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Mr.Awkward rated it
Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou
May 9, 2017
Status: v3c2
This is does not contain any spoiler.

Are you hesitating to read this novel? Then don't. I'm trying to be baised free as possible, but I'm not gonna lie. This LN is my favorite of all time. If you love mystery novels that are not centered around murder and crime, this it for you. If you love Hyouka, this is it for you. And if you love these small mysteries that life comes with, this is it for you. Sometimes, the author explains things with a huge wall of text... more>> and unending paragraphs. But what's surprising is that you don't mind it at ALL. In fact, the more text it has, the happier I get. The interactions between the characters are heart warming and it's not like the other LNs where the main character is a pushover or falls on the main heroine's boobs. This guy has years of experience in martial arts and is a huge man (not that it's a 'big' part of the story). The pacing is also rather realistic, the main character doesn't spit out cool clich

lines the first day they meet for then the girl to fall in love with him in a short span of time. The story takes it time, and the author makes sure you enjoy the journey with his rather skillful writing. I really want this light novel to be noticed, so don't skip on this one, especially if you like slice of life type of LNs

If you're wondering, the story mainly deals with episodic mysteries, but there is a small hint (don't know if I can call it small) of a big mystery lurking behind the scenes where the past plays a huge role. <<less
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