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Mlaser rated it
Ancient Strengthening Technique
July 3, 2017
Status: c717
The idea of this series is good, is more of a slice of life than a adventure, but lack in its execution. I like reading this series but I encouter myself getting mad at some aspects of it like:

some commom problems of chinese novels:

    • Long descriptions of womans, idolizing them.
    • Power system where always have a family or sect more powerful.
    • Always arrogant enemies that create enmity of simple problems for the MC.
    • Absurd descriptions of dimensions and power.
But the major problem of this series is the inconsistency. The author contradicts himself a lot.
    • He wants to make a mature and racional MC. But he creates a hipocritical, impulsive and sometimes dumb MC. (I don't care if the MC is impulsive or emotional, but he is frequently portraited as mature, the author should let go of this idea.)
    • Says he is not confident. But flirt with every beautiful woman that he see. He said that don't want to add more females for his harem, but still make jokes with new female characters saying to be his woman or marrying him.
    • Says that loves his family, but leaves them often to travel the world. (He obtain the lifespan of hundred of years but, can't wait five years to left again).
    • He says that cultivating is slow accumulation but the MC always want to travel to search for more power quickly.
    • The author change the skills effect for the plot (or totally forgot them).
    • The MC says he only care about him and his family but always protect others and create trouble unnecessarily. Always killing and crippling people indiscriminately.
    • The author can't do math correctly.
    • The MC has said having talent in some subjects like alchemy and talisman drawing (he has labbed as genius because the quality of his talisman on his first try), but even with Real of Violet Jade Immortal the rate of learning is extremely slow, how could normal people wihout talent cultivate that then.
I sometimes of give this novel another go, but the reasons above make me easily drop it again
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Mlaser rated it
I’m Sorry For Being Born In This World!
December 10, 2017
Status: Completed
The idea and the plot of the novel is ok.

Theres a new concept of explaining flaws in the powers with physical laws, and a more darker world.

But there is a thing that separate the good novels of bad novels: the writing. The story seems rushed, the characters are bad developed, the fighting scenes a bit confusing. The development of the MC fells forced. Necro one of the principal characters appears to be just a random guy used as a pivot to the plot, never being properly characterized.
The end is... more>> not bad, but because of how the story is writen don't have any appeal to me.

This is story has potential, but it has wasted. It will work fantastic if rewriten even with no plot modifications. <<less
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