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Nami Heartfilia
Nami Heartfilia rated it
Mo Flower
July 28, 2018
Status: epilogue
The story is great. So cute and humurous at some parts. The transitioning of the past and present was done so well that you won't get confused.


I am a bit sad cause MC died first before ML due to old age. Lol, I wanted them to die together but hey, that would be selfish (of me).

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Nami Heartfilia
Nami Heartfilia rated it
Sharing Rain and Dew
May 10, 2018
Status: c8
I love it!!

They both are so sweet to each other. I love their interactions, especially how the ML treats MC.

I would love to read more of this. Such a shame its short.
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Nami Heartfilia
Nami Heartfilia rated it
Hua Hua You Long
July 13, 2018
Status: Completed
So, this human has been conflicted at first, whether to continue or not basing on the first chapter. I agree to the people that say ML is a b****rd or something with same meaning as that word. But I continued on reading anyway. I did not regret it. Meanwhile r*pe is indeed unforgivable or something (man, I say 'or something' a lot), that MC shouldn't have fell in love with him cause, psh, which rapist victim falls in love his/her rapist...

You can't really help it ah. This novel makes me... more>> think that anyone could have turned like ML long time ago, that there aren't just those MLs in other stories which are gentle when it comes to their MC.

This story isn't your average "Ah I'm interested with you so I have to be gentle to you the first time" story.

(I dunno how to express myself. Help. My thoughts are jumbled and incoherent.)

Ah. Anyways, just try it out yourselves. Don't let the reviews impede your desire to read. Judge it yourselves after you read all. <<less
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