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Mino Micha
Mino Micha rated it
A Sequel for the Villainess?
December 8, 2018
Status: --
Translator-san, you did your best and your effort made the story quite enjoyable...

But it's too fast paced, rather than reading about the experience or reading a story, it's more like the Heroine is retelling us her experience (for me at least)

Also, I didn't quite figure out the characters until chapter 4. It was confusing to read as there's no proper introduction for new characters. I am currently still confused who's calling her Julia-tan, what about her mom, etc.

If you want to enjoy the story just take it at face... more>> value, don't think. If you're confused just continue on!

  1. Edit: I was wrong, I didn't figure out the characters at all. It was getting messier by chapter. I can't keep up.
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Mino Micha
This is a very stress-free story, it's also very addicting! But even though it doesn't have any really heavy topics (in what I've read so far), it can frustrate you anyway! (a good kind of frustration, the one you make when you see someone make a stupid decision and can't do anything to stop it)

You just can't help but adore the MC and her baby! I especially adore the baby! If only real babies are like that... It's a story that puts a smile on your face (because it's... more>> simply hilarious!)

I've only read until chap 18 (thank you translator-sama) and am currently planning to torture myself with mtl just to read more, that's how good it is! <<less
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Mino Micha
Mino Micha rated it
A Love So Beautiful
December 13, 2018
Status: side story 2
Read this! Words can't even describe my feelings on this!

If you're tired of misunderstandings, revenge, or an MC's amazing denseness, then give thus a try!

There's nothing really complicated in this, the bit of drama comes and goes enough to keep things spiced up

... more>> The MC is also quite relatable! Though sometimes I'm quite frustrated with not just her, but the ML too. What a match made in heaven!

The character growth is notable and this novel will send you straight back to that first love of yours (even if you don't have one like me)

The MC isn't the type to be jealous so there's no third party related drama! Seriously, I'm quite bad at giving reviews so just give it a try and see for yourself!

On a side note, the translator is quite meticulous and patiently explained some Chinese saying! Thank you! <<less
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Mino Micha
Mino Micha rated it
My Favorable Rating Does Not Rise
June 2, 2017
Status: --
It's a cute story, that's all I can say, it hasn't been updated to the point where I can write a proper review about this, but it's a cute story!
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