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N1ghtroad rated it
Hachinan tte, Sore wa Nai Deshou!
January 28, 2018
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It was interesting in the beginning. Only in the beginning. The story starts to turn bad the moment he got involved with the nobilities.

Why? In the beginning, he was walking toward his "dream". He worked to get what he wanted. It wasn't unpleasant to watch him getting stronger for this dream either.

Then came the leash. Yes, this character is a loyal dog. He is used by everyone for their own profits, just like the king or his "patron":

[Owner] : Go kill the dragon! It's dangerous, and you may die, but... more>> don't worry, you will get tons of money!

[MC] : I don't want to, but if I flee to another kingdom, I will be lost (aka, it's scary). I suppose I got no other choice then.

It wouldn't be that depressing if he was juste naive. This indecisiveness makes him just a wimp, or a M.

Also, girls keep falling for him for no reason at all, or maybe his fame and his money. Hummm..., surely the money yes.

And this is it. Antagonists? Are we talking about those stereotypical buffons that just serve as foothold to increase the fortune of the MC?

To summarize, It's a shame:

  • It's not interesting to read the story of a boy who got lead by the nose by everyone. He has the power to change things (and his situation), but only use his power for the things that others requested of him.
  • I don't feel any attachment toward a MC who got everything without working for it. Money? He went from pennyless to millionaire in less than 20 chapters. Territory? He tries his best to avoid all the responsabilities by saying that he wants to work as an adventurer. But do not worry people! I will use the power of money to make everyone happy! This make that part bland.
  • The story is really difficult to read. For the most part, it's just the MC inner thoughts, nothing else. Yes, you can call that a monologue. And yes, it inhibits the development of the rest of the characters.
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