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Mio26 rated it
The Novel’s Extra
September 11, 2018
Status: c62
This novel's high rating and describtion are very misleading. It looks like hidden gem on this site but it's nothing special to be honest. Setup is promising and made me very excited. But we got at the end typical korean light novel with MC being total OP, pretty good humor (but again not on level of LMS), more "developed" characters (especially female) than in typical CN novels and a lot of references from popculture (Tiger and Bunny or Boku no Hero Academia, Detective Conan, HxH, The Hunger Games and etc.).... more>> It's typical novel for teenagers with such absurd like


People who spend all their childhood in Agent Military Academy and still don't know how to survive without cafeteria. No one learn them how to survive in the forest without food ?How it could be possible at this point.


Author's being extra in his own novel is such great idea which can generate so many different and interesting ways of survive in his world. But our MC just gets every cheating skills and takes over position of hero of the story. Although knowing a future (even if it can change) it's such a big advantage on its own. Why not make MC not so "cool" at least at the beginning. It would be so much more interesting. Of course author (like always in Kr novels) pretend that life of MC is not so easy. There are some random changes in the future but you can see through author's lazy attempts.

If you really want read interesting story with similar setup (becoming character in novel which MC knows) just read "Omniscient reader's viewpoint". It's so much better novel than this where other characters actually play pretty big part of the story (especially "main hero"). This is just story from author of "SSSSS grade infinite Regressor";). <<less
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Mio26 rated it
Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint
September 12, 2018
Status: c58
It's hidden gem.

Just read first 5 chapters (episode 1) and you would know what I mean. It starts like normal novel and not like light novel. And although after episode 1 action becomes more important than writing style, still it's really well written and translated. This is not work of some lazy author who just wants to make easy money on readers. You can actually see that this story is well thought out and author has idea for whole, not only beginning. There could be some spoilers in the review.

Our... more>> main MC is Kim Dokja and Dokja can also mean reader in Korean. And that's exactly who he is. He is the only person who finished unpopular light novel (this is the only thing which is a little far-fetched although after some time we got to know why this novel was so unpopular) which he was reading for 10 years. And this light novel, "Three Ways to Survive in a Ruined World" becomes reality. Humans become part of survival game which is watched by constellation and hosted by beings called Dokkaebis (streamers). He adapts to situation very fast and even he feels some kind of joy of becoming part of the story which he loves so much. But it doesn't mean that he is psychopath. He is just die hard fan of novel but he has his own reflection about it. Have you ever read book and thought "I would do this differently if I were main protagonist". That's exactly what MC wants to do. Author really well grasps character of "reader"

also other readers and even writer-plagiarist.


Other characters in the story are pretty well developed and we can divide them into 2 categories:

  1. Characters of original "Three Ways to Survive in a Ruined World": MC knows them well: their past, future, goals, needs, character and skills. But it doesn't mean that they can't suprise him somehow and that's because author come up with very good setup of "original" novel.

    Protagonist of original story is regressor. He starts "game" multiple times so there were different kind scenarios of many situations. There are also other readers who eventhough didn't finish novel, they still changed story because of their knowledge just like MC.

    Also MC doesn't only know humans, he also understand very well constellation and Dokkaebis. And of course he uses that knowledge.

    The most important character of this category is main protagonist of "Three Ways to Survive in a Ruined World":Yoo Jonghyuk. He is ex-professional player who is OP and very dangerous man. MC describes his attitude to him as "Love-Hate". But he knows that he absolutely needs him because of his strength

    and because he is regressor. He doesn't know what happen with him if Yoo Jonghyuk decides to start everything again. He could just disappear from the story because he wasn't in original novel.

    Yoo Jonghyuk is typical main character of ligh novel, lonely wolf who wants to achieve everything alone and use people only as his tools. Definitely his behaviour is somehow related to his past (probably something a la Kirito from SAO). He isn't easy person to manipulate and he has his own rules. But his mind is very fragile.
  2. Characters who weren't in original novel: they weren't because they would somehow die but they were saved by MC

    or other readers

    and his actions. Especially characters who were saved by MC in first scenario trust him blindly but it's understandable. He is their savior who guided them through deadly situations. But it doesn't mean that they are just MC's puppets who are forgotten as the story goes on. They're distinguished and have different values. MC doesn't completely understand them and their skills. He sometimes manipulate them but it is not always easy like in other novels.
Game system: typical, there are levels and skills which you can get naturally (predisposition) or thanks to your own main sponsor (constellation). Main sponsor can manipulate your behaviour or order you. You level up thanks to coins which you get from rewards from scenarios or thanks to constellations who like your behaviour (like in typical streaming broadcast). You can also buy items from Dokkaebis.

Lack of coins can sometimes means death.


For now one of the best part of this story is pretty well and realistic analyse of people and crowd's behaviour during crisis situation. There are people who lose their hope and lack of initiative. There are also such who try to gain benefit of this situation. MC doesn't behave like saint and saves everyone. He knows that only those who accept reality and take matters into their own hands will stay alive. That's why he can be harsh but it's true help for others.

Setup is not only well thought out but also author makes fullest use of it. This is not a case when at the beginning there is interesting setup but at the end everything is about MC being OP and leveling up or earning. Knowing future and being a reader are important part of the story and it looks like it doesn't change to the end. Great thing is that MC also uses skills of other characters of origin novel and he knows that he needs them to get through other scenarios. And there are others characters who actually think and try to mess up his plans.

This is not completly funny story but there are some situation which make you laugh out loud.

Night of the prophets was great fun

Overall humour is on good level. There is also pretty good parody of streaming broadcast and readers behaviours.

I know that there are positive review and great ratings of crappy novels on this site. But believe me, this is not the case. This is one of these light novels which become classic. I even suspect that actually "Novel's extra" ripped it off a little.

Probably author of Novel's extra is the same who wrote SSSSS grade infinite regressor.


Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint is really something worth of your time and you would not regret reading it. <<less
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The King’s Avatar
January 20, 2018
Status: c889
I think The king's avatar is not good for only 3 types of person:

1. Gamers who can't close eyes for unrealistic thing about games.

2. Impatient people.

... more>> 3. People who generally don't like ligth novels.

Rest can be sure that they'll enjoy. I haven't still finished the story but I can for sure give The king's avatar 5 -. Why minus I would explain at the end.

First coins:

Storytelling: Tempo of the story is a little slow but we know from the beginning to the end where it heads towards. I prefer stories that way because we know for sure that author would not forget about main hero's goals. Also story is very logical.

Translation: pretty good.

Setting: it's quite orginal for light novel to set up story in proffessional gaming society. It's very refreshing to read about people who can be sometimes childish but most of them are or become proffessional. They fight for real but when game ends they can shake hands. No hard feeling really. The author really well show us the world of proffesional gaming, we pretty well can get to know all of his aspects: not only sporting but also commercial, financial, technological advances, psychological.

Characters: I would say that it's the best part of story. All characters who plays bigger part are distinguished, likeable but they also have some flaws. They aren't unrealistic. Author pretty well potrayed them from psychological point of view. Ye Xiu is great main hero. He is mature, calm, expierienced player who knows his value. Everything he did in game even trash talking, has purpose. He is all-round but he knows that he can't win alone really. I love his sense of humour.

Rest of the team are just important as Ye Xiu when plot proceeds. They sometimes shine, sometimes lose but have his part in the story. We get to know rest of the teams in alliance and they aren't potrayed as villain. They are just rivals and they respect everyone's skills.

Even villains have advantages and their main purpose isn't destroying Ye Xiu but winning. If they see that their vendetta against Ye Xiu interfere with their proffessional activity, they stops immediately. Because for everyone there are only 3 important thing: Glory, clubs and their individual perfomances. And that's it.

So why minus:

I think initial setup is a little illogical what it's strange for me because the king's avatar's story is one of the most logical which I read.

All conflict with excellent doesn't add up really.

First thing, I don't believe that Ye Xiu couldn't have commercial value. Nobody knows how he looks but everyone knows how good he is it. How many theories about him would be in the web. People would all the time wonder how he looks like, why he doesn't want to show his face etc. Some netizens could also identify with him becaue many of them support movements like anonymous. He wouldn't have to show his face in adds because his avatar could advertise things. I think author never heard about someone like Banksy.

Second thing, The excellent era' s politics. Author repeats many times that even if managers and CEO of excellent era are hostile to Ye Xiu, they are still proffessional. If they are proffessional why they didn't do anything with weak perfomance for 4 seasons. It's obvious that team needed some changes. Why excellent club couldn't buy another great player ? They have money to buy Sun Xiang or Zhang Jiaxing, why they didn't buy them earlier?

Why club which is one of the oldest have only one talent among trainies? For example blue rain could train 3 talented-god players for all this years.

I know that author mention that many players who played with Ye Xiu at the beginning retired but where are others? If excellent club was great team, they had to attract many pretty good players. I could imagine that it isn't easy to live in the shadow of Ye Xiu but still many players could come, learn and say good bye,

just like Yu Feng did with Blue Rain.


The same come with Ye Xiu's behaviour. He said himself that he loves excellent era. If he loved his club, why he couldn't compromise with them about his commercial activity. If he could make winning team from the scratch, why he couldn't make changes in his excellent era team. He said himself that he loves winning so how he could only watch when his old team was still losing. If he can find talents on the street, why he only found one big talent in excellent era?

Facts, which author give us just doesn't add up. He just took the easy way out. He made excellent era to be quite stupid villain who just threw away the best player for free and really without thoughts, halway throught the season. The proffessional clubs can be ruthless but not stupid. That's why they are proffessional. I don't get it why excellent era should be different than others clubs in the same novel.

I think more probable and logical plot would be like that. Ye Xiu won with his team 3 championship but lost in final in 4th season. Many players of the team retired and for 2 seasons team' s performance was weak. That's why club decided to buy new promising talent or maybe they took new rookie from their trainies. This young player turned out to be just good at fighting as Ye Xiu and he had more value from commercial point of view than him. But both of them had different vision of the team that's why this young player gave excellent club ultimatum: me or Ye Xiu and also he wanted his avatar. Club chose him because of money from commercial and Ye Xiu's age. But they couldn't just transfer Ye Xiu without his permission. That's why they started to sabotage him and didn't let him play. For Ye Xiu it was too much that's why he agree to terminate his contract halway throught the season but club gave him condition that he had to retire....

But overall it's really great light novel, and only one which I'm sure I' ll finish. For all people who haven't started reading it yet, I recommend to take it easy and read every day few chapters. Thanks to that they would not get tired of it. <<less
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