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Mouse the Dog
Mouse the Dog rated it
The Grandmaster Strategist
November 30, 2016
Status: v1c26
TL;DR: Highly recommend, mature alt-history story with complex politics and a wuxia flair
I basically just started reading this, but the style is very unique and interesting, and coupled with an intriguing plot and character, I'm very hopeful for this story. One thing I noticed almost instantly: the translator really puts in the work. Chapter 3 alone had 49 footnotes explaining various Chinese terms/traditions, and I really respect that. Registered an account and wrote this because of the great story and amazing translator (yes, there are minor typos here and... more>> there, but look at the big picture)

Read all of the current translated chapters, and nothing has changed. I really like this story. As the TL accurately described, it's an"Alt-History political scheming story with Wuxia flavouring". Don't expect dumb xianxia fights, don't expect the character to become an unbeatable martial monster, this story has a very fleshed out world and complex politics. This story is much more mature (not in a pervy way) than anything else I have read on this site, and I'm in love. The story has it's unique niche of story telling, also introducing historical excerpts in many chapters to give a better overview and special touch. <<less
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