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Mino rated it
Chongfei Manual
July 19, 2018
Status: c117.1
This is more of a slice of life, slow paced story as the revenge taking takes places directly and the romance only proceeds later on when it's not as pedophile anymore.

I did enjoy the story at the beginning (all the weird things aside that others already pointend out) - the slice of life storytelling and the little dramas here and there where very nice in my view BUT then it came.

The horny dog ML in heat *rolls eyes*

He is constantly forcing his decisions on her, forcing her to touch... more>> him, dangers her reputation and forcefully feel her up all the time.

At this point it's just unbearable and disgusting.

I honestly want to throw him away and become a nun reading this. The beginning and middlepart were quite good if you're not too sensitive when it comes to age difference and common sense but the end is getting worse and worse. <<less
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Mino rated it
The Prince Has All Kinds of Strange Hobbies
March 30, 2018
Status: c3
I thought I would get a cute little story - I was super excited for the possessive part and overall expected a fluffy steamy story.

But I got something else entirely.

As we only have 3 chapter translated yet normally I wouldn't judge to harshly but God ! He literally just saw her then fell in love with her good looks or whatever, decided that he couldn't wait or take the risk that some other guy may steal her and - yep - just forced her to seal a magical marriage contract... more>> with him.

Nice !

He's touching her up all the time also and just ignoring everything, every protest that she says saying "You will love me envuentlly after rejecting me a few time when I try hard " only makes it worse. I honestly picture him as a superficial, horny, disgusting, self-centered, illusionary soon-to-be rapist. It is also very clear that he is in fact the ML and just imagining the author trying to make this rapist sick thing into a fluffy love story makes me shake my head.

I rlly can't recommend this story as it made me disgusted and angry enough to want to strangle this repulsive horny piece of ML - maybe it is to your liking but it for sure isn't to mine. <<less
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Mino rated it
Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife
December 31, 2018
Status: c65.2
Do you like strong, confident guys ? Do you fall for the sweet yandere everytime ? Does your heart pound when he gets all dominant ?

Then read this review, fellow taste-friend, to decide if you should read this or not !

The answer is (!!!) -> yes, but only of you have nothing better to do (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)

... more>> The idea is really nice, the translation is superb and the writing style in general flows like the yellow river (*evil laugh*)

But the romance is so-so.

And that's what it's all about, generally.

I can't help but feel like she got the upper hand in the relationship. While he, by no means, is weak - emotionally she is the 'stronger' one as he is head over heels in love and with that at her mercy. She often decides what to do and especially in the recent chapters her strong, kind of dominant behaviour makes me cringe.

It isn't bad for a woman to be strong (totally not !) or for her to be the aggressive / dominant one in the relationship - It is simply not what I'm looking for in a romance story.

Aside from that I also don't find him attractive. He has a good heart and nice character but that is as far as it goes (for me) . He isn't hot. My heart is as calm as when looking at my maths homework (maybe with a little less pain tbh) (´∀`;) and nothing is tingling.

So.. It isn't the best. Or really good.

But it isn't bad either !

If you're looking for a amazing ride ano the next it book then you better turn around and search somewhere else (unless you have a different taste than me ect)

But, if you're simply looking for a nice little ride or have nothing else to read then sure go for it ╭ (・ㅂ・) و

So, at least for now, it's a solid 3.5.

A good translation, writing style, characters, everything makes sense, interesting, pretty unique and frequent updates.

But that special spice trait to the romance (or the face-slapping / plot) just isn't there ┐ (´д`) ┌ <<less
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Mino rated it
Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet
March 28, 2018
Status: c500
[Edited] [1.5/5]

So, for starters I have to mention that I am slightly biased. Through many yaoi stories (and with many I mean a billion) I have become numb to forcefull scenes ect + my love for male yandere has to be taken into consideration

when reading this review.

... more>> Overall I want to elaborate on the story a bit and the reason why I dropped it.

I will first talk about the plot (/arcs) , the characters and then an overall opinion.

Characters :

Our MC is amazing, and when I say that I mean that ! She is strong, intelligent, funny and really rational. One of the MC which I have liked the most so far. Many of her decisions make sense and you are really able to comprehend her actions. The scheming and face-slapping is done quickly and efficiently.

The only thing that I could possibly dislike about her is that she 1. isn't completly against the ML after everything that he did 2. often just let's people think and talk badly about her and damage her reputation even though she could do something against it and 3. that she is often playing around with a few guys, she is by no means unfaithful but the flirting and not directly rejecting can be quite annoying sometimes.

The ML is my (novel) dream guy. He is VERY yandere (faints happily) and gets jealous easily. Aside from that we have the more or less typical cold ceo personality only that every so often we can catch a glimpse of the sweet beautiful vulnerable soul behind the mask. I can't wait for the moment that we finally get to see all of the ML real thoughts ~ He has a lot of depth to him, he is surely one if not the one character with the most twist and turns in this novel.

But I also have to point out that he is surely also the one with the most flaws. 1. He could have taken so many different ways to the MC heart. And if not wanting that (but he obviously does) he could have taken so many other ways to stop her from seeing the other guy. There was NO NEED to let her go and play around with that guy thus enrage him ect. He could have locked her away, simply try and make her love him, make her sign some contract or god knows what but not the way that he did and there is no excuse for that period 2. He is like a big dog which you constantly have to satisfy and calm down. Like a annoying bomb tied around your neck. While their past is still unknown she by no means, whatever happend in the past, has to love him and care for him. Not in the first life neither now. So seeing her forced down by that unnecessary weight (also called the ML) and her not even really trying to free herself is slightly unsettling.

3. In many situations I felt that by a slight action from him everything could have just be done so much quicker. Even if it wasn't done for the plot or something I can't help but critisis that.

Through all that I still enjoyed the story. I just choose to ignore the few plot holes and unlogical thing (as I have learnt from yaoi - gracias) and concentrate on the positive things.

Plot :

HERE IT GETS JUICY ! Disclaimer !! = I am putting all the bad things forward which doesn't mean that there are no good points... it's just that I'm not going to mention them lol. Slight spoilers ahead.

So... where do I start ?

The arcs are impossible long. At the beginning I fell in love with just about everything. We had a few arcs which were surely coming and I anticipated those, expected a nice build up and finish for those 10-20 arcs, a slowly building relationships throughout the arcs and then a nice H.E.

. What I got was :

  • Super long dragged out arcs
  • Pushing back of essential arcs, fill up the space with an unnecessary arc and then way later pull the long forgotten thing back up
  • 3 new arcs coming out of one
  • adding more and more content to a story that already has enough for it to last 1000 chapters
  • adding stupid fantasy stuff filled with unlogical holes
  • forgetting the ML for 300 chapters, giving 20 chapters of interacting and then throwing him away again.
All of the said things were still acceptable. It was annoying and made me want to have a face to face conversation with the writer about life morals but - eh whatever. More to read I guess.



The Rebirth thingy that was mentioned at the beginning,

and which I has already completly forgotten about, suddenly not only got pulled back to present NO we even got a load of bs with it.

Suddenly, out of the blue like a ghost at night or a spider in the bathtub or your mother in the kitchen (don't ask) , a plot twist too huge to explain pops out.


The MC apparently already has a baby (?!) , is the crazy daughter of some major mafia family and has a fiance. What the actual f ? This plot twist litterlay left me facing a life crisis and questioning if grass grows out of the dirt or if the dirt grows out of the grass. It just made no sense. There is no possible reasonable explanaction for that and everything that tries to explain it just opens up more holes. Is she actually that other girl ? But then how come she has this family and all of that never came up in her last lifetime. What is her connection to him then ?? Is that child his ??? What happend at that shooting then ? Or is she originally the female that died and went into the body of the rich girl in which she is right now ???? nothing makes sense


That plot twist was also dropped just in a new arc with a bunch of new people and a bunch of other things which had to be done. Reading this story after the 300 chapter or so just felt stressful.

As if having a todo list and at first having like 5 things on it which felt nice and you imagined to do it slowly and thoroughly but then new things just keep popping up until the list is as long as Santa's wishlist. Knowing that the whole plot twist would only get explained or even brought up 500 chapter later at best makes me want to flip the cat *smh*

Why bring it up now only to then go and throw it behind the other 20 unnecessary arcs ?

If the author would have stuck to the original plot line, the original arcs (school, work ect) and just not added all those unnecessary things and people into the soup it would have seriously become one of my favourite stories.

But unfortunately Santa's not real, I would give this a 1.5/5 after reading so far. If you can oversee the major stupid plot twist and never ending additions to the story and dragging on then this will be a fun ride.

~Here's a cookie for reading everything~ <<less
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