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Emperor’s Domination
June 2, 2016
Status: --
Awesome Novel!!

[BG summary]
A lot was already described by the other reviewers.

The MC was basically an unyielding Cursed boy who travel pass through time finding a way to cure his curse. From there on, he mentor countless expert. They create their legends while the MC stay by their side, . However some time in the future, His cursed was cured. Unfortunately none of his past disciple remained in the world.

Filled with regret, the MC will create Havoc and shall sweep through the countless worlds and realms. Being revered and feared... more>> by the masses while his name resound throughout the plane.

(Yup cool Back story right!!, ehh thats why 5/5) <<less
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Warlock of the Magus World
May 26, 2016
Status: c127
One word... AWESOME!!

Leylin is badass yet smart and reasonable MC. BADASS because he really dictates everything that goes in his life as if planned, kill without batting eye and live another day as if the murder didnt even happen. SMART cause no one can really trick him plus he still has that Soul connected AI in his brain. And finally REASONABLE because he plan everything and think of every possibility before he acts. unlike the other Majority Hot-blooded MC.

The World in this story was very chaotic, A world where only... more>> strength speaks. Love is nothing but a pipe dream and grasping power is the real game. Just thinking of a story with a Dark Mage (used to be a scientist) like leylin who came from the modern world fight for survive to a foreign chaotic world is already deem this work a must read.

SO READ!! Lol <<less
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Dungeon Defense
September 29, 2016
Status: v4 afterwords

A great novel that totally represent the word CONQUEST. Normally novel with the same genre like this are often Half-assed written and boring. BUT, Dont compare this novel to all those shits. Unlike the other conquest novel who relies on brute force and half-assed plot, This novel is all about intelligence, clever schemes and godlike wits.

MC is Dantalian (Transported to game world guy) a demon who was seating on 71st seat also known as weakest demon among the 72 demon lords.

After reading his profile I became curious and searched... more>> about dantalian. And the result is:

"Dantalion (or Dantalian) is a powerful Great Duke of Hell, with thirty-six legions of demons under his command; he is the 71st of 72 spirits of Solomon. He teaches all arts and sciences, and also declares the secret counsel of anyone, given that he knows the thoughts of all people and can change them at his will. He can also cause love and show the similitude of any person, show the same by means of a vision, and let them be in any part of the world they will. This demon is known to have many heads that speak through one mouth"

Just reading this description enlighten me that MC really is depicted to the original version of his self. And it was written well done. Honestly in all KR novel with the 72 demon element.. this storys dantalian is a perfect mirror image of his description.

With all that said this novel is truly interesting and entertaining. If you're bored with the usual Brute fights. this novel is pretty much for you! <<less
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So What If It’s an RPG World?
March 10, 2016
Status: --
So what if its an Rpg world? I can only say that its a Chinese Novel with a Japanese Feel.. Well written novel. Funny and definitely more hilarious than some japanese novel with the same "Transported to another world" theme.. A bit slow phased and more on goofing around.. But soon you will realize that all those goofing around are slowly connecting with the plot. Which is cool in its on way.. if you guys wish to read a "LIGHT HEARTED" (non serious) novel.. Then this novel is for... more>> you! <<less
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Battle Frenzy
June 27, 2018
Status: c1003
Man, I started to hate this author, I don't hate battle frenzy in fact I quiet like it at the start. But all of the liking I have for the novel changed to hate after I managed to finish 2 of his past novels. Tempest of the stellar war and the great conqueror.

Author (Skeleton Wizard) is an utter scam!

After finishing tsw and tgc. I notice that the formula he use on both novels were incredibly familiar and almost the same. Now yet and yet again he was using the same... more>> formula with different setting and plot here in battle frenzy. Seeing this I realize that the author never improved but was recycling the same thing over and over again!! Literally!

His formula is basically composed of this:

Severly underestimated -

Have a mysterious unexplained past -

Then wear an Alter Ego -

Fight in alternate world (beast god world/ Skynet) -

Beat the sh*t out of his enemies (ranging from genius to prodigies) -

Became famous -

Have a large fanbase -

Original identity slowly shows his strength -

Alter Ego becaming a legend -

Tournament -

Have a love interest who cause of different reason was plotted and separated from him -

He moves on -

Became a champion on the tournament -

Love interest suddenly doesnt remember him -

He wants to take her back -

Many other girls fall in love with him but MC dont gave them the chance -

Secret identity reveal -

Have a hidden in the shadow rival -

Be assassinated -

Survive became stronger -

Create a team of specialist -

Defeat everyone (all the geniuses) -

Making the adult speechless -

Take his girl -

The end.

He literally just used that formula on both tempest of stellar war and the great conqueror now again. This formula is again used in this novel battle frenzy. Sure it was a nice read. But seeing the same thing in happen on all his novel is utterly disappointing. Imagine his work in the chinese qidian always having votes and money despite having exactly the same thing. Its baffling and stupid Its obviously a scam. Your just reading the same thing with just a different plot. Author didnt improve. And his scamming his reader fanbase for more votes to gain more money I hate it! <<less
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A Will Eternal
July 1, 2016
Status: Completed
[Edits : 4/30/18]

Pretty decent and funny.

So funny that its overwhelming with excessive positivity. WHICH for me became a huuuuge huuuuge drawback. Don't get me wrong, I do love this novel. However er gen just took the comedy too over the top. That the novel became a super comedy that you as a reader can't simply take seriously. It became so funny that almost no tension could be felt and that majority of the serious situation are being overlooked. TBH. After writing this ive kinda realize that the solemn super serious... more>> moments in the 1000+ chapters of AWE could simply be count with one (or two) hand I'm serious. Sure the overall is great (The setting, plot, world building and characrers) but you just can't ovelook the fact that its hard to take it serious. If beseech is Grim, Renegade is dark, Issth is fun and serious then Awe is COMEDY (a joke) when compared to its predecessors. Xiaochun has his own feats and he could possibly be the legendary immortal (didn't comprehend the novel enough to give assurance) But if his feats were ever compared to Su Ming, Wang Lin and Meng Hao's feats then its like comparing a martial artist to a grandmaster if you know what I mean. With all that said And if ever Er Gen manage to read this, then I wanna f*ckin say this.. "The Ending is terrible and annoying. That ive read the whole novel to reach a CONCLUSION not to be kept hangin and guessing what happen!!" and to all the reader who've read this review then please do read it and support it cause its good (though a bit lacking and bad compared to the previous works)

[July 01, 2016]

*Rolling on the floor laughing* hahaha Wahhh so good!!

(Well its actually to be expected. Its Er Gen's work for goodness sake!!)

If you knew "Meng Hao" then this story's MC was pretty much the embodiement of his shamelessness. The MC in the story looks innocent and naive outside when in reality actually a scoundrel and a Mischeavous Genius at heart. Which I remember this story has a lot similarity with the novel "world of cultivation" and its MC Zou Mo. Zou mo's greed is toward money while the MC of this novel greed for life, and they are both funny in a greedy way.

MC'S a quick witted bastard who value his life so much that he enters the world of immortal cultivation without prior knowledge about them just for the sake of extending his life. However just like each and every Mc's of er gen, he also have that unbreakable determination and perserverance (unfortunately theirs a catch. He must be pressured for it to appear :P)

Honestly I feel that Er Gen is currently making/trying something new, a story which follow a path different path from his previous work. (Issth, xian ni, bessech the devil and against heaven) I have a high expectation from this work, but no worries im sure Er Gen will not disappoint me. Haha I feel that an ultimate conning expert will soon emerge at the Xianxia novel world! P.S
its quite disturbing when I somehow cant see any romance nor harem at the genre.. Haha well its still early it will come.. I hope.. <<less
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Painting of the Nine Immortals
August 23, 2017
Status: c122
IMO below average xianxia. Forceful as f*ck. And everything about shortcuts and denials. Before starting, I shall first state that what makes a xianxia/xuanhuan novel average and generic were because of the traditional troupe such as: trash talent/cripple then gain a treasure/unlock potential, narrowminded villain, plot armors and then never ending revenge cycle. I believe that this novel's author was trying to trancend from that and try avoided the troupes. Unfortunately he didn't know that he was already binded by that traditional troupe and instead of sticking up and being... more>> average novel. He went and overestimated himself creating this barely alive and hypocritical novel.

Major novel issues:

First, He obviously wants to create an harem but there he goes and creating a second rate romance full of denials and sh*t when in his mind he was already imagining his character f*cking all those introduced ladies. Second, before the very start he was nothing but an ordinary mortal then a few seconds of read later *huala* he became a a monsterous genuis among millions of genuis. *Clap clap* how shameless can this be!!

Third, He was basically a zero with only his mortal talent and blood relatives. Then 2 chapters later.. He gain eye execution shit, Alchemy treasures, 9 immortal masters and almost anything a normal person can dream off fall into his arms like a meatpie and without even breaking a sweat. Normally authors tend make it subtle as they can to hide their plot armors.. But this one obviously don't know that logic

Fourth, He was arrogant and all which can be used an excuse for the plot to temper himself, became strong and learn his wrong doing in the near future. However No! Instead of creating that possibility. Author just went and sent him in a place then *another huala* he experience a 100 years of life time in a blink of an eye. BUT other than having his maturity grow by 5% that lifetime he experience only made him more arrogant and overconfident that when he was up to people he can't defeat he can only use an old monster's petty tricks. The f*ck with that. Why not Just create a old monster rebirth novel instead trying to be unique when author has no writing talent to speak of at all..

Fifth, Not only was he full of shortcuts even his chapters were extremely short.. WTH!

If only author stick to tradition although it won't be a masterpiece it atleast could have par with the novels like King of Gods, dmwg, wddg, barely mw and tmw. Unfortunately he didnt so.. With all that said author is pretty wishy-washy, story is nothing special and I bet majority of the people of novel community could predict what'll happen next so.. Two words : passable trash

2 stars for trying and junk food at best. <<less
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NaM rated it
Hail the King
September 26, 2016
Status: c150
Certainely an Epic novel. One of the best chinese western style novel ive read so far.

But be remided that, this is NOT A XIANXIA WUXIA (with all cultivator and martial artist and stuff) but a WESTERN FANTASY NOVEL (with dragon, Magic, Kingdom, wars and stuff) Dont get confused and miss reviewed this novel because of your own personal views and misconception. Its simply ignorance.

Anyway, Normally when writing a novel. The author will choose a certain role /job for the Main Character and stick with that for the whole series and... more>> sometimes only changed once. But in this novel not only was the MC already sitting in a throne he is also able to wield different (Game Element) job class Styles and ability that is ideally awesome and OP. And if thats unsatisfying for you and instead a let down, Then before deciding to drop this then try the story's world building and politics. It will fill that unsatisfied self of yours. If you dont believe me then try reading this and you'll see that im not least bit exaggerating! <<less
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NaM rated it
My House of Horrors
February 16, 2019
Status: --
Amazingly satisfying read... Not necessarily scary but incredibly thrilling

Tbh, instead of horror, I see this novel as a psychological thriller. The terrifying existence here were not the ghost but instead the humans who manipulate ghost and those around them.

Ghost encounters isnt much a problem cause most of the ghost enemies can easily solved by his op ghosts but is often delayed cause of Some limitations, complications and unexpected handicaps. Ghost here are mostly like a interesting special quirk and not really the main thing. ghost hunting is like a... more>> part time work and solving cases, finding the manipulator behind-the-scene and then defeating them is his main job.

Novel also got comedy but it was mostly confined in his hunted house attraction and not included during his investigative mode.

MC is a fairly complicated character. Can be considered as a unique existence in the sea of chinese web novels. Even after 500 of chapters we only barely know him and dont know much about him. His only drive here is finding his parents, improving his haunted house and everything else is just an extra. He view himself as a normal guy but his mentality is way above anyone and most people around him see him as a monster like existence that is trustworthy and caring individual. He doesnt have anyone who he could call a friend and most people around him have a "acquaintance" "employee" "Costumer" Etc etc relationship status with him. The most trustworthy individual for MC are his Ghost employee and humans kinda feel like a bit distant and alien for him.

As for the side characters. MC have lot of interesting interactions with them and most of the time, without knowing much about them. can make them easily be subjected to suspicion. Everyone can be connected to one and another through different means. And most people around the MC can be someone connected to a case in one way and another. Many have secrets behind there smiles and so there is no character here with an absolute characteristic. They could change in any minute and you're gonna be in for a surprise.

Anyway. The one who should be thanked for bringing us this novel is the author. Author has loads of mystery trick inside his sleeves and most of his ideas are interesting and intellectual. There is no dull moment in his novel and I feel like author can do a detective novel without ghost with ease. So his work deserve more attention so we should support him!! I Highly recommend reading this!! <<less
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NaM rated it
Soaring the Heavens
February 5, 2017
Status: c62
[March 30, 2017 edits]

Oh.. Someone removed the Netorare Tag..

Well anyway saw some stuff telling that author is notorious for writting stories where heroines are either "Stolen" from the MC or made to marry someone else..

... more>> With all that said and your ok with that. Read my February review and i'll leave it for you guys to judge

[March 05, 2017 Edits]

OH MY GOD! It has a "Netorare" Tag..

saw some not so reliable spoilers about that ntr and thought that MC is up to a bumpy ride... Not really a fan of ntr (Netorare/Cuckold) so ive done some not so deep research about this novel. then saw this novel (in qidian) rated as 9.1/10. Seeing that numerical ranking, ive decided to wait and see to see. if i'll drop this novel or not

[FEB 05, 2017 review]

This Novel gave me the same vibe with the novel "Lord Xue Ying"

If you've read IET's novels (LXY, DE, CD, ST) , then you might notice this author way of creational thinking (meaning bizzare ideas ex. That cave master, will and stuff) and novel's pacing was quite similar to his..

And here's some simple reminders for those new readers. According to what ive learn reading a lot of CN novel.

This novel is a xianxia novel, which means "Immortal Hero" and not the common XuanHuan genre novel (such as DMWG, WDDG, KOG, TMW, MW). While both genre starts with having obtain cheat opportunity/item. "Xianxia" trends the immortality path, meaning a thousand years of hard cultivating to reach immortality. While "Xuanhuan" are more of the Martial way path. If you hadn't notice xianxia mc's tend to cultivate/train by yearly duration while xuanhuan tend to master their skills in a couple of weeks or a month. The former breakthrough every month or years. While the latter breakthrough every 3-10 days.. and thats the major difference ive notice so far. So its quite wrong comparing the two novel specially when they aint even the same genre.

Anyway. This novel has a good quality trans. Plot depth and a more realistic representation of a cultivation world, meaning as long as the author don't screw up then this novel has a lot of potential. Recommended for ST, DE and LXY fan. <<less
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NaM rated it
Transcending the Nine Heavens
April 9, 2016
Status: --
[REVIEW] [Absolute 5/5]

Simply outstanding and a brilliant story. A True xuanhuan Masterpiece to be exact!

Not lacking in any aspect, be it comedy, suspense, action, romance and tragedy. It will surely satisfy you!

This story is next to complete! I specially like the Character development and character interaction in this story. Heck nobody is left out and everyone has their own screen time. Be it serious time or comedy time you reader will surely react. Laugh out loud or enlighten you will really encouter those feelings after reading this!
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NaM rated it
The Godsfall Chronicles
August 6, 2018
Status: --
It's a good read though a bit Dissapointing

tbh. I've been looking forward to this Novel. Since the first time it was released cause of the WW bragging and also since that time I got hooked to apocalyptic novel since reading the novel The Dark King. Though I admit the dark king being sub par compared to this. I find the dark king's adventure more interesting compared to Cloudhawk's.

Sure, Godsfall is pretty well written (though I'm not sure if it reach to the Point of ww self proclaimation about this novel... more>> being the most well written novel in qidian). However that is all to that.

Story is linear. Updates is slow as f*** that ive been stockpiling chapters since the beginning only to comeback with only 100 and so chapters in sight. And also the fact that the thrill, suspense and action being never ending and overused to the point that it reach the point that the thrill, suspense and action were longer as thrilling as it used to be. Finally, what most frustrates me. Was the f*** he was given so much OP abilities but during critical times. When the worse come to worst. Those abilities were often nowhere to be seen. (Ex.

Super fast regen - nowhere to be seen during action but super effective if MC is half-dead state.

Sixth sense - always alert him. But often ignored cause on one gaves a shit. So he always find himself in the middle of a storm like an idiot.

Etc etc.)

Reading this to me feels like being headache-induced and suffocated.

It was suffocating literally cause of how thrill packed the story is. Story pattern for the first 100 chapters is like this.

Minding own business - pulled into danger - survived half-dead - stuff his stomach with food then repeat from the top.

It was so disappointing. Sure wasteland world is dangerous and being killed and killing is one of the norms. But that doesn't mean that the MC should supposed to be driven into endless danger for nothing with no actual goal in sight. This story needs more filler and more breather chapter cause its not that exciting to read a thriller who only knows to thrill over and over again to the point that its exhausting and boring for the reader to continue to read <<less
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NaM rated it
Murdering Heaven Edge
May 16, 2016
Status: c131
Totally worth of the 5/5 rating

Great story!

Although it has the same elements with other cliche xuanhuan/xianxia novel with the same genre, this novel choose the different path, The Mortal path. Unlike the other xuanhuan/xianxia whose MC was totally immersed with cultivating and finding treasure, this xuanhuan choose to enter mortal matters such as politics and such while strengthening his self for the sake of Master filiality and Love! And the MC excel at it!! And he was only 13!.

The author tends to take time in world building which is totally... more>> worth it because you can clearly see the beauty of the world just by the simple imagination. He also put effort to character interaction and side character development which is also a unique charm of this novel. I just hope to see more character Opness and action I truly thirst to see that in this novel.

Recommended to all 15+ <<less
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NaM rated it
Dragon-Marked War God
May 18, 2016
Status: c88
One of ths best read for me so far (in the genre of simple xuanhuan novel that is)

Good story flow.. Thats what made me so hook to this novel.

Its True that this do have a simple plot and always about ruthlessness and stuff. However, if you look at it closely, the badass ruthless personality of the MC is what really bring life and flavor to this story. True that he was indeed ruthless (not deep down ruthless but only pride originated ruthlessness) but not to the point... more>> that its too cringy like what happen to those ruthless other mc's (ruthless to the point that they narrate their own righteous POV to gain the trust of the masses) who in the end was flooded by revenge enemy because they are always look down upon (ex. PMG, MGS, DME).

So in the End of the day, if you made me choose from a ruthless yet Op MC (DMWG) over a ruthless yet on their own accord MC (PMG, DME, MGS), Then ill still pick the former. Nothing good come upon to those righteous tyrant MC. They are always so cliche that its getting to cringy. <<less
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NaM rated it
Stellar Transformation
March 5, 2016
Status: --
A Good Read Xianxia. Pretty original from IET. NO harem, Good battle scene, Good phasing. I specially like the phasing in this novel, unlike the Coiling Dragon who rely in a ExtremeBadLuck-ExtremeGoodLuck cycle phasing. This one allow time to make the MC build up his strength.

Overall, this novel is a 4.5 star 4/5 going to 5/5 recommended novel. Not IET's best but can always grab the second.
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NaM rated it
Beast Piercing The Heavens
June 26, 2016
Status: c34
If you came here with no expectation in mind then, Welcome

Before reading this its better to clarify that this novel is generic afk no great speciality and have similar concept with most of the novel with same genre so.. If that fine with you then.

... more>> This is Light-read novel which is quiet fun to read.

If your a fan of IET's Coiling Dragon then you might consider reading this. But! However, Although I said Coiling Dragon, the novel that actually really reminds/relates me with this Novel was actually the DBWG (Dragon Blooded War God). you know, with integration and blood genes and all.

And also despite this novel being heavily influenced by CD & DBWG or maybe it was just a coincidence (since I dont really know which novel was released first between the three). This novel doesnt have the same plot depth with CD and was really lightly written almost the same writing styles with WDDG (World Defying Dan God) and DMWG (Dragon Marked War God) and novels as such which really concentrates on being OP AND POWER UPS.

Anyway despite all of that, This novel is really well-Written and Translated if you ask me. And despite feeling the harem romance a bit lousy, well hey, the most catchy part of this novel was the funny tricky MC.
Although, his not as Funny as the dirty joke funny guys like Han Shou (GDK) and Shi Yan (GOS) and those funny Gods like Chu Yang, Jun Moxie and the Ye MC of the realm of the firmament. Atleast its not as cliche like those detach and Cold, indifferent stiff Mc's which was all over the place right?.

Well anyway my point was already written despite being a bit disbelieving (and a bit annoyed) with that nonsense sypnosis. This novel really is worth the rating of 5/5...

I RECOMMEND this novel to whom ever liked the novels mention above in this review. Trust me its really worth the read! <<less
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NaM rated it
Maverick Chef
May 19, 2018
Status: --
I honestly don't recommend this. True that its entertaining at first but it easily gets Boring and Frustrating as f*** later. plot is next to non existance and and all you got is an awkward Pushover MC who almost only exist to do Errands for his suppose to be "friends". MC is pretty contradictory. He does what he dont want to do. But get lazy when it comes to what he wants. He was a certified pushover, its like his born to be taken advantage of. But even with that,... more>> other than those two little girls, everyone barely respect him. But author says "nope MC is no pushover" So he put him into needless nonsense danger for us to see that he was so Reliable blah blah blah. Tbh, he could easily solve those problems/Danger but because his too "Lazy", those problems keep piling up and gets extremely bothersome to read later

And what made it worst was the fact that most of those danger were often instigated. By directly or indirectly him helping or have taken advantaged of his so called "friends".

F*ck the summary sypnosis! What odd thing!? Novel is called "maverick CHEF". But almost all his cooking time was one liner and when the dude took his cooking seriously, author gave us summary. And author says dont be mad at the MC cause currently MC is doing another stupid errand. Novel is literally consist of inexhaustible unlimited errand. Its supposed to be a funny encounters, Once or twice errand every 10 to 20 chapter is ok, but more than that is tiring. He was forced to do almost everything but author disguised it as a voluntary work cause author says so.. And since the dude was a "chef" author just add it with a tiny tini bit spice of cooking (Ant size). Then *huala* we got Maverick Chef!!


MC is such a pushover and always does useless things that you would start to wonder why its called maverick chef instead of odd ball errand boy. Entertaining at first but gets tiring earlier later..

With all that said, I only have one sentence to say..

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NaM rated it
Legend of the Great Saint
July 7, 2017
Status: c118
Great Story!!

Nicely written (and translated) with a great phasing (story development) not too slow, yet not too rush. It was true that this story is not much different with the novel with the same genre BUT whats redeeming about it, was the Author's writing style which is catchy and attractive.. Not only was the author narrating a story, he was also taking his time teaching the readers how it (a xuanhuan/xianxia) should be done. Do this, Do that. Don't do this, Don't do that.

Great narrative and descriptive. It also come... more>> with a bit moral lessons.

Mc's a half-demonic beast culivator. Mc's character developing was great and also every character is colorful not dull. Overall I just love it! Hope Tl keep translating this.. And more readers appreciate this

Recommended to All!! <<less
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NaM rated it
Forty Millenniums of Cultivation
February 5, 2017
Status: c99
Great Novel! Awesome plot!! Amazing story

This novel gave a totally newface in the xianxia genre.

A story set 40, 000 years later after the usual cultivation world (ancient cultivation civilization but in my opinion similar to the Desolate era). Its kinda like technically the "Information era" of the cultivation world. But way more advance and also instead of Magitech or full science tech. The technology used here is a combination/Mixture of science, magic and cultivation commonsense.

Story gave a somewhat different vibe compared from the usual scifi xuanhuan such as "emperor of... more>> the cosmos" and "swallowed star" Which was overly futuristic and had their own troupes

Compared to those, This story was more inclined on xianxia troupe such as sects, immortal thingys and etc (i know you know what I mean). Anyway a pretty good read if you like both sci-fi and xianxia so recommended for both Sci-Fi and Xianxia Fans <<less
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NaM rated it
Thunder Martial
November 27, 2016
Status: --
Quite good..

Without being biased its already given for new translated novel to be quite generic given the fact that its already late translated and there are pretty much past novel similar to this before. But if this was translated earlier then I bet this novel can be said to be one of the good read here in NU...

"friendly reminder for new readers"

honestly readers shouldn't immediately judge the novel base on the reviews that a member who have read a lot of novel with he same genre before because they... more>> tend to be biased and forgot to think of the good side of the novel but instead their attention was in the clicheness and troupes..

Anyway as I said, this novel is quite a good read. plot wise, the betrayal start was a right spark to get this story going. The story has a potential. I believe if no repeatitive plots and this novel doesn't enter the endless revenge plot then I think this novel popularity will shine like the novel "King Of Gods". Honestly King Of Gods itself was a king of cliche in its own accord but because it has a fast translation, surpassed the 100 chapter, has the gravitytales backing and good translation.. it surpassed the other novels with the same clicheness.. if this novel was able to achieve the same achievements then I bet its popularity will be the same as the former..

If you like Martial Peak, Mystical Tyrant and novel as such them this novel is for you. <<less
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