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Peerless Martial God 2
March 20, 2019
Status: c183
Before we start, I'd like to believe I wrote this review assuming the people here read the first series.

My review in reading 183 chapters.

Honestly, while many people who have read the original PMG series come here reading the sequel because they thoroughly enjoyed the first one. I, for one, am one of them. But while many of us want to read for the sake of the story, the style the second author creates is just too different from the first one.

For one, the author tries to create suspense in fights... more>> in a terrible manner by letting MC's enemies provoke him over and over before he actually fights. When he does, they attempt to kill or cripple him and when he wins, he doesn't do the same. The motto used to be a tooth for a tooth but I guess the author now just wants to let everyone live. Any cannon fodder character that appears gets knocked out now and he lets them live usually with 3-4 chances if the author intends for that character to come back to get more screentime. When any actual character that can match him in strength appears, it's almost always a draw or either side escapes. There is next to no killing now if compared to the first series from MC's part.

Secondly, the author tries to create a personality in the MC's wives. While I understand what he's trying to accomplish since most of his wives didn't get screentime in the first series, now most of them become jealous of another potential character being possibly added to the harem. When was Duan Xin Ye ever jealous in the first series? If I recall correctly, she was one of the first ones to be accepting of his polygamous marriages.

Going back to the second point, the one who's possibly being part of the harem was introduced by arrogantly whipping people around her while riding on a horse. It's the exact scene that was copy pasta'd in the first series during the Shen Gong Tournament. The character's reaction becomes completely opposite of what he did back then where he destroyed her entire clan. New character whips people around her, he gets targeted, he stops her and she asks someone to kill him in front of his face. Not only does he let her go and forgives her in very same chapter but actually interacts with her now throughout the story and she's a potential character being added to the harem.

So in the end, a lot of things that occur in this second series where the choices of the MC are concerned and the characters around him become completely opposite of what they would have done in the past. While I might not have minded these things if they occurred in the first series, I find it off putting since they are not the choices these characters would have made in the prequel. <<less
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