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Mz rated it
The Skill Maker
March 20, 2018
Status: c92
I think this novel has an interesting concept (Creating skills and etc). Saddly it was extremely baddly written so If you want to read it I recommend reading until chapter 28 or 30 and then skipping to chapter 72. I'll tell you why in the spoiler below.

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For some reason the author decided to write 40 chapters that won't add anything to the history. He barely used his SS rank skill and he didn't use Skill maker not even once!. I got depply frustated reading those chapters and I bet it'll be the same for the next readers because they sincerely suck.


Well the novel seems to be getting back on track now but I need to read a bit more to be able to tell for sure if this novel is worth reading or not. Despite the 40 filler chapters I for some reason really enjoyed the normal ones. <<less
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