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Milouztovitch rated it
Sairin Yuusha no Fukushuu Hanashi
April 20, 2017
Status: v3c7
Well this novel show clearly how to under-exploit good ideas.

This is a story about a guy who got summoned into another world as a hero, saved the killed the demon king, got betrayed and killed at the end.... To get summoned as a hero another time, in the same world 30 years later. And this time, he decide to take revenge againts his old comrades.

The setup of this story is quite classic, but a good one. What the point of changing a good recipe?

Yes, I think that writing is... more>> similar to cooking. Even if you're making a good meal, using a great recipe, if you use bad qualities ingredients, it won't have a good taste...

Here a list of the pros and cons of this novel (it will be more clear than metaphors) :

The good things:

- Using a good recipe (as I said upward).

- The way how the female lead character is developped:

The female lead charcacter is the the previous demon king who also got betrayed. She got her body cut down in five part, and each part was sealed inside a labyrinth (and yeah, it didn't kill her). When she meet the hero again, she's just a flying head, trying to recover her body.

Well the MC is weakened as well, as he can't muster his power of hero anymore. The two of them decide to team up and to take revenge againts the ones who betrayed them.

What I like about her, is her personality, especially her inhuman sides: She's fying head and
she's hinding it by making subsitute of a body with magic. And I love the way how she likes make the MC freak out when she dispel her magic body, leaving only her flying head.

It's very refreshing to see a non-human female character who does'nt act like a normal human.... And not like a random japanese, highschool girl from manga/anime!!! [god know how much I hate it!]


The bad things:

- The change of personality of the MC: Don't get me wrong I'm not criticinzing how the MC is developped (which is quite alright), nor disaproving his change of personality. What I didn't like is how fast the MC changed. He changed from“I want all races to be able coexist together. I can forgive people who did bad things. I'm gonna bring peace!” to “I won't forgive anyone who wronged me. I'll kill everyone who get in my way. I'll have my revenge and make my ennemies cry mercy before killing them.” in several days.... I don't mind the change of personality at 180° but people don't change that fast!

- How the nemesis are developped (nemesis = ennemi/rival) : Well to be more precise, they are not developped at all. They all have the same reactions, the same lines. Just imagine a random japanese deliquent from manga/anime, disguise him as a mage, a wolfman or a oni, and you've got all the great nemesis you can found in this novel. The fight againts them are so BORING and it sadden me to find the fights againts monsters way more interesting).

- How some nemesis are introduced: I really don't like how the author make appears a nemesis you've never heard before in a convenient flashback from the MC and then makes the MC and the Nemesis meet 2 – 3 chapters later. It makes me think that the author doesn't have a clear plan for his story....

- The NPC feeling of the sub-characters: It's not like they're not developped, they've got some backstory and personality (contray to some novels where they don't even have a name), but they never have an important role. They often give indication about world, the lores, the factions of the story, they give weapons, advices to the two MC or make them look good.

- The writing: Well I'm not fond of this kind of writing the author uses. It's the kind of writing where the dialog replace narration.

And that's all! It sounds logic to me, but this review is only my personnal opinion. It's totally not impartial.

I note this novel 2, 5/5 (which go sadly to 2 because I can't chose 2, 5) :

Let me be clear I don't hate this novel, the setup is good and it has a lot of potential. It just enrage me to see how this potential is under-exploited.

But at least this novel didn't make me quit at the middle, I've read until the last released wich is already a proof that it has some qualities.

Pfew, I wrote a lot. I hope this review helped you, and please, don't mind the gramatical/spelling mistakes. English is not my first language. <<less
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Milouztovitch rated it
Demon’s Diary
February 9, 2017
Status: c211
It's certainly a good cultivation Web Novel. In those kind of stories, it's important that the character's personality are well developped. Which is the case of the MC and the majority of the characters.

I often think that cultivation novels are repetitive and boring, but thanks to the detailed characters, the story which is quite well made and the translator's excellent work... I've been reading it to the chapter 127 so far, and I'm still willing to continue despite the fact I don't like cultivation's stories.

In the novel, the translator leave... more>> several comments to explain cultural points of chinese folklore. Which make this Web Novel more enjoyable since you understand what you're reading.

So I'v rated this 3/5... well considering the fact that I dislike chinese web novel to begin with, it's quite a good mark for me.

It also makes Demon's Diary the third chinese web novel I like (with "Release that Witch" and "Hail the King")

[Edit]: Read to chapter 211 so far, and I've rated it 4/5 after all. The more I read it and the more I find the story interesting. The Xuanjing arc (the one who start near c170) is especially interesting. <<less
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