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MxxDeath rated it
Versatile Mage
May 27, 2018
Status: c2438
This is my favourite novel of all times. A simple cultivation system. A magic object that is relevant through out the entire story. Closed off world meaning there is no higher realms (it is just earth and the countries and locations on earth nothing more) you understand the scoop of everything. Characters are recurring and are given relevant subtext to be part of the story later on. Characters are not forgotten. The author ensures there is little receptiveness in terms of overall story and cliche things are always given... more>> a unique twist to them if there ever is.

NB : the first 150 chapters are slow and boring and are only usefull for cultivation info and a few character names, dont worry about personality they all change and given more depth after ch150


The two small villains in the first episode of the anime, Mu He turns out to be a big villain who gets kill for letting the MC attend Magic High School, The other one Mu Bai turn into a stable and loyal sidekick of the main character


There are side stories that are not left behind and explored more has the story progress


Ling ling and her farther death, The Zhou family power struggle, The Parthenon Temple power struggle and few more miner ones


The MC does not win is a cliche way but in a way that makes you feel the the price was not worth the cost

You get to read about side characters fights and stories even if the MC is not around

The story progress in real time has there is no time skip more long the three mounts. Most people by age 80 are considered ancient and core of the organisation

The is clans and no sects. When you kill people the back round power behind them does not go for all out revenge


There is only five cultivation levels (entry, middle, high, ultra/super, forbidden) other characters progress with the MC and are not left behind


It has real world competitions such derby days, World Cup, U.S open. It has real land marks like the tower of liberty the ancient pyramids in Egypt and geographically accurate, The novel progressing is actuals real world based


Starts off is small town then goes to the big city the national area then international


The main villain are kept from early on and expanded has the story progresses and their leaders consider the MC a problem from early on and don't underestimate him <<less
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MxxDeath rated it
Heavenly Jewel Change
August 20, 2018
Status: Completed
My all time fav novel of all time

Nice and simple cultivation system, good comedy, deep romance (not forced) , goood fight sequences, The MC matures but still keeps his innate core, Side characters have personality and are not forgotten, World is small and easy to understand, New weapon creation concept and skill technique concept

RAWs are good to be read

... more>> Qidian International Has a full version of the translated novel

There is no traveling to higher plane bullsh*t and the enemies strength is something that can be undertood

The stories villains are not the people you think they are

Kick ass Teachers

War is straight foward without the politicle crap

Now for the bAD PARTS


the ending for the final battle is sh*t so is the final battle

Near the end almost all the females want the MC sperm to grow stonger

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MxxDeath rated it
God Of Slaughter
July 23, 2018
Status: c654
This is a novel you read when you don't have any other novel read. But you can get bored of it very easily.


  • Consistent cultivation level
  • short s*x scene - don't last more than half a page, not long like ATG, CLC
  • MC does not speak self-righteously like his a goddam saint from another world
  • his past life come up now and again to justify his recklessness, and doesn't define him
  • Returns to his roots and helps those he helped before
  • Decent pace
  • unique story telling, no cliche sect growth scenes

  • So many women sleep with the MC for no good reason, their entire relationship if forced and dry. One you know their name you can skip a few chapters has story repeats itself
  • MC main love rarely appears in the story and every time she does appear she has a new personality
  • Plot armor is so thick you can cut it with a knife

    every single time he is gona die either a women will save which he will **** later or the ring gives him a way out

  • every powerful person is either want to kill him or make him the ****ing got at first sight
  • He meets the all powerful to quickly, zero build up
  • SoOOOOOOOO MUCH useless cultivation bullsh*t that has already been said 30 chpts ago in greater detail, this goes on for so long it made me drop the novel three times, till I found I had nothing else to read
  • Spoiler

    MC->meets girls or finds treasures->greedy people (robbing treasures) / lustful persons (aiming for the girls) ->MC kills these people (if they are men), f**k/kills (if they are women) -->MC absorbs enemies' power or train to increase his power-->keep retreating non stop.

  • The bloodline power only works for the MC even though every single person has it
  • so many leftover story lines
  • brainless mc
  • one third of the novel is the author making excuses on why the MC is right, justified, powerful, a ****, gets with women
  • girl are 1 dimension
  • if the author says something will happen later, it wont

    anti-climatic plot twist helps thicken the already god like ploy armor

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MxxDeath rated it
Upgrade Specialist in Another World
August 20, 2018
Status: c241
This novel is a decent filler novel aswell when you cant find anything else to read

Dont expect the MC cheat ability to help the MC that much, more often than not, it screws him over and to hide his secrete the plot is scarified.

The Romance is the slow and shallow kind

... more>> The side Characters have more of a personality than the mc

This book is in no way a comedy

People are always amazed by what is MC can do or his speed of cultivation, even though his achievemnts are considered sub par campared to the previous arcs genius <<less
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