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MomTheDemonQueen rated it
The New Gate
June 6, 2016
Status: --
In the midst of all of its' problem's it is a good story. It has a great plot and great character.

But that is all it has. The action is poor, the talking is long-winded and completely skippable, the MC doesn't want to reveal his power because he's... Afraid of something? I have no idea, there's nothing stronger than him in this world so there's nothing that could threaten him. There's probably not even anything stronger than his girlfriend in this world.

I give it a 3 just for the premise, and... more>> the development of the world, story and characters. But honestly, everything good about this story doesn't make up for the fact that most of the time it's so boring you skip 5-6 paragraphs just to get past this part, or sometimes even full chapters. Once, I skipped three chapters, and the part I was trying to skip still wasn't over. It's that slow.

Read it, give it a chance, if you're the type that can move this slow then go for it.

I can't. I want a brave MC who gets things done and shows off more than a good MC who does the right thing but hides in the shadows. Give me a family slaughtering psychopath any day over this Satou re-hash. <<less
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First of all let me say, the novel is good. It's really good. That is my opinion. It's easily 5 stars, but... Well that's what the review is for, huh? To explain why I gave it 4 instead.

Alright so, the MC is a master martial artist, Kenichi Master Level, and dies in a plane crash. Then he's reincarnated in another world and the story starts when he's just coming of age. He's a total bad ass and an alpha, so you can't relate, but he's against harming women so he's... more>> cool.

There's a lot of s*x in the story, and it's okay I guess; It certainly isn't BAD s*x, but it's either poorly translated or the japanese just focus on parts of s*x we don't. So, if you're reading just for the s*x, yeah you can pull your pud to this about as well as Road to Kingdom, but that's it. I write way better s*x in my fanfictions.

Now, he lives in a native-american-esque tribe, but for some reason or another they wear chinese clothes.

The story is more about his life in this tribe, his treatment of his household, and him being acknowledged as a warrior. This story is not about the s*x, it isn't about the battle, and it isn't slice of life. It's all of them put together, and instead of focusing on one and putting just a little of the others in like most novels it instead balances them very well.

Read it if that's your thing. If you like it, read Road to Kingdom. <<less
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MomTheDemonQueen rated it
I’m Back in the Other World?
May 28, 2016
Status: c58
If you like the story up to chapter 30, I recommend that's where you stop.

This novel was, in my opinion, doing quite well right in the beginning and made it to chapter 30 in a way that made me want to keep coming back to it. Now at 58 I find that for more than 20 chapters it's been almost like a job to come back and read this again, just to see if it stopped being such absolute garbage yet. If the translator continues to translate it past about... more>> 100 chapters, I'll read it again then, but not until.

There are other reviews that can tell you what it's about, but here's the details just in case mine is the only review you read for some reason.

The Main Character is a High School Girl. But in her past life, she was an old man who was a powerful magician in the other world. In her new life, she has studied martial arts, and she's pretty badass.

Then she gets into an accident and goes to the same world that her old man life was from. She does kinda cool stuff and adventures for 30 chapters.

Then she settles down, gets s*xually harrassed, cooks all the time, and generally does what she's told from then until the present chapter.

And I'm tired of it. I want the interesting character from the beginning back. I want the interesting-ish story back. Slice of life is EVERYWHERE. I don't need it. <<less
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It's just bad. You can find 7584920879032 fanfictions that are EXACTLY like thing, but with more understandable references and with a lack of the absolutely idiotic chinese cliches.

If you want to read this story, just go to fanfiction net instead, you'll find things that are much better, or on par with this story. You won't find anything worse, because after the very beginning this story is just garbage.

I can't believe it got published, if it did. It feels like it was written by a twelve year old who wants a... more>> bigger penis. <<less
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