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NastyOlRoshi rated it
Evil-Natured Husband, Don’t Tease!
May 22, 2017
Status: c216
I rarely read novels with female leads but surprisingly you barely notice that's the case since there's a lot of dialogue taking place and main male lead is constantly around.

Now about the story, it's okay nothing crazy original but I guess it could keep you on your toes if you're searching for a story with a modern setting. Story is very easy to follow, in fact you can jump into mtl by yourself without terms or glossary and it's gonna be 100% understandable. Plot is mainly focused on female-male lead... more>> interactions and certain people around em that want to destroy her and get him at all costs. Not sure what else to add since I rarely add reviews but I should also warn you that there's lots of illogical plot developments happening and that author is repetitive af. It's worth reading if you're into that kind of drama-romance combo though.

Scratch that, I dropped it after all. Too much forced-drama and bs. Another case of a brainless author with no imagination or goal. How can you go and kill characters all of a sudden?

Below are my complaints and reason I dropped this novel.


Firstly, our female lead dies in her world. Surprisingly it was Ancient China and I guess she leaped in time after death? That's underwhelmingly dumb and lacks imagination.

The body she took control of belonged to a girl, that even though being hated by her whole family for being a bastard child she somehow managed to marry the guy she liked. That same guy was pursued by both of her older half sisters and he never really liked her, in fact he hated her because she was a brainless pig with no talents, education, manners or anything going for her. He was even disgusted by her looks although later we find out she's maybe best looking girl around? She was supposed to be an annoying woman that bothered him.

Meanwhile she cut her wrists once in front of him and he gave zero f*cks. Then she was in an accident and miscarriaged their child. He wouldn't even touch her and she had to drug him to get prego. He still didn't care about her or their child (later though retarded author is trying to make male lead more likable adding that she was a drinker and kid would be a ret*rd so he didn't want it but still was fond of it). Nonetheless it's apparent that male lead is a lacking prick with just money and looks.

But after the transmigration and our female's change in personality he falls in love with her because she ignores him. Author is still trying to fix male lead's image by saying he didn't just marry her because his grandfather liked her but he also got interested in her because she stood outside his door for 3 whole days when he was little and his parents died. A thing which most likely happened when he was 13-15 and she must of been 5 or 7. Like wtf?

Moving on, there's not actual plot it's just evil sisters scheming against her. Which also doesn't make sense, how did all 3 sisters fall in love with him? Also the repetition is ridiculous, female lead is described as if she was Xena The Warrior Princess or Gabrielle in past life but in this one she keeps getting hospitalized every 10-20 chapters. And what makes it worse is that author keeps adding that she should workout but it somehow gets forgotten each time and she keeps getting injured.. Now let's focus on 2nd sister and the reason I dropped this novel, it starts off with her being mildy annoying and bad and all of a sudden you have her setting death traps and gang r*pes for female lead-her sister. At the end she is caught by male and female lead and is put into a factory prison owned by male lead but next day somehow she has syphilis, is r*ped and dead in that prison cell that was guarded by 2 people.. I'm honestly speechless with that. Finally both jealous sisters (before one dies) keep being neglected and keep thinking that they are envious of their sister (even when male lead is scolding them) and that they hate female lead. Honestly it's not worth reading.

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NastyOlRoshi rated it
Grasping Evil
April 16, 2017
Status: c1232
July 27th, 2018: I just erased my previous review of the novel. A year and a half has gone by and I still consider this novel the best Xianxia story. Everything just feels right, the author is just so self-aware of everything he has to do in order for the story to make sense and be fun. Big props to him. Uhm I don't feel like writing a long review, all I have to say is that everything is close to perfect.

Action is top-notch (lots of hype moments and fights),... more>> cultivation is very interesting and not boring at all.

Moreover, although I wouldn't necessarily say that comedy as a genre can be linked to this novel - it sure as hell exists and lots of times you will find yourself laughing like an idiot.

Even though there's lots of girls that have a relationship with the MC, it doesn't feel as superficial as most harem novels. Don't get me wrong, obviously they are not always around but they somehow leave an imprint on your mind and they are brought up a lot. As for romance, although it's quite slow; there's couple of girls (and especially one in particular) that have a more meaningful relationship with the MC. In general I have no complaints with the harem and the romance; everything just somehow blends perfectly together. That's probably due to the nature of the novel, being epic in the truest sense of the word.

World building and the plane which the story takes place is very well done. For once I'm craving to see the MC go on more adventures. Higher worlds and whatnot are very exciting. They do not feel as something that the author came up with just so he can prolong his story. They are part of the bigger picture which the author had planned very early on.

I have to say though, the best aspect of the whole novel is the plot. I'd say it is deep and very well presented to the reader.

Another thing I appreciate is how the author has incorporated so many tropes in the story in a very unique way. Nothing felt out of place or just written there just to fill pages. For once, the author truly cares about his work; which also explains his gigantic in length chapters (especially later on, they average 10-24k words) despite the fact that writing this novel isn't his actual job (he works somewhere) and he isn't that popular on Qidian (not nearly as much support and monetary profit as he deserves).

I wanna end this review or comment (call it whatever you want) about the novel by adding that you should start reading it with a clear mind and be aware that since the world the MC is at, is kinda dark; you are bound to read some bizarre stuff. If you actually remain focused and read up until the most recent chapter, chances are you will love this book. Oh and please do disregard people that only read 20-150 chaps, the start is very important yet a bit slow. They do not know what they are talking about. Although I should say that if you reach chap 120+ and the novel feels boring or disgusting or bland to you, then you should probably drop it and search for something else. Clearly we all have different preferences in what we wish to read in order to entertain ourselves. <<less
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NastyOlRoshi rated it
To Be A Virtuous Wife
June 9, 2017
Status: Completed
How should I put it.. This novel does a fairly good job describing the events that take place before the current Emperor picks the next ruler, one of his children. And of course a bit of what happens after that. There's your typical internal harem bickering, fighting and scheming (that typical boring shit) and of course what happens in the daily life of female MC. As an imperial harem story it's quite informative and okay but everything else sucks. The intercourse scenes are heavily censored (unless the tl did that?)... more>> besides some teasing, scratching and touching it says he entered her and scene ends. Romance? There isn't any. That is actually what sucks the most. I never really felt like they have a very strong emotional bond with each other. More like they like each other, enjoy how the other person thinks and how convenient it is to be together? They never fully let themselves go, especially the female lead. Also there's no need for transmigration plot. It never really served any special purpose besides the change of personality, being cruel to family members (who may derserved that treatment) and dancing (which happens only once). Overall a pretty bad read, had higher expectations.

As for the htl, not to sh*t on it but the abundant amount of pinyin kills the joy of reading. Yes by the time you reach 25% of the story you more or less remember or have learned what everything means but it's still annoying. Translator put a lot of effort in and explained the reason he did it that way but I would have still prefered something simpler. <<less
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NastyOlRoshi rated it
June 14, 2017
Status: c6
Story looks very interesting so far just 5 chaps in. You basically have a male lead who is a 'playa' and by the looks of it will fall for the cute, common-plain looking princess. I'm looking forward to reading more chapters. I'm a big sucker for the kind of plot where male lead has been hooking up with lots of bitches but slowly shifts his attention towards the girl that at first he had no interest and eventually she is on his mind all the time. I'm guessing that's what... more>> is gonna happen.

Their interactions are quite interesting thus far and there have been introduced lots of other characters too. Will update my review if HTL is done, hopefully I will still like the story when that happens. <<less
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NastyOlRoshi rated it
Empress with no Virtue
May 28, 2017
Status: c102
This novel is pretty decent, there are some illogical events and constant drama-scheming but it's overall a good read. I also like the fact that it's relatively short. You won't feel like you wasted your time even if you end up disliking what happens. I think 4.2-4.3 would be the perfect score for this novel, not bad but also not mind blowing.

Now about the plot and things I disliked. Male lead is kinda stupid, he has placed so many women around him from different factions that are constantly creating trouble... more>> for him. There's your usual jealous women fighting over which one of them, the MC likes the most. Another semi-important character his old mother which is pretty much an annoying hag. Romance between Female and Male lead is done quite well and never really cringed with their interactions. He's also only commited to her after a certain point. As I said previously he can't easily punish severely his other women so there's trouble lingering around at all times which is kinda whatever. I think what kinda ruins the story is the perfect timing they have with each other when it comes to escaping from sticky situations and the last 15-20 chapters which were unnecessary. I'd prefer a slightly less adventurous ending and perhaps 2-3 more chapters similar to the last one. <<less
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