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I'm giving a three star because of the translator's hard job, but as for the work, it does not deserve any stars. Not many of you might know that this work is a plegrism of another author's Yaoi novel named Peach Blossom Debt (桃花债) by Da Feng Gua Guo (大风刮过).

Back then, PBD was a very famous novel among the Yaoi or BL community in China, and this author Tang Qi registered an account and started to write a romance novel taking the story of PBD and mimicking the writing style... more>> of its author Da Feng. A lot of Da Feng's readers thought and asked if she was Da Feng's side account for romance, and she had answered in a very misleading way tricking people to think so til Da Feng publicly announced that she knew nothing about this author Tang Qi. Then she finally admitted that she was a fan of Da Feng and that her work was merely paying respect to PBD.

Later, there was evidence that she had opened many readers account to leave comments under PBD with score 0 that said PBD was similar to another novel -- Ten Miles Blossoms, which was her copied work of PBD.

Then the age of web novel publication came. Due to the policy in China and the limited audience for BL novels comparing to Romance, PBD, as a BL novel, was unable to be published while Ten Miles welcomed its first edition. Tang Qi and her editor had sent a copy of their book to Da Feng asking why her work was not able to publish to show off.

As her work got popular, she reverted and deleted all comments related to Da Feng and refused to admit that this work had any connection with PBD. It had been revised multiple times with several different editions to remove and rewrite all passages she had copied from PBD, till there is only the bareborn of the plot left in mixed orders.

The author Tang Qi had been bothering and attacking Da Feng Gua Guo for many years now till today. She had just publicly criticized Da Feng for being a coward and not dare to sue her work despite that everyone knows how hard it is for this type of case to win especially when one side is an BL novels.

Just want to make sure that people are aware of it. <<less
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MoMoePom rated it
Lantern: Reflection of the Peach Blossoms
December 20, 2018
Status: Completed
This is from the translator of the novel. Don't be scared by the contrast between the first chapter and the synopsis! No! You didn't open up the wrong book! This book is so good! Give it a try!

Plot wise: The main stage is set in modern world, but the relationship between MC and ML has spanned for over thousands of years. The story starts with them being a "Divorced" couple, and ML desperately trying to gain his wife back as their past is gradually revealed to us. I don't want... more>> to spoil too much since I think the way that the author reveals everything is very interesting. And it's happy ending.

Characters: I LOVE these two characters and their relationship is very touching. I remember crying my eyes out while reading it. Both MC and ML are very devouted to each other, willing to give their life for each other's sake. Chu He (Phoenix) is very taciturn and doesn't really express himself. He tends to hold everything to himself, which led to some of Zhou Hui (ML) 's frustration. Where as Zhou Hui, born as a Great Demon in the Blood Sea, there is a fierce and beastlike nature in him that's just part of who he is. Both characters are not perfect, but the effort and sacrifice they made for each other over such a long period of time is just touching.

The author's writing is very good, one of the best in my opinion. The modern section is very light heartrd and full of hilarious moments, where as the flashbacks are written with a very distant and almost otherworldly touch. Sadly, my bad writing won't be able to bring her words to their full extent. But I'll try my best.

Give it a try! A very beautiful love story. Wrote it on my phone so typos are expected. <<less
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