirth of the Malicious Empress.

1. Slow paced romance. Focuses more on MC getting even with her enemies which I like but sometimes it is too slow.

2. Schemes are up to par. I've been exposed to some dramas with controversial schemes, plot twists and stuff. In fact, I feel like MC's revenge is much more intense than that of Shen Miao.

3. Often times, I feel like some chapters weren't necessarily... more>> and were just added as fillers to make the story look even longer. However, whenever I get into the intense chapters, I immediate forgive the author for this. 😂 4. Translation is very slow which is very disappointing. I wonder why since this is so popular it even got a drama.

5. The main thing that ultimately lead to me giving 3 stars (I would have given 4, take 1 star because of the slow update) is that the author was accused of plagiarism. Apparently they ran some tests and found that out of all the chapters this novel has, only 5 were original. Not cool. <<less
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