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Moonlight Shadow
miguelzhen rated it
Emperor’s Domination
May 23, 2018
Status: c1490
Well, originally I didn't bother too much on doing a review on this novel (actually any novel that I read), but I saw something intriguing upon reading some of the reviews, specially the negative ones, and I saw that one very common argument that the novel plot is not worked very thoroughly, or the battles are too cliched, I'm writing this review on how I see this novel.

first thing to note is the actual point on to why the author decided to write the novel the way it is, it... more>> is clear during the whole story, that the author does not focus on relationships between the MC and the side characters or the battles, so if you read the Chinese novels for these, you are going to be very disappointed, the very point of the whole plot is to not develop the MC from weak to strong, because it's pointless

MC is the teacher of tons of immortal emeperors (being said to be invincible in their universe) and other superpowers we see in the novel, só him being strong is just a matter of time

the author wants to slowly uncover how our mysterious MC is, from his personality besides his outer arrogant and powerful appearance, or his past deeds and painful memories, the whole story is revolving around what the MC did in the past and his actions in the present in search of the so wanted answer he wants from the heavens

the second thing is the is the actual relationships in the novel, as I said the author does not focus very much in this topic, but there are things that stands out, that is his past friends and lovers that is or might be alive in the era that he is in, for example

that middle continent princess, a past lover of his that he had to deceive because of how the Tian Ming era was dangerous, and Li Qiye had a job to do that was to eliminate the bloodthirsty ancient ming race from the nine worlds, but he still developed sentiments to that little girl of that era, so he still protected her secretly even while having to be hidden and constantly thinking of to deal with this world disaster that was the ancient ming race was to the human race

another thing is his maids during the whole story, some people are seeing thing very superficially about them, because the whole point of having those maids, is not to just have some fan service, but the main point is to show the teacher side of Li Qiye, all his maids were picked by him for reasons, due to sheer talent that could be developed or their supreme Dao heart that could have them continuously go on the the endless path of the Dao, the whole point of this is to show, even a little bit of how Li Qiye teaches his past disciples, maid or generals, or how he picks them, and what he can do to just develop them to their maximum the author does not want to develop a story behind every side character, but the side characters are there to show the little bits of personality that our MC has

last thing is about the fights, I just ask you one thing, knowing how strong, wise and knowledgeable the MC is, is there a point in doing super detailed, full of different climaxes battles knowing that the MC would eventually make everyone as an ant and crush them to dusts? There is no point to that, it would be too disappointing if you already know that everything that the enemy does will be useless, so what is the point of all the battles? One thing, the MC, as I said the whole story revolves on discovering bits of bits of the past of the MC, so what the battles show? His wiseness in the battles and plots that he thinks, and how confident he is as a general of the legion of the legends to overcome every battle in an overwhelming way not only with his power but his strategies and the power that he grants to his subordinates, because the strength of the MC is granted to be OP <<less
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Moonlight Shadow
Moonlight Shadow rated it
(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated!
January 3, 2019
Status: c52
This novel really frustrates to a point of wanting to pull all my hairs off and the thing that most frustrates me is not the bland plot, MC, side characters and world building, heck even the battles are meh the thing that frustrates me the most is the start of this story where the MC hasn't even reincarnated yet, for me the novel starting that way didn't even need to be an isekai and instead a rom-com with misunderstanding and with a setting like that where he even had a... more>> little flashback of his mother saying that she hated his face would be an awesome little hint for a kind of sad background for the MC and even the way the MC hated himself for that it would've been a great rom-com if the author had any sense in making a character with a little depth it just makes me sigh that the how this novel started had such a potential to be a very funny yet sometimes emotional rom-com and instead became a bland isekai with bland everything from plot to character to even the fights. <<less
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