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Misogi rated it
Who Touched My Tail!
December 30, 2018
Status: c21
A really nice multiple world hopping story! The MC is cunning, cool and smart so expect some nice face slappings. He is like a crafty fox and enjoys watching his prey at the height of their life and then fall abruptly, which is really satisfying considering what they did to the host.

It is kinda like FOD so if you liked that then I can definitely recommend this! Also the translation is really nice with really fast releases!
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*sob* this was beautiful I'm crying.

The story had me so captured I just had to finish it in one go. The flow and pacing is really nice, it didn't feel rushed and it didn't stagnate either. It was so heart warming to see the character developement in the Protagonist and also the Reader, all those fluffy moments just made me go all GYAAAA. I'd honestly love more, I feel so empty now that i've finished it.... it was really beautiful, a nice planned out plot, adorable characters and character developement,... more>> what more can one ask for? (maybe even more smut scenes huehuehue *Q*) <<less
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Misogi rated it
I Want To Enjoy A Country Life!
October 8, 2018
Status: omake 2
If you want some light, funny story with smut, then here it is.

Though if you're searching for one with more plot then you might wanna reconsider it.

I enjoyed it, as I just needed some smut after all the fade to blacks in the other novels. Just don't expect too much logic and character development and be like me, enjoying all the smut scenes.
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