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Mochax3 rated it
The Reborn Demon King’s Goddess Hunt
November 11, 2018
Status: c5
I don't usually write reviews but after seeing the only review this has so far is a 2 star one after only 1 chapter read, here are my two cents.

First off this is a light hearted story of the ecchi genre with an isekai setting, nothing original here.

The premises of this story is quite niche but hey if you like a light hearted isekai setting harem nonsense with demons and goddesses in a non full blown ero with some decent character interactions and some (not too cringey) comedy maybe you'll... more>> have some fun with this.

It's honesty not that awful. Its like watching some brainless ecchi Anime.

Actual rating so far:7/10

Five stars cause I'm nice <<less
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