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Mkill rated it
Skyfire Avenue
April 11, 2016
Status: --
This novel is a true masterpiece and, like most, start off slowly. Don't give up after the first couple of chapters, they're a very important introduction of the MC's morale and standing.

In this novel, instead of the author saying MC is awesome, refined, etc, he shows why. He shows you the MC through his actions and does TJSS know how to do that.

This is my favorite work from him, and I definitely recommend you read it no matter what
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Mkill rated it
Dragon-Marked War God
July 6, 2016
Status: c10
Why this novel has a 4.3 avarage vote is completely beyond me.

It makes absolutely no sense. I'm not one to write reviews being overly critical of novels, and usually I do it just to support it, but this score made me feel cheated.

Here are some of the stuff that completely bothered me, there are a couple of spoilers till chapter 6-7 I think

... more>>

MC reincarnates and in 3 days goes from lvl 1 basic sh*t to lvl 8 basic sh*t that can even defeat lvl 1 of the slightly better than basic sh*t realm.

To that, there's also basically no description at all to any characters - besides an ugly girl that is so poorly narrated that I only thought of her as troll rather than a human.

Also, MC makes a bet with a random young master and the wage is that if young master refuses to fulfill the bet (carry a casket home), then that would be admitting his whole family was "bastard".

Novel makes absolutely no sense and not even in my wildest dreams would I imagine that this novel got a 4.3 score on NU.
I mean, I don't even think it deserves a 3.

This novel is on par with CCM. Hell, I managed to read even more of CCM (200s). At least the premise was interesting.

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Mkill rated it
World Defying Dan God
July 13, 2016
Status: c24
On behalf of the 4.2 score on NU, I managed to endure 24 chapters of this novel.

However, it's not for me. It's extremely rushed, the MC gets OP overnight without having to sacrifice anything and basically gets the most supreme things falling from the sky all the time.

There is basically no development and I honestly couldn't feel one bit excited reading this novel, only plain indifference. Characters are just not likeable.

IMO, one should stay away from this novel, unless you like novels like MGA, Imperial God Emperor, PMG and the... more>> likes. <<less
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World of Cultivation
July 14, 2016
Status: c306
A masterpiece.

A must read if you like novels that are slowly developed. The MC is not OP from the start, and you feel him growing up each arc. Extremely funny, and a great novel that brings true excitment to its readers.

Def. Recommended!
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