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Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator
February 21, 2019
Status: c645
Usually, I'd read a couple comments and look over the ratio of good to bad reviews on a novel to determine whether or not I'd be interested in reading. This time, I'm glad I didn't read the reviews before jumping into the story.

Despite agreeing with some of the lower rating reviews, I wholeheartedly enjoyed reading TMR. Sure, it had its flaws - but which novel ever doesnt?

Some characters could have been handeled better so that they don't seem entirely one-dimensional. And this mostly applies to the villains, since I've noticed... more>> that they generally share very common traits, resulting in them turning out rather boring at times. But aside from that, I don't really have much complaints.

Some reviews stated that the FL was very Mary Sue, and after thinking about it, they're not wrong. But my defense is that it really couldn't be avoided. I mean, if you were armed with all this future knowledge (not just on the storyline) in a place where what once was considered normal has become ingenious in other people's eyes, it'd be hard to NOT be a Mary/Gary Sue. Now, if the FL didn't transmigrate or reborn, had no flaws, acquired skills in an unreasonable way (like suddenly becoming the greatest doctor alive after a small interest in medicine in a short time period), or the usual clichéd things, then that's a character to be concerned about. But with Chu Lian, although she seems Mary Sue, I believe it's rather justifiable.

There were some problems mentioned by some reviewers with the intimacy between the main characters as well. I agree it was a slow start, and I agree the romance can cause toothaches with how sweet they can be. But I disagree that there were no character development, and about the amount of s*xual activities. The s*xual activities and such, there were some use of the usual clichés, but I thought it was executed nicely - and it suits my tastes. But I'm a rather dirty minded person anyways. Each to his own.

Anyways, what I'm trying to get at here is that TMR is a great read. Although it uses the usual "useless to outstanding" FL cliché, it's done in a way that you don't feel uncomfortable with the FL because she's justifiable as a character and in the setting of the story. Not only the FL, the ML is rather likeable as well - at least to me. I enjoy their journey in the romance department, and the unexpected twist that I found unique to this story (or at least I've never seen it used in other novels yet).

I understand everyone has their own preferences, but I'd highly recommend this novel. <<less
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I'll start off by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel.

  • The MC is an independent and rational woman who sees things as they are.
  • She doesn't have any OP cheats or any exceptional talents except for her strong mentality. Of course, she does have her protagonist halo as she is the protagonist, but it balances out with her flaws and the situations she's put in.
  • There's been no sign of any ML so far. But I'm glad there isn't any because it's quite refreshing to read about the MC completing her tasks without having to deal with her own romantic drama on the side.
  • Additionally, MC works with what she's got. Considering the fact that she takes on cannon fodder roles and has to comply with each plane's rules, MC does extremely well in accomplishing her tasks and keeping her head straight.
  • MC's commentary on the cliches and the FL's and ML's halo effects on others is satisfying to read.
I'm not the type of reader who picks up on the underlying messages at first glance because I just read for the sake of enjoying it. So I cant really say much about the feminist things and plot holes and whatnot.

But I can say that the fact that all the characters and subplots in each arc are exaggeratingly cliched for a reason, and I... more>> believe it's been explained later on by the system.


In the cultivation arc, MC returns a dimension plane back to the place where they originated (?), and there the system explains that the dimmer planes are the ones that the task-takers are trying to help fix and repair to prevent them from disappearing. Additionally, the system says that these dying planes could result from excess regrets of cannon fodders and innocent souls as well as certain people going beyond the limits allowed in the plane.


It's certainly a slow plot, but I think its srsly worth giving it a try. There are some people who dont like the first arc, but I still encourage new and interested readers to persevere and read on.

My favorite arc was the one where MC takes on the special task and becomes a FL instead of a cannon fodder. That one was hilarious and really satisfying because of MC's genius way of avoiding rape. <<less
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Uhh..... well...... it's not all that bad, but it's quite the chore to read through. I know I haven't read that far yet, but the hella long s*x scenes kinda become boring. I mean like, yeah the selling point is the smut. But maybe it's because I've already seen and read too many porn that I've become desensitized to it, and it just becomes boring.

But if you were attracted by the smut, by no means don't stop on my account. Give it a try. It's an okay read.

(And props... more>> to the MC for putting up with the system and its antics. I srsly did not like the system. It's too much of a selfish asshole imo.) <<less
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