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January 12, 2017
Status: --
Okay haven't rated this because I just can't read it. If you know anything about programming it's like reading a novel by someone who doesn't know sh*t decides to makes quick few google searches then pretends he's an expert.

As for the novel quality can't tell
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NastyNato rated it
Lord Xue Ying
September 1, 2016
Status: v2c25
It is well, (edit as of v6 c11) Pretty alright. You should read it.

To be better explained this novel has no tension or scale. The novel is trying to be mysterious (I think) but just ends up being like a cluster f**k of random bits of info that don't fit together. Because I hate spoilers I'm not going to give examples but if you've read the novel or read other comments you'll probably know what I mean. The MC has no real goals and it is impossible to understand... more>> his or anyone in the novels actual character because the development isn't descriptive enough.

In saying all this there are still some points we can assume. Knowing IET it's pretty obvious he is weak even though the novel says he's strong which is why everyone should ignore people complaining about pace. (If you didn't catch my drift his current strength is probably the bottom end of like 85 realms of advancement or some sh*t like that)

The Romance is dumb af per the usual IET spec. Holds no luster, relatability or even the slightest 'oh, that's cute' factor at all and if that's not enough you can tell who the love interests are because it takes about an entire chapter to say she has nice skin.

It will probably be more focused towards cultivating knowledge than anything else and the MC probably won't get any cool powers (for those who have read the novel you know what I mean)

Down points aside (and believe me there is a lot) it's entertaining. Don't know why but is. I feel it's just because it gives a slight slice of life feel and if we are going off more IET assumptions I believe his character is pretty much the same as Linley and his wife will probably be another out of the way Delia. So if you got nothing to read give it a try. At least you won't be bored while reading it.

As of v6 c11 the quality improves a lot. This is because he has finally stepped into the world of "higher level being realm" and is giving a sense that it is a very slow moving (Not as in cultivation which is crazy quick, but as in development of character and world development) where everything will slowly unravel. Of course in most aspects, it's your casual 2D IET but it just isn't as annoying like other xianxia because he knows how to keep out of the way what needs to be kept out of the way. The world building and cultivation is amazing and the fights are quite intense. I like how this Mc's cultivation method is very lax and like I said above the slice of life feel shown through this is very refreshing. But the flaws I said above are still very prominent. <<less
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Against the Gods
September 2, 2016
Status: --
Okay this novel can be summed up in one word: REPETITIVE - like every god damn arc.

At first it interesting with the whole world to explore, Villians underestimating him blah blah blah. But once you get deep into the novel you realise something *cough*first word of second arc*cough* This author has just *control C**control V* on Generic-everyxianxiafirstarc. Jpeg for all arcs with a little windows photoshop in the mix. Like everyone is the f**king same, no difference at all!!!!! The only thing that changes each arc is the name of... more>> the place and people.

Basically it's fun for about 200-300 chapters then is boring af if you like a generic harem xianxia and if you don't well you'll only be reading IEatTomatoes or ErGen anyway cause everyone else is pretty much the same up till chapter 50-100 anyway. So give it a shot.

On a side note: Don't know how it's number 2. It's far too boring for that-atleast TDG is exciting with different people, scenes and solution even if you know the result is a huge power boost or cool treasure for the MC with a 2D dripping wet vagina in the corner. <<less
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