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Mintzu rated it
The Substitute Bride
May 7, 2016
Status: --
It was quite an enjoyable read until a certain incident happened and I honestly can’t continue reading it.

... more>>

She is a kind girl so she helped that masked guy. Okay fine. But how could she didn’t let ye family or even anybody else knows where she went? Even worse, Ye Che’s sister was injured while looking for her. And she pawned the hairpin given by her mother in law to pay medication fee for the masked guy. (Even tho she promised to come back later to get it back.)

Idk but for me but it’s just unrealistic how she went so far to help someone she just met twice. Maybe the author really pushing the idea of her being a kindhearted and gentle lady :/

And all these happened right after the shock she got after meeting Fei Yan (Ye Che’s fave courtesan). Making everyone suspecting Fei Yan for her disappearance.


Probably will read again but for now I will leave it. <<less
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Mintzu rated it
Chongfei Manual
May 29, 2016
Status: c120

While it pains me to review my update, I just need to get it out of my chest. I've dropped this, the translator did a superb job in translating but the story just didn't appeal to me anymore.

The beginning is really good, I really like the MC and ML but


I can't bring myself to like the s*xual harrasment by ML which is occuring very often as the chapter progressed. Sure, the MC didn't dislike it but she is quite troubled over it as they are not married yet and there should be a fixed distance between them as unmarried man and woman. Some people might find it cute that the ML teased the MC (s*xually, mind you) but I don't find this very enjoyable to read. While romance (might be) essential to this kind of story, I feel like the author focused too much on the romance while abandoning any other aspects. At this point, it feels very cringeworthy as almost in every chapter, ML appeared and took advantage of the MC. I couldn't even feel any fluff I felt in the beginning

(= × =) ;;


I won't ask everyone to agree with me as I saw some people still liking the recent chapters but I just wanted to state my opinion~ [EDIT DONE]

Unlike most of the protagonist was mature, the MC died quite early in her teens. She is clever but at times can be showed as quite mischievous. She did not hesitate to sabotage the evil plot which lead to her suffering death in her first life. She knows nobody would believe her if the event didn't take place, so she secretly planned her move. More importantly, she got guts!


She bit the (supposed to be) male lead's hand to make sure he would make his bodyguard follow her. And then she used a hairpin to stab the slave trader to show that she is not gonna take your sh*t 8DD


She evidently cares a lot about his family and actually didn't have any idea her stepmother hated her so much till the day of the kidnapping happened. Plus she has a twin brother. Looking forward to the sibling moments ♡

The translator did a great job on this!
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Ugh seriously? Who in their right mind will rate 1☆ when there is only one chapter?

Personally I like it though the 1st chapter is the most intense and cruel chapter I have ever read. It made me anticipating how the MC gonna take revenge~

(To be edited when more chapters are out)
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I Was Reincarnated
August 12, 2016
Status: c2
A lazy human who keep dying without being able to live his age quota lol. The God made him reincarnated into a demon king instead so he can't die anymore but our demon king just want to have an easy life. He wants a castle? Done. A castle appeared and he got his beautiful sleep. Someone banged his door and shouted "wth why this castle suddenly appeared out of nowhere" and questioned the demon king only to be commanded to strip by the said demon king??!

It's a knight with animal... more>> ears and tail wohoo o/

Found this today and honest I am itching to read more! Too bad it's on hiatus ;__; oh well, here's one soul hoping it will be updated someday~ <<less
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Mintzu rated it
The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent (WN)
August 3, 2016
Status: c3
I actually wanted to review once there are more chapters but since there are so many 1☆ rating...

The premise might be similar to another novel in which the MC got summoned together with another girl and the people viewes her as uselles but seeing as there are only 3 chapters translated, let's wait a bit more for the story to develop :3

Edit: some people might not be satisfied with the translation quality but hey, how about helping with the translation/editing instead of giving low rating?
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Mintzu rated it
The Antelope and Night Wolf
February 15, 2019
Status: c56
Very fluffy. In the beginning, that is.

I really like how the story goes in the beginning. MC is really funny, tho not as innocent as he looks (more info in the spoiler). ML is..... idk what to say about him, feels a bit flat compared to the other side characters.

I stopped reading at the chapter stated above in which they already met and got together (in a way)

... more>>

Excuse me if you don't agree with me but the switch is kinda too fast for me. They just somehow settle their feelings and ML is angry cos he feeling betrayed the MC lied to him. And MC nonchalantly gave me a BJ (CMIIMW) to ease his anger 😂 His friend wondering what he did to make ML's anger go down so quickly while I was just feeling like a balloon out of air... I don't feel anything towards this anymore right after that chapter. I tried to read a bit more but I can't get into it as before 😥

Then I heard people been saying there is gonna be BDSM in this so I know I have to show myself the way out. 😂

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind smut etc but I felt like the transition is a bit too abrupt. The author brushed away their fight stems from the revelation so easily. And then the ML suddenly madly in love with MC after that encounter. (I meant, sure he indicated his interest for a while already but except for giving hammer and accompanying his swimming, I feel he is a bit flat in expressing his love)

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Mintzu rated it
Princess Medical Doctor
July 16, 2017
Status: c79 part2
Slow romance but it's just my cup of tea. The ML doesn't fall in love at first sight, it's more like he wanted to kill the MC at first sight xD

It's funny cos none of them actually likes the other one, they actually hated each other. Tbh I hated the ML in the beginning but now he is a lil more likeable as he is starting to feel the MC is a little cute but denied to admit it lol

Though each chapter is short, it's still an enjoyable read. Thank... more>> you, translator! <<less
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